Accidentally in Love

All Jessica wanted was a distraction; one night where she could have some fun and drink away her sorrows and maybe forget all about her douche of an ex-boyfriend. So when she meets Ashton, she thinks the situation may be perfect and he may be just the distraction she was looking for. Until what was supposed to be a one night stand turns into something neither of them expected.


14. The Brokenness Inside Me Might Start Healing

“I can’t do this, you should turn around.”

Ashton rolled his eyes and continued driving. “Stop being such a wuss. Everything will be fine.”

Ignoring his comment, I clutched the door of our rented SUV as Ashton navigated it through the winding, tree lined roads of the neighborhood in which I grew up. It was strange being back. Each immense, gated house still stood as a testament to wealth of its owner, but everything felt different. This time I wasn’t fleeing my lonely, privileged life; I was facing it.

We came to a stop outside the gate I directed Ashton to; both staring blankly at the keypad in front of us.

Ashton raised an eyebrow. “So, what’s the code?”

I completely blanked. It had been six years since I’d been back, and my mind had seemingly blocked out every memory I had of my childhood. Including the passcode to my own house.

Shrugging, I pursed my lips. “I can’t remember.”

I was about to suggest we take my memory lapse as a sign that I wasn’t meant to face my parents when Ashton leaned out the window and began punching numbers.

“What are you doing?” I asked, panicked. I may not remember the code, but I knew full well that trying random numbers would result in some sort of security personnel appearing to question our intentions.

“I’m trying your birthday as a passcode,” he replied calmly as he finished the sequence.

I snorted and rolled my eyes. “That won’t work. My parents are too heartless to use a sequence of numbers as sentimental as my birthday to…”

My mouth dropped open in surprise as the gate slowly swung open. Choosing to ignore the smug smile on Ashton’s face, I leaned back in my seat and crossed my arms over my chest. The familiar tree lined road twisted and turned until it ended in a circle in front of a sprawling adobe style mansion.

Ashton let out a low whistle as he parked the car and pulled the key out of the ignition. “You grew up here?”

“Yep,” I replied, popping the p.

“Wow,” he said as he stared up at the house in awe, “I figured your parents were well off since your father’s a doctor, but I didn’t realize the scale.”

I let out a breathy laugh. “Yeah, well I never really advertise my parents’ financial situation. I find that once people discover you have money, it becomes much harder to tell who actually likes you as a person.”

“Trust me, I know,” Ashton responded.

I smiled as I turned to face him. I knew he hadn’t grown up particularly well off, but once the band became popular, he had more money than he knew what to do with and he often confessed that sometimes he didn’t know who to trust. “Right. I always forget.”

His smile widened, causing his eyes to crinkle and squint. “Are you ready to do this?”

I took a deep breath and nodded. There was no point in turning back now; I was already here, I might as well do what I came to do.

I stepped out of the car, shutting the front door before opening the back to grab the baby bag. Ashton gently lifted Sophie out of her car seat, bringing the baby to sit in the crook of his arm before closing the car door, locking the car and coming to meet me on the other side.

Biting my lip, I walked up to the front door and pressed the doorbell. Now there really was no turning back.

The large wooden door swung open moments later to reveal Margaret, the housekeeper and nanny who had worked for my parents for as long as I could remember. She looked exactly the same as she had six years before: her beautiful silver hair pulled back in a neat bun, her warm hazel eyes alight with friendliness even though her lips were pressed into a firm line.

“Hello, Maggie,” I whispered, unsure of what her reaction to me would be.

Her eyes widened before a smile stretched across her face. She pulled me into a hug, burying my face in her neck as she pressed kisses into my hair. “Peanut! Oh, I’ve missed you so much.”

I felt a rush of warmth at the use of her nickname for me and was grinning when I pulled out of the embrace. “Maggie, it’s so good to see you.”

Grabbing my arm, she pulled me through the front door before noticing Ashton and Sophie standing just outside the doorway. Her gaze shifted from Ashton, to Sophie, back to me, before she quirked an eyebrow expectantly once Ashton and Sophie had entered. “Well, peanut, are you going to introduce us?”

“Of course,” I replied, gesturing towards Ashton, “this is Ashton, my boyfriend.”

Ashton shifted Sophie slightly in his grasp and raised his hand in a small wave, a bright smile on his face. “Hello.”

