From Every Angle

A local lad from North Shields in the North East of England takes an interest in the game of pool when he is left in a van outside the Gardners Arms - the owner sees him looking in the window and asks him in where he plays one of the best pool players in the league and black balls him twice. - before long he's taking on all comers for big money. Someone spots his potential and gets him to play snooker- he makes his first century break at 9 years of age. He then wins a PIOS tournament winning £3.000 and his England call up awaits him. The life and love story of a young snooker player will have you reading until the end when he meets Ciara a beautiful girl from an Italian father and Irish mother.


11. 11

Bryan was drawn to play Dennis Taylor who had been around the circuit for some years he wore these silly upside down glasses but he could play. Steve Davis was up first against Patsy Fagan the captain of the Irish side winning comfortably 82- 33 then David Home beat Paddy O’Boyle 72 -26 Ireland pulled one back when Nigel Bond missed three attempts to get out of snooker when there was a ball on. It was a risky shot to take on so Nigel thought he would play onto the red on the top cushion. The second time he missed it by a whisker. The referee John Street warned him if he failed to hit a red then the frame would be conceded. All the England team thought he now had the line in which to just nestle into the red but Nigel lost the line completely and the frame. It was now Bryan’s turn to play. Dennis Taylor ever the gentleman shook Bryans hand and wished him luck. As it turned out it was more than luck that gave Bryan his biggest break. Dennis though the kid from North Shields would fold under the pressure of the television camera’s. He was going for everything and missing by the thickness of a gnat’s hair as they say.

Bryan took his time he walked around the table then around again where he spotted a plant into the right corner pocket. If he played it right he would be on the black and a good chance to clinch the frame. He got down and took over twenty seconds before he pushed his cue through. Bang! The red he aimed for hit the other sending it into the pocket. It was a fantastic shot and the Irish contingent gave him a generous round of applause. What followed had the crowd and all the other players stunned as the young pretender potted 15 reds with 15 blacks and was perfect on the yellow.

Not breaking his rhythm Bryan saw off the remaining six colours to achieve his first maximum break of 147.

The crowd when wild but it was Dennis Taylor who was the first to come over to shake his hand.

It was now three one but there was still a job to be done Ray Chops Carter had to play Michael Laverty. The England captain instructed Carter to keep it tight and not to give the Irishman a chance of an easy pot.

Ray did as he was instructed; Laverty lashed out at the balls in his frustration and Ray cleaned up to win the frame 68-27 England had won the match but they let Tony Knowles play his game against Fin Bar O’shay. The Irish team tried to restore some pride when O’shay made a 47 break but Tony was far too experienced and saw off the Irishman 69-47. It was a comprehensive win.

There was an even bigger surprise for Bryan when He was given the keys to a Mini Cooper for his magnificent 147 break. They even said that they would keep the car in storage until he was old enough to drive it away.

Bryan rang his parents to tell them about the car and how he made the maximum break.


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