Small Things

Imagines about all of your favorite members of 5 Seconds of Summer. Tell me if I should make any of them into short stories! ;D


2. She's Only 17

          You were comparing outfits in front of the mirror. You couldn't decide between the galaxy sweater with the kitten on it paired with black leggings, or your favorite Green Day shirt that had a gun shooting out a rose matched with a pair of black skinny jeans and your bright red converse. You decided on the Green Day outfit and put as many bracelets as you had onto each wrist. You couldn't feel comfortable outside in a short sleeve unless you had bracelets. You were so nervous. You and your friend Mia were able to score passes to Derp Con, and you both couldn't wait to meet 5 Seconds of Summer.

           "Damn girl, you look good!" Mia said as you walked down the stairs, "Now lets go, or we're never going to make it in time!"

          "Just wait, I have to get my bracelets cause this shirt is short sleeve." You say as you quickly run up the stairs. You have as many bracelets as you can fit onto your one wrist and you and Mia are on your way to Derp Con. Waiting in line was the worst, it was hot, but you were excited none the less. You had to remove your jacket and your bracelets because you felt like they were suffocating you. As soon as you knew it you were face to face with Ashton Irwin.

          "Hi," He said with a smile on his face as he checked you out, "What's your name?"

           "Y/N." You say as you look into his green eyes. All the boys said hi as they asked what your friends name was and where you were from

          "Mia," your friend said, "and we actually live about an hour away." She said as she reached into her bag and pulled out exactly four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuffed animal.

          "We got these for you guys." You said as you brushed the hair out of your face. Ashton's eyes flicked to your wrists and that's when you realize that you forgot to put your bracelets back on. You immediately grimace to yourself as he takes your wrist in your hand.

          "Don't ever give up on life, I can tell you are a strong person and that you will never give up." He gives you the best hug in the world and you just want to melt in his arms but there are other people waiting to be in your position right now so you cut the hug short and say goodbye.

          It was a couple days after Derp Con and you had received a direct message via instagram from Ashton Irwin. You hold your breath as you open up the message and you read: Are you doing okay?


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