“And this,” I continued, smiling as I reached out a hand and allowed Sophie to lightly grasp my finger, “this is Sophie. Our daughter.”

Her eyes widened with shock before a warm smile broke out across her face and her eyes began to shine with tears. “Your daughter. She’s beautiful, darling. Can I hold her?”

I nodded enthusiastically, and watched as Ashton carefully handed Sophie over. Sophie sank into Maggie’s warm embrace, smiling up at her happily, sucking on her fingers. Maggie’s smile widened and her maternal instincts instantly took over as she bounced her gently in her arms. “Hello, Sophie. It’s nice to meet you.”

She giggled in response and Maggie laughed as she looked at me again. “She reminds me of you as a baby.”

“Really?” I smiled back. I hadn’t heard many stories of my toddler years, as my parents weren’t exactly the record everything type. Growing up, there had been very few pictures of me around the house, seeing as my mother believed them to be tacky and thought they would clash with her selected décor.

Maggie nodded. “You were always smiling.”

That was strange considering I rarely remembered laughing as a child.

“This place is amazing,” Ashton’s voice called out from behind me, and I spun around to find him turning in a slow circle as he took in every angle of the front foyer.

“So are you going to tell me about him?” Maggie whispered, nodding towards Ashton as he began to examine the contents of a glass showcase.

I blushed and bit my lip as I began to tell Maggie Ashton’s story. It seemed so natural as I spoke. After all, Maggie was the one who had been there for me throughout all of my relationship ups and downs. She was the first person I had told about my first kiss, the one I went to for advice on how to catch the attention of my first crush. After Bobby Townsend stood me up at my junior prom, she was one who baked me cookies and held me as I cried the entire night. She was more of a mother than my real mother had ever been.

“And that’s why I’m back,” I said, concluding my story.

Maggie nodded, clearly impressed. “I thought he looked familiar. Well, good for you, peanut. I’m glad you finally got your happy ending. So, how long are you in town for?”

“Just until tonight. The band has a flight to London and Sophie and I are returning to Sydney,” I replied as I made a face at Sophie.

Maggie’s eyes flooded with concern. “Opposite sides of the world. I imagine he’s gone quite a lot. How do you cope with it?”

I shrugged as I turned to look at Ashton, who was entertaining himself by spinning the giant globe my father kept in his study. “It’s not so hard. I miss him when we’re apart, but when we’re together, it’s incredible. I’ve never loved someone like I love him.”

When I turned back to look at Maggie, she had a knowing smile on my face. Perhaps she was glad that after all of those nights where I spooned out entire pints of ice cream over boys who weren’t worth it, I had finally found someone who was.

“So, you’ve grown up,” she whispered, a soft smile gracing her tired face.

I nodded. “It seems I have.”

Before I could start crying, I forced a bright smile on my face. “Are my parents here?”

Maggie shook her head. “Your father isn’t back from his work yet.”

“And my mother?”

Maggie hesitated before responding. “Your mother doesn’t live here anymore.”

Her words paralyzed me. I had long suspected that my parents’ relationship was on the rocks. I had assumed that at some point in time, they had loved each other, but they slowly fell out of it and settled for an indifferent relationship where neither seemed to care what the other did. Still, I knew how much appearances mattered to my mother, and I had always assumed she would never leave my dad just for the sake of her reputation.

“They’re separated?” I asked.

She shook her head. “Your father filed for divorce a year ago.”

I pressed my lips together to keep from smiling. It was strange that I was happy about the dissolution of my parents’ marriage, but I had always thought my father was an idiot for buying my mother’s ‘faithful, dutiful wife’ routine. It seemed he had finally had enough.

“Good for him,” I said, a small smile playing at my lips.

Maggie burst out laughing. “That’s what I said, too.”

My smile widened. “Will he be back soon?”

She nodded, her gaze shifting to Ashton. “I suspect so. In the meantime, you should show him around.”

I nodded. It was a good suggestion. “Ok.”

I reached out to grab Sophie, but Maggie pulled her away from me. “I’ll watch her.”

I couldn’t help but smile. “Thanks, Maggie.”

She nodded and shooed me in Ashton’s direction before carrying Sophie towards the kitchen. Smiling, I turned back to Ashton, who was still enthralled with the globe.

