From Every Angle

A local lad from North Shields in the North East of England takes an interest in the game of pool when he is left in a van outside the Gardners Arms - the owner sees him looking in the window and asks him in where he plays one of the best pool players in the league and black balls him twice. - before long he's taking on all comers for big money. Someone spots his potential and gets him to play snooker- he makes his first century break at 9 years of age. He then wins a PIOS tournament winning £3.000 and his England call up awaits him. The life and love story of a young snooker player will have you reading until the end when he meets Ciara a beautiful girl from an Italian father and Irish mother.


89. 89

Bryan was winning by 9-2 going into the final session against Steven Lee. He also had made a 142 break in the match which was the highest in the tournament so far.

Steven Lee had no answer to Bryans devastating potting and he took the next two frames to win the match by 11-2. He would now meet either Mark Williams or Jimmy White in the semi final the other semi final would be between Steve Davis and Ken Doherty. The longer format for the semi final was the best of thirty one frames.

He rang his mother and told her; I rang last night where were you?

 Didn’t Ciara tell you?

 Yes; she said you were at Maureen’s.”

“We opened another bottle of wine and it was pretty late when I got back son.”

“Take it easy on the wine mother.”

Ciara says dad is improving.”

 Yes; Bryan he could be home soon, oh before I forget Ciara is in London.

“London; What is she doing in London?

“She had a meeting this afternoon with Lord Fayed from Harrods who are interested in her food.

“Wow, that is big isn’t it mam?

“I know, she will tell you all about it when she gets home.”

“Any way Good luck in the semi final son and if you make the final we will all come down to Sheffield.”

“Right then see you later; tell my dad I’m asking after him.”

 “I will bye Bryan.”

“Bye mam.”


Ciara came out of Harrods knowing that she was going to be earning 10 million pounds per year she had a cheque in her hand for 16 million pounds for the contract they had bought from North Tyneside Council.

She would have to cancel that agreement but no papers had been signed so it was not legal and binding. It would cost her nothing to turn it down so in fact she was 16 million pounds richer. They had invited her to dinner this evening as guest of Lord Fayed to celebrate so after she placed the cheque into her account she went shopping on Saville Row. She spent £200 on one dress from Alexander McQueen’s and £50.00 on a pair of shoes from LN CC. She called into the Chanel jewellery store on Bond Street and bought Bryan a Rolex watch which was £1500 and a pair of diamond earrings for £1000. She enjoyed spending some of the money she had and figured the interest on her 16 million would more than cover the cost.

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