My freedom

I had been raised in a sect, a sect where the woman was the lowest creature on earth. I was accustomed to obey, and I was used to working. I had hidden dreams and I still had a little hope for the future. I was married to Harry and that's when everything changed. I could no longer see why things were handled by the church and why all was a sin. Harry made me open my eyes and he made me realize that although I could change.


12. Yes or no

Days passed, and slowly my memories began, from the past, to fade and become just a memories. Niall took me to a grocery store and I couldn't help but stare at everything. I had never seen so much food at the same time. There were fruits and vegetables. There was meat and there were things I didn't know anything about.
"So you can only go here and you can get everything?" I asked uncertainly. Niall laughed and he put things down in the cart.
"Yes, you have to get used to all thing. The only thing that put a stop to it all, is money."
I frowned.
"And how do I get the money."
He stood still and he smiled at me.
"You have to work and then you get money every month."
It sounded like something good. Instead of replacing animals with each other, all people worked and could afford food.
"I want to work." I got up and I looked straight at Niall. He frowned and he seemed to hesitate.
"Shouldn't you let Harry take care of that part?"
I noticed a girl who worked in the store and I pointed at her.
"It's allowed to work even if you are a woman."
He agreed.
"But Harry wants that you'll be home."
I snorted and I didn't like that Harry was so narrow-minded.
"He wants me to change but he will not let me be like all the girls over here."
Niall agreed. He took the cart and we started to walk along the shelves again.
"I know that the both of you find it difficult to adapt to this life, but he really loves you and maybe he's afraid you'll leave him?"
I shook my head quickly.
"No, he wants a woman who takes care of everything for him. He don't even think I can manage to go out on my own."
Niall looked at me and he still seemed to hear me.
"You can get lost?"


"I want a job."
Harry was putting food in his throat when I opened my mouth. He just stared at me and I don't know if it was anger or fear as appeared in his face.
Niall didn't like that I brought up the subject during the dinner and he looked down at the plate in order not to interfere in the conversation.
"I want to work." I said again, and I looked straight into my husband's eyes. "We need to make money and I want to help."
Harry frowned and he gave Niall a quick glance, then he looked at me again.
"And who's got that into your pretty little head?"
I sighed.
"No one!" I replied quickly. "I saw the girls who worked in the grocery store and I would also do that."
Harry become stiff all over
and I saw how he clenched his jaws. He stared straight at me and I understood that he was angry or at least annoyed at me.
"We shouldn't live like before, as we did back then." I continued hoarsely. "I can also get the freedom here, and I can also make money. I actually want to be like those who live here and I want to blend in."
Harry growled.
"You can't work!" he got up. "I forbid you to work."

I was disappointed. He wanted me to change, but he gave me no freedom.
"It's not fair!"
Harry had developed a cold, crooked smile and he raised his eyebrows.
"Welcome to reality. Nothing is fair and despite the fact that we are here, it's me who decides our life."
"Can't you at least let me do something?" I whispered, and I couldn't hide that I was close to tears. "Please, Harry, we need money and we can't live with Niall."
Harry growled again and he looked down at the table.
"We'll arrange all the paperwork and I'll get a job. I'll make sure you get everything you need. Now, stop talking about things that still no one can change."


Okay that paper was a laborious thing. I sat with a bunch of white paper as was filled with text and I would write my name on one of the lines. I was close to tears because I didn't know how to spell Maggie.
"She should go to school." I heard Niall say. Harry sat down next to me and he took a deep breath.
"No, then she gets just a lot of new ideas and I want her to be here for me."
I looked up and I met Harry's green eyes. He smiled, though he was angry at Niall, and he seemed to try.
"Come on, darling. You just need to write anything on the paper."
My hands were shaking and I looked down at the paper again. I took the pen and I wondered what I would do.
"She should still go to school." Niall continued and this time Harry become angry.
"You should just shut up. All that's about Maggie is my work and you should only care about what's about you."