Sneaking up behind him, I wrapped my arms around his torso and pressed a kiss to his back. “Having fun?”

He laughed as he turned around, placing his hands at my waist. “I can’t believe you grew up here. This house is incredible.”

“It is,” I nodded in agreement, “I have to say, that as unhappy as much of my childhood was, this house was one of the best parts. Do you want the tour?”

He nodded eagerly. Dropping my arms, I grabbed his hand as I pulled him up the stairs. I walked him through the basics: the guest bedrooms, the media room, the library, speaking rapidly and excitedly about each room. It wasn’t until we came to the room at the end of the hallway that I hesitated.

Ashton’s brow furrowed in concern. “Is everything alright?”

“This was my room,” I whispered. To be honest, I was slightly afraid of what lay behind the door. I assumed that after my parents had let me go, they would have wanted to erase every memory of my presence in the house.

But as Ashton reached out and gently pushed the door open, quite the opposite was revealed. The room was exactly the way I had left it the night I moved out. Wanting to leave as quickly as possible, I had only taken the bare essentials, leaving most reminders of my childhood in my bedroom.

I gasped as I walked into the room slowly, my hand covering my mouth. The walls were still painted a light lilac, my canopy bed still perfectly made, and the string of lights still sparkling around my window.

“It looks like you,” Ashton said, smiling, as his eyes swept over the room.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

He shrugged. “Everything in here reminds me of you.”

I smiled at the comment, my eyes slowly taking in the familiar surroundings. “I have so many memories in here. This room was my favorite place in this house. It was my escape.”

Ashton wrapped me in a hug from behind, holding me close tho his chest. “It must have been amazing.”

I nodded as my eyes landed on the large bean bag sitting against my balcony doors. “That bean bag is where I had my first kiss.”

I could feel Ashton smile against my cheeks. “Oh yeah? What happened?”

“We were working on a project and he leaned over and planted one on me when I wasn’t paying attention. I smacked him afterwards.”

He laughed. “Remind me never to show affection when you aren’t expecting it.”

I laughed as I turned around to face him, locking my fingers together at the base of his neck. “You know I would never turn you down.”

“Oh really?” he mumbled, his eyes twinkling as his gaze dropped to my lips, “Even if I try to seduce you in your childhood bedroom?”

My heart began to race as he leaned in to kiss me. His lips softly pressed against mine, his mouth curving into a smile as we pushed our lips together. We kissed for a few moments, smiling softly, before the sound of an engine outside pulled me out of my kiss induced trance.

“My father’s back,” I said, panicked. I knew it was him because the sound of his car engine coming up the driveway had become engrained in my memory.

I feel like this is a recurring event,” he groaned, referring to how we had been in a similar situation the first time he had met my mother.

I didn’t bother responding, as I was too busy freaking out about the fact that I was about to see my father for the first time in six years. “Oh my God, Ashton, my father’s back. What am I going to say to him?”

Ashton grabbed my cheeks between his palms to calm me down, staring me in the eyes. “Everything will be fine. I promise. I’m right here. I’ll be here the whole time.”

I nodded, allowing his soothing to voice to slow my heart rate back to normal before smiling slightly. “Thank you.”

He nodded, his hands dropping from my face. “Are you ready?”

I gave him one firm nod as he laced his fingers with mine and pulled me out the door. It was time for a father-daughter reunion I was sure I would never forget.


He was standing with his back to the staircase as we descended, slowly shifting through a pile of mail in his hands. There were tints of gray to his normally impeccably black hair and his shoulders were slouched slightly, as if he was carrying the weight of the world. He didn’t hear us walk down the stairs and I was rather surprised that he hadn’t noticed our rental car in the driveway. Apparently my father was losing his touch.

I cleared my throat as we reached the bottom of the stairs, squeezing Ashton’s fingers tightly as they interlocked with my own. “Hi, daddy.”

My voice echoed off the high ceilings, causing me to wince as my father turned around. His ice blue eyes were wide with shock for a moment before igniting with warmth. A slow smile spread across his face, causing his eyes to crinkle and a flash of comfort to spread throughout my body.

When he wasn’t busy with work, my father had been amazing. He was funny and caring and made me feel as if I was the most special person in the world. But his surgery schedules made it so those moments were rare, leaving me pining after a father who didn’t have time for me. All I had wanted as a child was to make my father smile. But apparently that came at a price: attending medical school. The look of complete and utter disappointment in my father’s eyes the day I told him I would never be a doctor was one that would be burned into my memory for the rest of time.

