The love of my life

This book is about a girl named Candace. She is a nice girl who is friends with alum Luke Ashton and Michael. She had a little crush on Calum��but what will happen to her when her life goes all the way down hill with parents deaths and even bullied and being beat by her ex forcing her to love him all diffrent kind of ways??? Read and you will find out.


45. surprise😂😱😬❤️

Candace POV:

We got home really quick and about 5 minutes after Calum and I stepping through the door, everyone one else was walking in.

“OK..ok…What is the surprise guys” I said in between laughs. “Right I almost forgot” Luke started to say. “They surprise is” “BOO” Michael and Calum said. “AHHHHHH” I screamed. “What the fuck Calum Just tell us the surprise and if you ever scare me like that again then I will take away *coughs and whispers* sex” everyone was laughing until I got to the last part.

The girls were giggling and giving me high fives and Calum was looking at me like he saw a ghost and the guys well the guys were also like that.

“I can not scare her ever again” Calum whispered. I just started to crack up laughing. “I was just kidding babe but if you do scare me again then I will do something to you when you are not expecting it”. “LIKE THIS” Calum yelled while running to me and starting to tickle me.


(Michael~M Candace~Ca Cal~C Luke~L Ash~A Bri~B Hamie~H JJ~J)

“What is the surprise already” ~C


“Oh my gosh guys that’s great, wait for how long” ~Ca

“ 9 months” ~A

“When do you leave” ~B

“2 weeks” ~M

“Oh” ~C a, B, H, J

“But that’s not the end of the surprise” ~C


I started to scream I was so happy. I ran into Calums arms.

We sat in the living room and drank a bit but not enough to get drunk. We talked about the tour. We were going to meet 1 direction and we were going to America. I was super excited but im a little afraid. We are going to stop in California.

You are probably thinking why are you scared. Well I used to live there as a kid. Ya I really did. Let me tell you why:

I was born I Australia but I had to go to Californian for a few years and stay at a foster home while my parents tried to get money to raise me. I ended up staying there till I was 13 but I never told anyone. I had a good life in California but I had some bad people over ther too. I had lots of friends and I even had a boyfriend. I told everyone I was leaving and everyone was so sad. My boyfriend and I had the best relationship and I thought he was my first true love but I never said it. He loved me so much but I think he loved me too much because whenever I was out somewhere with friends I would have to call him ever hour to tell thet I was safe. At first I thought it was so cute but then one day a boy came up to me while me and him were at the mall. The boy was really cute but I would have never cheated on my boyfriend. Anyway, when the boy came up he would tell me how beautiful I was and that he would love to have a picture with me. I laughed at first because I thought It was funny but weird but I took the picture with him and before he left I gave him a kiss on the cheek. My boyfriend didn’t like that. He would go where ever I was. I remember I went to the mall with one of my old friends and I found him following us everywhere we went. I wanted to break up with him but I was really starting to get scared of him so I decided that I would leave him a note before I left for Australia. When I got off the plane and was in Australia I turned my phone on and immediately had thousands of text from him. They would all have things like I love you and I miss you and that he would never find anyone else. I felt really bad because I loved him and if he wasn’t so protective then I wouldn’t have left hime like that. I still get text from him but not as much as I used to so ya. And I haven’t even told anyone her except for my friends (BRIHAMIE).

Everyone left and me and Calum soon passed out on the couch.

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