Little talks

Meredith Kamie is the goody two shoes, perfect, straight edge daughter of Koa And John Kamie.
Calum Hood is the edgy, hot, daring son of Joy Hood.
What happens when these two kids meet? Will is be a disaster for the record books??


11. Chapter 11

 Meredith POV 

 "Ashton Get up." I said sitting on him.

 "What do you want!!" He groaned. 

 "Get up." I said 

 "No. I'm tired." He whined. 

 "Fine. You sleep. I'm gonna got see my baby." I said and got up. I waked out the door and went over to Michaels room. I knocked on the door but no one answered. I kept banging on the door until it flew open and Luke looked at me with tired eyes. 

 "What" He snapped. 

 "You know you are an ass but good morning to you too." I said and went to Michaels bed. I laid down and cuddled to him. 

 "Mikey, baby. Please get up. I'm bored and I want to spend time with you before I leave." I said. Michael leaned over and kissed me. 

 "Lay down with me. Cuddle with me." He said pulling me down. I laughed. 

 "Mikey. If you want me to stay in this bed then you are going to have to do something a little more." I whispered to him. He held me close and put his hand on my thigh. He rubbed my thigh slowly moving my shorts up. I kissed his cheek.

 I put my leg on his leg and he pulled them down. I saw him put them on the floor and I smiled. 

 "Luke?" I whispered in his ear. 

 "He left when you got here." He said. 

 "Then why the hell are we still slowly doing this?" I said and got up pulling his pants off. I kissed him roughly. I rocked my hips against him as his hands moved with me. My hands moved through his hair pulling on it softly. He moaned into my mouth. 

 He pulled off my shirt and put it on the ground with my shorts. 


 I laid in bed with Michael while he rubbed my arm. 

 "I kinda liked going slower than usual." He said. 

 "We've only had sex like two times Michael." I laughed.

 "I know but that was just sex. I want to actually do it right." He sighed. 

 "Then let's do it right." I said and kissed him. 

 "Not now. Let's shower." He said and got up pulling me with him. I tugged my arm and whined. 

 "I don't want to shower. I want to do this right." I whined. 

 "No. If you want to do this right then we have to go shower." He said. 

 "UGH! Fine. Just kiss me you loser." I said and puled him to me and he kissed me hard. 


 We got out of the shower and wrapped my towel around myself while Michael put his around his waist. 

 "I'm glad you came back." He said

 "Me too. I'm happy." I said.

 We got dressed and I sat on the bed. 

 "Let's go get something to eat. I really need food." I begged. 

 "Same." He said and we walked out hand in hand.


 We got back to the hotel and we started eating our Chinese on Michaels bed. 

 "You're on the front cover by now and I know it." He laughed. 

 "I'm okay with that. I was seen with you so I'm okay." I smiled and shoved some Lo mein in my mouth. 

 I stared at my ring on my finger and smiled. 

 "You know I'm serious about that. I will Marry you one day. I promise." Michael said.

 "I hope it's some day soon." I smiled.

 "I know." He said.

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