From Every Angle

A local lad from North Shields in the North East of England takes an interest in the game of pool when he is left in a van outside the Gardners Arms - the owner sees him looking in the window and asks him in where he plays one of the best pool players in the league and black balls him twice. - before long he's taking on all comers for big money. Someone spots his potential and gets him to play snooker- he makes his first century break at 9 years of age. He then wins a PIOS tournament winning £3.000 and his England call up awaits him. The life and love story of a young snooker player will have you reading until the end when he meets Ciara a beautiful girl from an Italian father and Irish mother.


60. 60

Whilst Ciara was at the factory Bryans brother Tommy called into the shop to buy bread and cakes for his mother. Tommy nearly lost his eyes as Katrina came to the counter to serve him.

“Hi I’m Tom; you know; Bryan’s brother.”

 Katrina was still bemused until Sarah came through from the back of the shop.

“Hello Tom said Sarah what are you doing here?

 Mam asked me to call in to see Ciara and to ask you all to come around for dinner tonight.

“Katrina this is my brother Thomas.”

Katrina blushed as she looked at Tom who was the same age as her. He was tall and had a mop of black curly hair he wore a pair of Levi jeans and a tee shirt and a red tank top.

“So how long have you worked here then Katrina?

“I just started this morning.”

“Do you like it then?

“Yes it’s easier than being at home in Ireland.”

“So you’re from Ireland is it mimicking the Irish blarney; Katrina laughed then told him he was the worst imitator of an Irish accent she’d ever heard.

“Will Katrina be coming to dinner tonight he asked his sister?

“I don’t know why don’t you ask her?

“Well; will you come tonight to my house for dinner?

“Are you asking me out already she laughed again and this time it was Tom who blushed?

“We eat at 7pm said tom as he took the parcel that his sister had put up for him and left the shop.

“He turned a looked again at Katrina who gave him a cheeky smile.

“He likes you said Sarah as she replaced one of the cakes on the shelf.

“Do you think so?

“I know my brother; he never asks anyone to come to dinner; ever.

“Katrina was asking questions about Tom all afternoon and the day passed so quickly.

Sarah and Katrina cleaned the shop; emptied the shelves and washed them down then mopped the floors down before closing up for the day.

Sarah rang the number of the factory and told Ciara that they were all invited for dinner at her mothers.


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