Little talks

Meredith Kamie is the goody two shoes, perfect, straight edge daughter of Koa And John Kamie.
Calum Hood is the edgy, hot, daring son of Joy Hood.
What happens when these two kids meet? Will is be a disaster for the record books??


63. Chapter 63

 Meredith POV 

 "What does he have to do to prove that he loves her?" I yelled in his face.

 He didn't say anything back he just stopped and looked behind me. I turned around and a huge smile grew on my face. He's doing it. 

 "Echo, this isn't how I wanted to do this but I love you. You and the band are the most important parts of my life. You are my life and I want, need to spend my life with you. So will you marry me?" He said. I could see the love and passion on his face as he looked at Echo. 

 "I approve of them because you can't stop love. You have no idea how many people where trying to convince me not to marry you. Now I just kinda wish I would've listened. I shouldn't have ever left the one guy I really loved but I did and that was my mistake and now I have to live with that." I turned to ashton "And she wanted to tell you. She was gonna tell you after the trip because she wanted to have a good birthday with out all this drama but she didn't get that. But one thing she did get was something she always wanted. She got Luke. If you were a good father you would tell them both how happy you are for them. You would congratulate them. But you aren't a good father are you? All you care about is yourself and what you want. So if you aren't going to be happy for them then I suggest you get out of my daughters life and don't try to come back in it." I told him. 

 "Yes Luke. Yes I wanna marry you." Echo whispered. She smiled and jumped on Luke. Everyone cheered except Ashton. 

 "Everyone supported them but you. How dumb does that make you feel?" I laughed and turned back around and hugged Echo. 

 "I'm so happy for you baby girl." I said and kissed her forehead. 

 "Now Luke, If I ever see her come cry to me or anyone else about you then you'll be on the top of my hit list. Got it? You be good to her. You take care of her. Im serious Luke, she is the only thing in this world that keeps me going." I laughed and hugged him. 

 "Echo, I don't mean to steal your light or thunder but I have to do something." She smiled and nodded her head. 

 "Go head mama." She said and pulled Luke close to her. 

 "I'm sorry. But Michael I love you. I'm sorry for putting you through so much. God I can't stop think about you I love you." I sighed. 

 "We can talk about all of this later." He said and looked at me. "This is Luke's moment." I nodded my head and sat down next to Luke and talked. 


 After about 4 hours we left and headed back to the hotel rooms. 

 "I think Luke and Echo need to get a new room somewhere else." Calum laughed. 

 "Already ahead of you." Luke laughed and picked up Echo. 

 "Hey that's my daughter!" Michael yelled. 

 "My fiancé!!" Luke yelled back and ran.

 "I'll see be there in a minute Cal." I said and stopped Michael. 

 "Can I talk to you now?" I asked Michael. He nodded and opened his room door. I slowly walked in and sat down on his bed. 

 "You can't just say that out of nowhere Meredith" He said. I nodded. That was the first time I've ever actually heard him say my full name.

 "You can't just expect me to forgive you and want me to take you back. That's not how this works.You put me and ashton through hell. You played us." He said. 

 "I know Michael and I'm sorry. I couldn't take the pressure. You know I love you but when you and ashton fight over something like this then force a choice on me. The is immature okay." I yelled. 

 "Don't yell." He said. 

 "No, you can't tell me to not yell! This is serious to me okay!" I continued. 

 "Stop Meredith." He warned

 "Make me." I yelled at him. He pushed me on the bed and held me down. He got inches from my face.

 "I said don't yell" He said. I smirked and pulled him down to me. 

 He kissed me with Passion and anger. His hands moved all over my body and heat rushed through me. 


 I laid next to Michael. The room the was once filled with anger and love fell silent. 

 "I'm sorry. I-" Michael stopped me. 

 "Don't. Don't say anything okay. Just promise that you'll be back." He said. 

 "Of course. Always remember." I said and sat up. I pulled on my pants and a tank top. 

 "Where are you going?" He asked 

 "I have to go back to my room. It's 1 am. Ashton will be back in a bit from the bar. I have to go back to Calum." I said and kissed him. 

 I knock on my door and the door flew open. 

 "These walls are very thin you know?" Calum said. 

 "You heard. I'm sorry." I said 

 "Well, I'm guessing you guys are fine. Just promise that you'll be back." He said mockingly. 

 "Shut up." I laughed and threw a pillow at him. 

 He caught it and threw it back at me. I jumped on him and tackled him.

 He pulled me down and hugged me.  

 "I think you need sleep because honestly. This has been a day for you." He laughed. I rolled my eyes and pulled the blankets up. I cuddled up to him and we fell asleep.

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