Little talks

Meredith Kamie is the goody two shoes, perfect, straight edge daughter of Koa And John Kamie.
Calum Hood is the edgy, hot, daring son of Joy Hood.
What happens when these two kids meet? Will is be a disaster for the record books??


13. Chapter 13

 Meredith POV 

 "Meredith!!!" Michael yelled. 

 "WHAT!!!!" I yelled from the bathroom. I was slowly putting on my eyeliner when he walked in. 

 "Who are you trying to impress?" He asked. 

 "Luke." I smiled. 

 "Oh damn. I was hoping it would be your husband." He said 

 "Ha I wish." I said putting on my mascara. 

 "Why wish?" He asked. I put up my make up and looked at Michael on the ground.

 "No." I gasped. He smiled and arched his eyebrow. 

 "Are you serious?"  I asked and he nodded. 

 "Well, yea of course." I screamed and he stood up putting the ring on my finger. I hugged him and kissed him.  

 "Oh my god, I love you." He smiled and let me go. 

 I ran downstairs and jumped on Ashton's back. 

 "Guess what!!"I yelled. 

 "What!!" He yelled in a girl voice. 

 "Michael proposed!!!" I yelled showing him the ring. I jumped off his back and he hugged me. 

 "Congrats babe." He smiled.

 "I know!!" I said. 

 Ashton's girlfriend came walking downstairs and smiled. 

 "What's with all the screaming?" She asked 

 "Michael proposed." He said. I showed her the ring and she screamed along with me. 

 "Hi I'm Brayna." She smiled 

 "I'm Meredith." I said.

 "Congrats on the thing though." She smiled hugging me. 

 "Well, one down one to go." I smiled and turned to see Michael standing there. 

 "BABY!!" I yelled and jumped on him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and looked at him. 

 "I'll get over it eventually but I need to call my parents." I laughed. He nodded and chuckled. 

 "I figured." He smiled and pecked my lips quickly and let me go. I jumped down and ran upstairs.


 Michael POV  

 I walked into her room and she was knocked out on the bed. I smiled and laid down with her. I pulled her into my lap and she curled up hugging my shirt. Her phone rang so I picked it up to see her parents faces.

 (M- michael P- parents)

 M- hello

 P- Michael? 

 M- Yes ma'am

 P- Do you know why Meredith called us? 

 M- Um, yea but she's sleeping right now and I don't think she wants me to tell you

 P- are you sure? She sounded really worried.

 M- Um, yea. Oh wait she's awake. 

 Meredith got up and took the phone. 

 M- MOM!! 

 P- Yes sweetie


 P- Yes? 


 P- That's amazing. baby we are so proud

 M- I know right. 

 P- sweetie we have to go. But we are proud and we can't wait to see you again. Bye 

 M- Bye

 She hung up the phone and sat on my lap. 

 "I can't believe this is happening." She smiled bitting her lip. 

 "I know." I laughed

 "I had a dream about this the other day it was so real."  She said 

 "That sounds fun." I said

 "I don't think I want a big wedding you know. Just something small just between us and the guys." She said 

 "Sounds Perfect." I smiled and kissed her. 

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