“Hello, tootsie pop,” he whispered back.

My eyes widened at the nickname. It was the one he used to cheer me up when I was sad. To let me know he was there for me if I needed someone to talk to. The special secret that only we knew about that never failed to make me happy. I fought back tears as I released Ashton’s hand from my own and ran into my father’s arms. He wasn’t angry or bitter about the fact that I had moved to another country; he was glad to see me. As his arms wrapped around my shoulders, I sighed against neck. “I’m sorry.”

His brow furrowed in confusion as he pulled away. “For what, princess?”

There it was again; he was using the nicknames I so desperately craved as I child. As I looked into his concerned eyes, every angry sentence I had practiced saying vanished from my mind. “I’m sorry I disappointed you.”

His eyes filled with regret as he shook his head. “Never. You’ve never disappointed me. I’m sorry that I ever tried to force you into a career. I’m sorry that I didn’t support you. I wish we could go back.”

It was strange, because that was exactly what I was thinking. After all the years of built up anger and resentment, I realized I no longer wanted to unleash my rage on my parents. At least not on my father. I had already said everything I needed to say to my mother, but my father was a different story. Sure, he had high expectations of me, but so did every parent of their only child. He had never lessened my self-esteem. He had made me feel like a princess, and the truth was, I just wanted to be his little girl again; without all of the expectations.

“Me too,” I replied, smiling weakly.

He sighed in relief and pulled me into another hug.

I laughed as we pulled out of the second embrace. “Maggie told me about you and mom.”

My father rolled his eyes. “It was about time, don’t you think?”

I let out another laugh. “That’s exactly what I said.”

He shook his head as he looked at me, his eyes sparkling. “I’m glad you’re here, Jessi.”

I nodded in agreement, happy that my father and I had put our differences behind us. It was then I realized that there was someone else in the room. I glanced over to the stairs to see Ashton leaning against the banister, a smile on his face as he watched our exchange. Wiping the last of my tears form my eyes, I gestured for Ashton to come closer. “Dad, this is Ashton.”

Ashton held out a hand, engaging my father in firm handshake as he nodded. “It’s good to meet you, sir.”

My father eyed him up and down before a warm smile spread across his face. “You too, son. So you’re dating my daughter?”

Ashton nodded and smiled widely as he swung an arm around my shoulders. I immediately snuggled into his side and grinned up at him. Our eyes met for a moment before he turned back to my dad. “Yes, sir. I am.”

My dad’s gaze shifted between the two of us, his smile growing as he watched our interaction. Then his expression became serious again as his stare focused on Ashton. “You take care of my little girl, you hear?”

Ashton nodded firmly, his arm tightening its grip around my shoulder. “Always.”

I smiled at the response, my grin growing as I spotted Maggie bouncing Sophie in her arms behind my father. “Dad, there’s someone else I want you to meet.”

He raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Who’s that, sweetheart?”

Stepping out of Ashton’s embrace, I walked past my father to reach out my arms and grab Sophie. Pressing a kiss to her cheek, I smiled as I walked back towards my dad. “Dad, this is Sophie. Our daughter.”

My father stared at the baby in shock for a moment before his eyes widened with wonder and he reached out a hand to stroke Sophie’s tiny fingers. I half expected him to be upset that I had a daughter at such a young age, much like mother had been, but instead he smiled. “Your daughter? Jessi, she’s beautiful.”

“I know,” I smiled in relief, “would you like to hold her?”

My father nodded and held up his arms to take in the baby. I transferred Sophie to him and sighed happily as I watched my father interact with my daughter. It was one of those moments that every parent expects to have, but seeing as my relationship with my parents had been so estranged, I had never dreamed that Sophie would get to meet her grandpa.

I floated back into Ashton’s embrace and he dropped a kiss on the top of my head as we watch our daughter play with her grandfather.

“You did great, babe,” Ashton whispered into my hair.

“Thanks,” I breathed, tilting my chin up to look at him, “thanks for being here.”

He gave me a small smile before pressing his lips to mine. “Where else would I be?”

I smiled at the thought that Ashton would always be there if I needed him. I just wished I could return the favor.

