Why Me Hemmings

Lucy has lived in Sydney ever since she was a baby never noticed by many people in school but what happens when she gets noticed by the most popular boy in school Luke Hemmings....

2. 2

Chapter 2

I woke up to the noise of my alarm clock I groan as I throw it across the room and struggle to get out my comfy king size bed,I smell the pancakes my mum is cooking 😏 and it kinda cheers me up.

First thing I do is brush my teeth and all that jazz today I wanted to be casual and comfy so I put on a nirvana crop top and some black high wasted ripped shorts and slip on my vans I apply I tiny bit of make up but a POP of red lipstick and rush down stairs.

"Hey mum what's for break fast " I ask casually my mother smirks "oh hunny josh ate all the pancakes,we got potatoes though"she says "WHY U LITTLE..' I woke up to my brother josh he drops his fork on the table "WOAH WOAH here's ur pancakes before u kill Joshua" I smirk and gladly grab my plate

"MOM U KNOW I HATE BEING CALLED THAT WHY CANT U JUST CALL ME JOSH" he moans my mum walks over to josh pinching his checks "because I name my ittle wittle fat baby Joshua"my mum says in a baby voice I lay on the ground laughing my ass of and Josh groans rubbing his cheecks.

Good day fellas

Hey I hope u like it sorry sits short I wasent expecting this movella but it just happend when I saw this photo of a purple hairs girl and had a perfect idea but I will hopefully update a lot bye my alligators😏

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