Elizabeth smiles when she sees another post from him. King Nando. The guy who she was slowly falling in love with, but Elizabeth had promised herself to never fall in love again. As Elizabeth is slowly breaking the promise, she realizes that sometimes you can't run from your past. Is love worth it all?

Thanks to Txmblr Queen for the beautiful cover.


1. Prologue

"Hi, I'm King Nando." King Nando tweets.

"The king of the Nandos, never. Are you sure you're not lying since I am not sure the King of Nandos even exists." She replies.

"Says you, so you're the queen of the Nandos," King Nando asks her.

"Of course, why do you have a doubt?" Queen Nando questions.

"Of course not, my queen. So I guess you are the queen to my king." King Nando remarks curiously.

Elizabeth couldn't help the smile that was forming on her face, she thinks carefully before typing her answer. Elizabeth knew not to talk to strangers, but she couldn't help feeling of excitement every time she saw that King Nando had tweeted something. She looks at her reply, and presses send before she chickened out.

"Maybe," Queen Nando suggests with anticipation.



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