"Give me something that'll haunted me when you're not around."


3. Chapter Three



Did I just hear what I thought I heard? "What do you mean?" I put the pillow next to me and sat at the edge of the couch.


Ashton sighed and sat on the other small couch next to me. I saw he was ruffling his hair in frustration. "You heard me. Calum won't take Luke that agent or any agent." His jawline became tighter.


Something was going to come out of my mouth, but instead I held back the words and gulped them down my throat.


He sighed again," I wasn't suppose to tell you this because Calum made me promise not to tell him or you. But I can't keep a secret from Luke's girl. Luke has been nothing but patient with us."


"Ashton, what is going on? Please tell me," I put a hand on his and grabbed it.


"Calum did find an agent, a few weeks ago. He was going to tell Luke until he over thought too much. We all know Luke has the looks and vocals, right? Calum doesn't want to give out the information about Luke to the agent because of fame. He thinks Luke will misuse it and also Calum is being selfish," he rolled his eyes.


What? Luke would never misuse fame, ever. He told me himself he wants to have fans and make them proud. All Luke want is to accomplish his dream. He wants to sing for the world, not be famous.


"Luke wouldn't misuse the fame. You and I both know that. I know you know that. Why did you keep a secret as well?," I was ready to start a fight.


"Calum was being persuasive and so he got me good. But then when I saw you two saying goodbye, I saw Luke is good hearted and so that changed my mind about this whole thing," he lowered his head and started at the ground.


Of course Luke is good hearted. He has always been that way. Then I thought about Calum laughing at his phone and showing Ashton.


"Is that why you two were laughing like hyenas at the phone?," I asked.


It took Ashton a few seconds to fully answer my question. "Yes. The agent send Calum two messages, here I'll show you. Calum re sent me the message."


He took out his phone from his pocket and scrolled through it. Soon enough he handed me the phone and I saw the evidence.


Agent Jack: Mr. Hood I have reviewed your papers and the sample you sent me and I am proudly to say I will represent you in the music industry.


Agent Jack: We will see each other when I'm back in town.


Sample? What kind of sample?


"What sample did he sent him?," I said while rereading the messages again trying to get this through my head.


That's when I looked up and noticed Ashton fidgeting with his fingers again just like when I told him about Luke's new song.


Wait a minute...


"Don't tell me Calum sent the agent Luke's song!," I could feel my chest ready explode.


He nodded," Exactly. The song from two years ago." He got his phone from me and put it in his pocket. He got up and began pacing around the whole apartment, starting by the front door.


"But Luke never gave it to him. Yes he showed it to all of us, but Luke kept it safe so it wouldn't get lost, remember ?"


"True but what you don't know is that Calum got it out of him. Remember that night when you thought why Luke was gone all day? That is why. Calum was getting all the info out of Luke," he explained.


I remember that day. Luke was gone all day and he didn't tell me where he had gone until he came home all drunk. He scared the full shit out of him. That was the worst day for me. I was here all alone with no one.


When Luke came home, he was mumbling things I couldn't understand. I asked Calum where did he take him because Luke said to me he and Calum went out. All Calum told me was "Getting information for something," Now I understand why.


"Well why didn't you stop him? Why aren't you doing anything about this whole thing?," I was so mad right now. I wanted to call Luke and tell him everything. My poor Luke was being played.


"Calum also made me promise no to tell you that or else," was all he said.


I thought and thought about all of this. I ran everything Ashton just said to me, about Luke's new song and Calum.


Calum! agent! Luke! "Wait so if Calum isn't going to lead Luke to any agent, then why did he take him to one right now?"


I faced Ashton when he stopped dead in his tracks. I watched him not fully moving like he was frozen in place.


I walked over to him trying to look at his eyes, "Ashton. Why did Calum take Luke to see an agent?" My tone rose.


I heard the gulp in Ashton's throat. My hand reached out for his arm when he grabbed it and held it tight.


"I can't, I can't tell you that. That would be going to far," his eyes were not meeting with mine.


"Why not? You just told me everything that was being kept from me? Why can't you tell me this? Is it bad?," I tucked a piece of hair behind my ear.


Just then my phone rang. It was this tone I miss you by Blink 182. It remind me of Luke. That is why I put that ringtone when Luke would call.


I don't know why but I raced to my phone and answered. "Luke, Luke please come home." I panicked.


That was when I felt Ashton try to take the phone out of my hands. He put a hand over my mouth trying to muffle out my words.


"Luke!," I said muffled. Ashton's grip was too tight and he was hurting me.


"Luke, Luke," a voice mimicked me.




Just then he said something that I would not dare believe. I couldn't. It wasn't true at all.


Ashton managed to get the phone away from me and threw it across the room. I saw it break in half.


"I am sorry," was all he said to me.


My tears ran down my cheeks knowing Luke was gone forever.


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