My life

this is a book about my life.and other stuff I guess.:)


8. another a/n

ik i just made a chapter but i need to say this if you go back to the first chap you will see i got rid of Ghalia,ghalia if you read this i am so sorry but we can't be firends,plz don't ignore me comment on here cause my ipod is lost.BUT plz ghalia.I replaced it with my cozin gabby.If anybody knows ghalia i hope you can be really good frinds wth her and not be a compelete jerk by all of a sudden when you haven;t talk you have to tell her you can;t be firends it must really hurt.But ghalia i didn;t send that my mom did.well thats my note bye guys!till later.:) :( 

always and forever,

                                Ruby aka the Rubster.(;

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