Little talks

Meredith Kamie is the goody two shoes, perfect, straight edge daughter of Koa And John Kamie.
Calum Hood is the edgy, hot, daring son of Joy Hood.
What happens when these two kids meet? Will is be a disaster for the record books??


58. Chapter 58 - Echo

I could hear mom yelling at Ashton. Torn. That's how I felt. Betweent my mom and dad. I love them both but this was getting out of hand. They need to at less try to act like they are getting along. I walk out to see my mom smiling at some guy I didn't know. She waved at the guy as she shut the door and was now sitting at the bar. 


“Sorry for yelling.” 

“Mom. Who was that guy?”

“Just a neighbor.” She waves her hand like it was nothing. 

“Sure.” Like I believe that. I haven't seen her smiling like that in a while. 

“What about the trip?” 

“I don't know Echo, it’s not a good idea.”

“They’ve already paid for it.”

“Then they can go on it.” 

“But I really want to.” 

“Fine you can go then.” She said, getting up and walking in to the kitchen.

“But what about my birthday, you’ve never missed one.” 

“I know. I just….” She took her hair out of its bun. 

“Please.” I begged walking over. “Please. Please. Please.” I grabbed on to her wrist. “For me?”

It was quite for a bit.

“Why can't I tell you no?” She asked. 

“So is that a yes?” I lifted my eyebrows.

“Yes, you can let Ashton know the trip is still on.” 

“Eee.” I toss my arms around her hugging her close. “Thank you, thank you.” 

“Yeah, whatever. Make sure you're packed.” she kissed my head.

“Maybe you can bring the neighbor guy? Or find someone else to take your mind off of dads.” I said as I headed back to my room.

I sent Ashton a text letting him know the trip is still on. And texted Mack. Tomorrow will be the first time I’ve seen Mack in a while.

“Everything good?” Luke asks sitting on the bed

“Yup.” I sit on his lap wrapping my legs around him; looking at him.

“Echo.” He wrapped his arms around my waist. “Have you thought about telling Ashton about us?” He asked.

Biting my lip I tell him the truth, “Yes, I have. A lot lately.” We just look at each others. “I'm scared.” I half whisper getting up. I start pacing. 

“He can't take me away.” Luke said, reaching out and taking me hand.

“I know…. I’m scared I’ll lose him.” 

Luke moves over on the bed pulling me with him. We just lay there looking at each other.

“If you want…”

“We’ll tell him after the trip. You and I. Maybe mom too.” I said. 

“If you're not ready…” He began to say.

“No, I’ve been really thinking about this a lot. We can't really go out and do things, press; we can't stay in this room forever.” 

“We could.” He smiles. 

“Luke.” I said, smiling.

He pulls me close, kissing my head and I soon fall asleep. 

I sat up. I could hardly breath. Reaching over I turn on the light. Thinking I was going to wake up Luke, I realize he's not here. Getting up, I look in the bathroom; he wasn't there. I open my door.

“Luke?” I see two lamps on in the living-room.

“Luke?” I came out. 

Looking I see him and my mom are up talking but can't hear what they are saying.

“Luke?” He turns to look at me. “Is everything fine?” I ask.

“Yeah! We’re just talking.” He smiles at me then at my mom. 

“You better go to bed Luke; don't want you to get in trouble.” My mom joked. 

She gave him a hug, and she whispered something I couldn't hear.

“Are you are right Honey?” She asked

“Yea’ totally.” I said. I looked back into my dark room; biting my lip. The lamp hardly putting off any light. I felt an arm on my shoulder I jump a bit as he pulled me close I grabbed his shirt with no plan of letting go. 

“Goodnight Mer.” Luke said before leading me off to bed. 

Shutting the door he looked at me, eyebrows lifted. 

“Are you…?”

“Yeah, just a bad dream.” I ran my hands through my hair.

He put his arms around me.

Kissing me head he said, “Let's go to bed.” 

We laid down, he pulled me close. 

“I have something to tell you but you can't get mad.” 

“What is it?”

“While you were on tour.” He pulls back so he can see me. “Hum, my mom I were at the mall and I saw... Rocky. He was following us. Later that week I swear there was a black car following me.” I couldn't meet his eyes.

“Did you tell Mer?”

“No.” I felt bad. 

“Did you tell anyone?” He sounded mad.

“No.” I whispered.

“Hell, Echo. What if he tried something?” he sat up so he could see me better. 

“I just didn't want to bother…”

“You should of at less told me.” 

“I didn't want to believe it. I mean I didn't see him in the car…” I wouldn't look at him, anywhere but him.

“I don't care if you were wrong. If something happened.” He looked down. “I don't want you leaving this house alone.” he looked as if it hurt him to tell me that.

“I haven't, since the car.” I said. Truth, I was scared of being alone. I finally looked at him; he was looking at me. Expecting angar to fill his eyes but fear did instead. 

“I’m sorry.”

“From now on you tell me everything. Okay?” 

“Yea’.”He leans in and kisses me. He pulled away sooner than I wanted him to. 

“We’ll have to tell your mom?” He said.

I bit my lip. “We have a few hours in the morning before we leave for the trip.” he said. 

“I don't know.” 

“Either we tell her together, or I tell her by myself.” He said. 


“I love you.” He lays back down, I turn to look at him. 

“I love you.”

“By the way you don't have to go on vacation to see me shirtless.” He said with a straight face.

“Oh my god! Is that what she texted you?” He smiled.


He was laughing softly. 

“That's not what I was thinking.” 


“Okay, maybe just a little but not right then I was talking to Michael for god sacks.” 

He was laughing; no more hiding it. 

“Luke it's not funny.” 

“Sorry, it's just I’ve thought of you that way while talking to them before.” 

“What!” I sat up turning to look at him. 

“That's so embarrassing.” 

“It's not like they can read my mind.” He said, smiling.

“Thank god!”I laid down.

We talked a bit more. The trip will be amazing. My birthday, my mom, Luke, both dads, Calum and Mack! Two weeks of nothing but sun. This should be lots of fun. The only downside is that Luke and I have to play it cool around Ashton. Until after the tip, that's when we’ll tell him. But I love Luke; I can tell my dad about us. These were my last thoughts as Luke kissed me on last time before I fell asleep. 


 (Written by Kaycee_K)

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