Niall didn't seem to be afraid of Harry.
"But come on!" he exclaimed, and he stood on the other side of the table. "You can at least teach her how to spell her name?"
Harry sighed.
"She doesn't need to write a name."
I looked up and I noticed that Niall was dissatisfied with Harry.
"She isn't stupid."
Harry growled.
"No, but you shouldn't worry about her, she's mine!"


Harry changed, slowly but surely. He became irritable and many times he was angry about nothing. I suspected that not everything went as planned, and he was restless.
"Maybe we should take a walk?" I asked hoarsely. "Fresh air is good?"
Harry sighed, and he shook his head. Instead, he took my hand and he pulled me into the bedroom.
"I want to fuck with you."
I gasped.
"You know that that word isn't..."
He spun around and he didn't seemed to care.
"Damn, just take off your clothes. You haven't let me touch you for a long time and I want you."
I was scared. Something told me that he would become violent if I didn't agree to his demands. Harry tore off his clothes and then he pulled off everything I had on. He pushed me so that I landed on the bed and before I had time to think, he was on top of me. He penetrated and he groaned loudly. I wasn't ready and it did indeed hurt.
"Harry, you hurt me." I whispered uncertainly. He didn't care. He put his elbows on either side of my head and he pounded harder into me. He closed his eyes and it was like he didn't care. His whole body was tense, and all he showed signs that he was angry at me. I didn't dared to resist.
I looked up at the ceiling and I let him do what he did. Harry groaned louder and he put his lips against my cheek. He brought his hip harder against me and I felt how he repeatedly pressed that hard part into me. Finally he came, and he slumped over me. I was grateful that it only lasted a few minutes. I didn't have to suffer any more.


"You know I love you?"
Harry remained above me and his words made me come back to earth.
He raised his head and he looked into my eyes. I saw at him that he repented and he realized that he had hurt me.
"You are my Everything!" he continued hoarsely, and he kissed my lips. "I just get so angry when nothing is as I expected."
I swallowed. I didn't dare to say anything.
"I'll think about it, that with school." he continued thoughtfully. "One must still be able to write if you want to work."
A hope came to life and I smiled a little bit.
"You mean I..."
He saw warning at me.
"We'll see, okay?"
I nodded a little bit. He smiled and he pulled his hands through my hair.
"I don't want you to change." he continued. "But I know I can't stop you, and that makes me afraid."
"But I'll stay with you." I got up. Harry kissed me again and he let one of his slide down over my body. I felt he was hard again and it surprised me. This time he got me to want the same thing. He kissed me, as I remembered his kisses back home, and he caressed me tenderly.
He penetrated and this time I went with him in the movements. I raised my legs around his waist and I felt how he made me feel more than just pain.
"You are mine!" he groaned hoarsely and he filled me. "Only mine!"

We groaned, we moved on our bodies and we made love. Harry made me forget all the doubts and this time he took me to the heights. I forgot that I was afraid of him, I forgot that I sometimes hated him. Instead, I just wanted to have more of him. For the first time in my life, I ended up on top of him. Harry showed me what I should do and I moved myself hard over him, up and down. It was as if I went to heaven and I wasn't ashamed even over my body. He looked at me with big eyes, I saw that he loved me.


Faster movements, I felt how deeply he came into me. It was almost as if the whole he wanted to come into my hole. I moaned and I sat straight up on him. Quickly, I came there. I lost control and I felt my whole body shook uncontrollably. I screamed straight out and I landed straight over him, with his whole part inside me. Harry smiled and he held my hips down hard. Then he spun around and landed on top of me again. He pounded hard against me until he came straight into me and filled me with his liquid.


"I promise to try!"
I heard Harrys voice in a fog. I was tired and I almost fell asleep.
"I'll arrange with everything." he continued. "You'll get your a home and you'll get everything that I promised you, and I'll try to give you more freedom."

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