Little talks

Meredith Kamie is the goody two shoes, perfect, straight edge daughter of Koa And John Kamie.
Calum Hood is the edgy, hot, daring son of Joy Hood.
What happens when these two kids meet? Will is be a disaster for the record books??


73. Chapter 73

 Meredith POV 

 I've been avoiding everyone for a while now, except Michael really. I haven't left the house, only for doctors appointments. I stay hidden and away from people, especially since i'm getting bigger and I want to keep to myself. 

 I don't want to be a burden and I don't want to be bombarded by people who pretend to care and pretend to want to help. I'm just completely and utterly tired of people. There is nothing more that I want than to just have this kid and be with Michael. Alone and together.

 I picked up my phone and listened to all the messages everyone has left me. Wondering if I'm okay, wanting to help. I don't need it. I'm not helpless and I've done this before.  

 Everyone acts like i've never raised a kid before. I was a single parent for eighteen years and everyone act like I can't do it again. God I mean my kid my not have had the best life or knew her real father but I mean come on I'm completely capable of doing this again. 

 "God fucking dammit!!" I yelled as I dropped a plate and the food spread on the floor. "i can't fucking believe I did this!! FUCK!" I yelled. 

 "Well okay then." I heard Michael say. 

 "Sorry." I said and he looked at the food on the floor and laughed. 

 "Go sit down I've got it." HE said 

 "I can do it!! Fuck , I really wish people would just leave me alone and realize that I can do things on my own damn." I yelled 



Michael POV

I watched her sleep, her hand placed on her tummy. She's passed out while watching a movie. Wishing she would let me help her with things but from what I heared from Luke, Echo is the same way. My phone buzzed Echo was calling.


"Are you okay?" I was already standing.

"Luke and I... got in a fight."

She started crying. 

"He left and I don't want to be alone."

"I'll be right over." 

Grabbing my keys, not bothering to leave a note. I drove over. What the hell did she mean he left?  


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