We spent the next hour catching up and taking turns cooing over how adorable Sophie was before I realized Sophie and I had a flight to catch. Gathering up our various bags, I hugged Maggie goodbye before allowing my father to walk us to the door.

He held out his hand to Ashton, who returned the gesture, but was taken by surprise when my father pulled him into a hug. My dad patted Ashton on the back a few times before releasing him from the embrace. “It was good to meet you, Ashton. You take care. And don’t you dare break my little girl’s heart.”

Ashton let out a laugh before smiling reassuringly. “I wouldn’t dream of it, sir.”

I smiled at the exchange, and handed Sophie to Ashton so they could get situated in the car. Ashton nodded once more at my father, before carrying our daughter out the door.

I turned to my father, still smiling. “So, this is it.”

He nodded, his eyes gazing at me lovingly. “I’m glad you came home.”

“So am I,” I responded.

His gaze shifted to Ashton as he watched my boyfriend settle our daughter into her car seat. “He’s a good man.”

My smile widened as I watched Ashton strap Sophie into the seat, making faces at the baby all the while. “I know.”

“Is he the one?”

The question caught me off guard. When I was young, on the few father-daughter dates we had, my dad would always tell me to wait for ‘the one’. The one person who could make me laugh when I was angry, comfort me when I was upset, and smile for no reason. When I finally found them, they would be the person I was destined to marry.

I knew for certain that I loved Ashton. I loved him more than I could explain in words. The kind of love that left an ache in my bones when we were apart, but stirred me to accomplish impossible tasks because of it. The kind of love that I would gladly go to the ends of the world to protect.

But even with such strong feelings, I had never truly considered marriage. It was topic Ashton and I never discussed, just answering vaguely when asked if we ever intended to make our union permanent. The most obvious conclusion was that we should get married. After all, we had a child together. Marriage usually came before children. So, of course, it should most definitely come after.

But were we ready for that? It seemed silly to be afraid of marriage considering I would be linked to Ashton for the rest of my life simply because of our daughter. But getting married made everything final. Once we went down that road, there was no turning back. Even though I knew divorce was the best resolution to my parents’ troubled marriage, I did not believe in it when it came to my own relationships.

When I got married, I wanted to be certain that he was, in fact, the person I couldn’t imagine living without for the rest of my life. At the moment, Ashton fit the criteria of ‘the one’ perfectly. But it was still too early to be thinking about marriage. Two years had yet to pass since the day we met. Our entire relationship had unfolded so quickly and I was hesitant to proceed to the next level until I was completely sure.

So I smiled slightly and gave a vague answer. “Maybe.”

My father seemed to understand my dilemma and didn’t push for me to explain my response. Instead he nodded and pulled me into a hug, pressing a kiss to my temple. “Take care, princess.”

“I will,” I whispered back as I kissed his cheek. “I’ll call you when I get there.”

It was a simple statement. One that every child said to their parents when they were leaving. But for my father and me, it was a fresh start. The beginning of a new chapter to our relationship.

He smiled and nodded, his eyes wet with moisture as he waved goodbye to Ashton and Sophie. Smiling one last time, I turned and walked towards the car.

I grinned at Ashton as we pulled through the front gates of the house.

He immediately mimicked my action. “So, did it go as well as you thought it would?”

“Even better,” I said, smiling at the road in front of us.

It should have been a happy moment, but upon leaving my old neighborhood, I realized where we were going: the airport.

My and Sophie’s flight was set to depart in just over two hours. That meant the only time we had left with Ashton was the drive to the airport.

I woke up early that morning to pack while Ashton was still asleep, knowing that I would get no work done if he was watching. He apparently had a similar idea, as when I had gotten out of the shower; his suitcase was packed and ready to go as well. We had gotten in the habit of never packing in front of each other, knowing full well that it would only end in tears.

Determined to make our last moments together as happy as possible, I smiled and chatted happily to Ashton the entire drive to the airport. The conversation was easy flowing and light, each of us erupting into fits of giggles as our talking progressed. We talked about useless things; things that didn’t even matter, but we knew would keep us preoccupied. As always, he was on the same wavelength as me when it came to the mood of our final moments, and avoided the topic of our impending separation.

It wasn’t until we had arrived at the airport and I had finished checking in mine and Sophie’s luggage that I even realized what was about to happen.

