From Every Angle

A local lad from North Shields in the North East of England takes an interest in the game of pool when he is left in a van outside the Gardners Arms - the owner sees him looking in the window and asks him in where he plays one of the best pool players in the league and black balls him twice. - before long he's taking on all comers for big money. Someone spots his potential and gets him to play snooker- he makes his first century break at 9 years of age. He then wins a PIOS tournament winning £3.000 and his England call up awaits him. The life and love story of a young snooker player will have you reading until the end when he meets Ciara a beautiful girl from an Italian father and Irish mother.


59. 59

“Once the job is completed you will come to work in a suit and conduct my business affairs which I will teach you.” You will over see the staff and I will get you a secretary to do the paperwork and filing.

“Okay lets get started I will ring from my office and you from yours. I will leave the rates of pay in your hands Michael be fair but be competitive also.

This is a business not a charity; remember we are here to make money and if this works out then we are going to make lots.

Michael went into the office and sat on the leather chair once he had dusted it down he took the pen and paper from the drawer then rang around his friends. Within an hour he had the men he needed in which to carry out the work.

Ciara rang the labour exchange and asked them to send her four women to interview that afternoon for the position of secretary.

Michael knocked on Ciara’s office door before entering; then informed her that he had the men he needed to start the work.

“Will these men have tools Michael?

“Yes; don’t worry Ciara, we will get this place sorted in, less than a month believe me.”

The eight men arrived in a van and immediately went to work; they stripped down the machinery then added parts from other workable machines until they had the boilers working smoothly. Michael ordered the wood and other materials like paint, nails, screws, brushes to paint and sweep up the mess. He then got the lads to dismantle the sweet making machinery bit by bit then take it to the scrap yard. The money that they made from the scrap would pay the lads their wages.

Michael chose bright colours to paint the walls and ceilings with, so everything looked clean. He visited an auction sales room where he picked up stainless steel sinks, copper pipe, and other office furniture cheap but in good condition.

In only three days working late into the night the men had the factory painted and the new machinery fitted and working.

Michael ordered five big ovens at a cost of only £2.000 pounds from another bakery in Yorkshire that had gone bust they even said they would deliver it free.

The toilets had to be replaced but the sinks were fine they were given some brand new taps and the walls were painted in magnolia. They used reclaimed items from car boot sales this was added to the offices to spruce them up. It had cost less than £5.000 to fit the factory out. The interest she was making on her capital more than covered that.


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