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I thought it'd be cool to expand my horizons. I write imagines on Tumblr for 5 Seconds of Summer, so I thought it'd be cool to post them on here. You can message me for a request or something, I haven't quite gotten the hang of this site, but the URL for my Tumblr is 5sos-imaginations.tumblr.com Thank you so much for the warm welcome.


19. Meet & Greet (Michael [Personal - Alexis]

Hey! Could I pls have a mike imagine where I’m really nervous to meet the band but it turns out okay?my names alexis,I have dark brown hair and like brown eyes,hope youre having and awesome day!


AN Hey homies, I got like fuckin 50 new followers over night by that demon Luke imagine, like damn you guys are hella rad. I have 200 followers now, that’s super cool. You guys rock my socks off. Also, if you wanna be super duper cool you could follow my twitter acc -> Happinessfoleva I mostly just reply to bands, do spams on people’s birthdays, and make sort of funny comments. I mean I think I’m funny. But it is what it is. Anyways! Enjoy the imagine friends, I love you xx


Your POV


    I was nervously tapping my foot waiting in line at the meet and greet. “Alexis, will you calm your foot down?” my friend begged me from behind. “Jesus, they’re not going to go anywhere you know.”


    “I’m just nervous okay, let me be anxious.”


    “What’re you nervous about? They’re just four ridiculously hot people that happen to be talented and incredibly adorable personalities and have good taste in music, and-” She stops for a moment. “Okay, never mind, I get why you’re nervous now.”


    I don’t say anything but instead continue thinking about what I was before. What would I say if I met them. “Yes, hello, my name is Alexis and I just happen to love your band and even though I’m a tiny child please be my friend.” Yeah because that’s going to go over so well with them.


    I figured that the best thing to do would be to win them over with my charming personality. I could just go up to Luke and say “very excited much wow.” I’m sure that will definitely win them over.


    The truth is, I don’t know what the hell to do. Like what do I say? What do I do with my hands? Can I hug them? I’m going to die.


    “Alexis,” my friend nudges me with her finger. “We’re up.”


    I take a deep breath and I hesitantly walk to where they are. The first one to greet me is Ashton. He leans down for a hug, and I hug him back, but we go the same direction, so our faces almost collide. We both move the other way, and the same thing happens. Ashton giggles, and I almost die. I have heard the giggle in real life. Please, Lord, help me.


    “Here, I’ll go this way, you go that way,” he instructs. I do what he says and we embrace in the most awkward hug known to mankind.


    When we pull away, I breathe out a sigh of relief. “Well that wasn’t awkward.” Ashton laughs again, and hugs my friend, who apparently is some hug expert because she’s got that shit down to a science. I’m jealous.


    Next up is Calum. He gives me his smile that could win awards by itself and steps up to hug me. “It’s so awesome that you came here to support us,” he grins as he pulls away.


    “It’s so awesome that you exist,” I tell him. Wait, fuck. Did I just say that outloud? I’m doomed. This is going so smoothly. Calum chuckles and I move on.


    Luke is next. He’s so tall, what the hell. I really want to ask him ‘how’s the weather up there’ but I bite my tongue. I will not screw this shit up.


    Luke leans down for a hug and when I hug him back I’m buried in his chest. It’s like my own little pocket, I fit so nicely in here. He smells nice, too. “You smell nice,” I tell him as he pulls away.


    He smiles down at me, and his eyes are a warm blue, so I will not die by asphyxiation tonight. I move onto my next target. Michael. I sound like I’m going in order of a hit list.


    Michael smiles at me as he leans down for a hug. His hugs are the best, I give it a 10/10. He wins. He gives me a really tight one and my brown hair falls off my shoulder as he rests his chin atop my head. I don’t want to let go.


    He tries to let go, but I hold on. He giggles and gives me another tight squeeze. Can I please have a Michael Clifford to go? His hugs on bad days would be beautiful.


    When he lets go, I force myself to let go. I hadn’t looked very hard at their faces, mostly because I didn’t want to die. But when I looked at Michael’s face, I could swear that I had a heart attack right then and there. His hat against his black hair made me want to steal it. His eyes were sparkling, and I knew right then and there that this wasn’t bad. This was wonderful. Who cares if I’m awkward as shit, I had this guy here. I’m so happy he’s here.


    Before Michael can hug my friend, I continue to stare at him. “Can I have your hat?” I ask him suddenly. He laughs and takes his hat off his head, leaving his hair in a mess.


    “Sure can,” he smiles and hands it to me. I take it, grinning, and put it on my head. He giggles. “You look cute.” I grin at him, my brown eyes sparkling. Michael can make me feel better on any bad day I’ve ever had.


    My friend gives me a hug and it doesn’t last as long as ours, and I mentally cheer. I won this battle. The guy takes our picture together, and I’m between Michael and Luke, and my friend’s between Calum and Ashton. When we’re done, I give Michael one last hug. I can’t help it, his hugs are addictive.


    “Do you want your hat back?” I ask him as he releases me.


    “Nah, you can keep it.” He smiles at me, then takes my arm. “Do you have a pen?”


    “Yeah, here.” I hand him a red sharpie, and he takes it. He takes the cap off and puts it in his mouth as he concentrates on my arm. He writes a series of ten numbers along with his name under it.


    “Text me, okay? I want to see how my hat’s doing in your hands.” I blush and smile wide. “What’s your name, by the way?”


    “Alexis,” I manage to squeak out as we’re being pushed out the door. Michael waves a goodbye, and I watch him get punched on the shoulder by Luke before they’re out of my sight.


    “I can’t believe Michael Clifford just gave you his fucking number,” my friend mutters. “That’s so cool.”

    “Yeah,” I say mindlessly. Honestly, I couldn’t even think about that right now. My mind was still how I felt in his arms. I felt like I belonged there. I was so happy that I don’t think I’d ever need sleep ever again.

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