We stood facing each other, him holding Sophie close to his chest, lightly rubbing his nose against the baby’s soft skin before pressing small kisses to her cheeks and hair.

“I’m gonna miss you, Soph,” he whispered softly against the baby’s ear.

Sophie, completely unaware of what was going on, smiled widely as she reached up to tug on one of Ashton’s ringlets.

Ashton let out a laugh, unable to be sad around his daughter. “And apparently you’re going to miss my hair.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I’ll miss every part of you,” I said softly.

It was meant to sound romantic, but as soon as the words escaped my lips, I realized they took on a more sexual connotation. I flushed as Ashton smirked at me, his brilliant green eyes twinkling in delight. “Jessi, you really shouldn’t talk dirty in front of our daughter.”

I rolled my eyes to hide my sudden embarrassment. “Way to ruin the moment, Irwin.”

He smiled for a moment longer, the dimples in his cheeks popping adorably before he sucked his cheeks in and chewed on his bottom lip. And then he stepped forward and kissed me.

I completely forgot where we were as his lips pressed firmly into mine, his free hand coming up to cup my face and pull me closer. Parting my lips slightly, I allowed his tongue to enter my mouth and carefully explore as our lips moved rhythmically. We pushed our lips together for a few more moments before we pulled away, both breathless and dizzy.

“Did that make it better?” he asked, the cheeky smirk returning to his lips.

Still slightly dazed by the kiss I nodded and smiled. “Much.”

The crackling of the intercom system announced that my flight was boarding, and I sighed heavily as my heart began to ache at the thought of leaving. Reaching out, I took Sophie from Ashton, bringing her to rest on my hip. She was usually very still, but she seemed to sense that this would be the last time she saw her father for a while, so she wriggled out of my grasp, his little arms reaching back towards Ashton as she cried out.

Ashton pulled Sophie back into his grasp, hugging her to his chest as he peppered her head with kisses. I held back tears as I watched Ashton whispering softly into Sophie’s ear. “I know, sweetheart, I’m going to miss you too. But I’ll be home soon, I promise. I love you.”

Blinking back tears, I extended my arms to take Sophie back, hugging my daughter to my chest and pressing kisses to her tears to soothe her.

“We should go,” I said softly, my voice cracking as I spoke.

Ashton nodded, stepping forward to kiss me. “I’ll see you soon, ok?” he said as he pulled away.

I nodded, blinking rapidly to stave off my oncoming sobbing. “I love you.”

He smiled slightly as his eyes searched my face before pressing another gentle kiss to my lips. “I love you, Jessi. Forever.”

My breath caught in my throat at his words. Forever. He had said it before and for some reason I hadn’t thought about the implications. Ashton wanted me forever. And that was something I was surprisingly ok with.

Because I wanted him forever as well. And I knew there could never be anyone else who could hold my heart so completely. So I smiled as I leaned up to kiss him again and whispered against his lips. “Forever. I’m yours forever.”

Another announcement caused us to pull apart. Sighing, I reluctantly picked up Sophie’s baby bag and slung the strap over my shoulder. Smiling weakly, I gave Ashton a small wave before backing away and making my way through security.

Once Sophie and I were successfully through, we stood against the glass wall that separated the check-in counters from the airport gates. Ashton hurried up to the wall, staring at us achingly, his beautiful eyes shining with tears.

Bringing my free hand up, I pressed the pads of my fingers to my lips before touching them to the glass. Ashton did the same, his index finger scratching the glass lightly as Sophie reached out to him once again.

I pointed my head towards the gate, indicating to Ashton that it was time for us to board the plane. He nodded, wiping a stray tear from his cheek as he waved. His lips formed the words ‘I love you’ one more time. Before I could start sobbing, I mouthed the words back to him and turned to walk towards the gate.

My steps were heavy as we approached our departure gate, but a sudden epiphany put a slight bounce in my gait. Pulling out our boarding passes, I smiled sweetly at the flight attendant as she scanned our tickets and handed them back to us. I wasn’t even upset when she told us to have a good flight.

I held my head a little higher as we walked down the winding corridor to the plane. When I called my father upon my return to Sydney, I would be sure to change my answer. It was no longer a ‘maybe’. It was a ‘yes’. I knew Ashton was ‘the one’.

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