Olivia had a perfect life. No brother. No problem. Her parents loved each other. At least that is what she thought, By age 4 she was taken away from her father. And then he came.


1. Where it all begins

       Okay..... Where do I begin? I was born September 4th 2003 into a beautiful family. I was half Latin and half white. I have big brown eyes and curly hair. My name in Olivia Saxonburg. Although my parents loved me very much, they weren't expecting me. They were only expecting my sister. You see, I have a twin. Her name is Olive. In the womb i had been growing towards the top and Olive had been growing to the bottom. The ultrasound only saw her. After we were born I thought the family was complete. No it wasn't in my parents eyes. At the age of three and a half my parents had yet another child. His name was Christopher. I guess to much stress made everything fall apart because 6 months later, my mom divorced my dad. She took only me and my brother to New York and she left Olive in Rochester. Its been only us for awhile. Life has been hard here. My other half of me lives 600 miles away. But then life took a new twist.

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