Little talks

Meredith Kamie is the goody two shoes, perfect, straight edge daughter of Koa And John Kamie.
Calum Hood is the edgy, hot, daring son of Joy Hood.
What happens when these two kids meet? Will is be a disaster for the record books??


56. Chapter 56 - Echo

 “Mom!” I sang opening her bedroom door.

She was still sleeping but I didn't care today was the day the guys would come back. My Luke. My dads. Calum. The three weeks were over. And yes it was hell but taking that class wasn't so bad; it help, all lot.

“Get up mom!” I was jumping on her bed. Like I use to when I was a kid. 

“Echo...whaaaat?” She winded; pulling the cover over her head.

“They're coming back today!” 

“Get off of me.” She complains as I sit on her. 

“Not until you're up.”

“I am up.” 

“And awake.” I smiled. 

“Echo,” she pulls the covers back. “You're driving me nuts just go get ready or something. I have like five hours then they’ll be here.” she was smiling. 

“Fine but if you go back to sleep...”

“You’ll what?” She sat up asking me.

“I’ll… I’ll think of something.” I said closing the door.

With the night's still warm I sat the table up outside. My stomach was flipping. They were all coming at the sametime. Luke and I would have to play it cool part of me wasn't sure I could do it. I mean it’s Luke. I haven't seen him in three weeks. I wish I could tell Ashton but I knew he wouldn't understand. One day we'll tell him and hopefully he’ll understand, hopefully. 

The table was ready when I heard a knock. I about died. I dashed inside to see that it was only the food guy. 

“It's only the food Echo.” 

“Oh.” I went to my room. I looked at myself. I was wearing a red dress. It stopped by my knees. With red glitter starting at top and lightly spilling down, I matched them the a wrist full of black bracelet, hair down, black hills. I hardly wear heels. I fell kinda odd wearing them. There was another knock. I came out off my room at the same time my mom came out of her’s she was wear a black dress. Low cut and tight.

“You look hot.” I said

“Not to bad yourself darling.” She said as more knocks came from the door. 

“We're comin’!” My mom said.

I couldn't stop smiling as she opened the door. In front was my dad's behind then Calum and Luke. My smile grew. I tossed my arms around Ashton and Michael. Squeezing them. 

“I missed you both!” 

“I missed you.” Said Michael

“I missed you, my Echo.” Ashton said pulling away they both kissed my head. Then I hugged Calum. Looking at my mom was hugging Ashton; his back towards me.

“Hey.” I breathed out; our eyes locked.

“Hey.” His hand brushed my arm as he past. I could hardly breathe. 

“Dinner out this way.” My mom leading the way. 

My mom sat at one end and I sat at the other. The guys on the sides. We were eating, talking and laughing. When my phone buzzed on the table next to me. Luke’s name flashed on the screen. Quickly I moved it my lap.

‘You look beautiful.’ 

I tried not to smile. 

‘Not to bad yourself.’ I typed back.

He was wearing black skinny jeans, a black tee, and leather jacket; he was much more scruffy then before he left. 

‘How much longer is this dinner?’ He sent back.

“I don't know’

‘I hope not to much, can't take not talking or touching you.’ 

I was about to reply when Calum kicked my foot. I looked up and everyone was watching me. Blushing I click off my phone. My mom laugh but turned it into a cough.

“Sorry.” I said. 

My eyes dashed to Luke who has trying to hide a smug smile. 

“So one more important?” Ashton asked.

“Then you guys.” My eyes dashing to each of them. 

“Never.” I said. 

We moved inside where I was talking to Ashton about the songwriting class I took. “Maybe you can join us sometime, would love to write with you.” 

“Really? You haven't heard anything I’ve written.” 

“Everyone has to start somewhere.” He said. 

We talked some more then I sat next to Michael. 

“Where's Mack?” I asked. “We planned for him to be here.”

“At his mom's” Michael brushed hair to the side. 

“Oh.” I said. 

Looking around I see Luke, Calum, Ashton and mom all talking.

Michael was watching her.

“She's doing…” I started to say.

“You ready for our trip? Two days, then we leave.” 

“Yes! I can't wait. Sand, blue waters…”

“Shirtless Luke.” My mom whispered. 

“Mom!’ I snapped as she sat next to me. 

“What? It's what you were thinking!” She said, I rolled my eyes. 

“Thanking what?” Luke asked walking over and sitting in a chair. How I wish I could just walk over and cuddle up to him. I look at my mom. She takes out her phone. She types something and before I knew it Luke chuckled. I looked at my mom and she was smiling. I looked at Luke and he winked. I opened and shut my mouth I didn't know what to say. 

“You guys ready, I’m ready to crash?” Calum asked yawning. I walked over and hugged him. 

“Thank you for coming.” 

“Your welcome. It was great seeing you guys. The tour wasn't the same.” He squeezed me. I then hugged my dads who both told me they loved me and to be ready for the trip in two days. Luke was already by the door. I watched them all leave. 

Twenty long minutes later there was a knock. Opening the door there was Luke with his bags. Before he could say anything I tossed my arms around him. He held my close. 

“I love you.” He said. 

“I love you.” We kissed. One hand on my back the other in my hair; my hands locked around his neck. Pulling back my mom clears her throat. 

I look at her, just smiling.“Welcome home Luke.” My mom said. 

“Thanks Mer.” He grabbed his bag and quickly kissed me again. He took them to our room. He came back wrapping his arms around me in another hug. 

“Shall we.” My mom held out a bottle of wine in one hand and small cake in the other. Luke and I looped our hands together and sat. We drank and talked. My two favorite people. I was laying the my head in Luke’s lap. He was stroking my hair. I let out a yawn. On cue both my mom and Luke asks if I'm sleepy. “Getting tired.” 

“Well, you to head to bed. I’ll clean up.”

“You sure?” I asked.

“Goodnight Echo.” She smiled sweetly. 

I gave her a kiss, “You too.”

“Goodnight Luke.” She said.

“Night Mer.” 

We were heading to our room when she called “And get some sleep.” I did say anything I covered my face with my hand. Luke chuckled as he opened the door and I shut it. 

“She is so…” I was cut off by Luke’s lips. He was kissing me. 

“I really missed you.” Placing my hand on his check, rubbing my thumb. “I really missed you.” We kissed again it lead to the bed. It was the middle of the night and either of us could sleep. “I got you something.” Luke said. “Really?”

“Let me get it.” 

With boxers only he looked through his bag. Soon he came back. Hold out your hand; so did I. He slipped a necklace in my hand. 

It was a black guitar pick that had an outline of a heart cut out. With Echo in white written on the front. 

“Luke, it's amazing. Thank you.” I slipped over my head. 

“Your welcome.” He pulled me with him as he laid down. Soon, I feel asleep in his arms. And sleep the best I had in three weeks. 


(Written by Kaycee_K)


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