Close As Strangers (5SOS FANFIC)

**Book 1**

"I'm afraid that I might be losing you."

Arielle and Michael have been best friends since, well, forever. When Michael makes it big with his band '5 Seconds of Summer' distance becomes a big issue for these two best friends. Amongst troublesome timezones, late night calls and fluorecent lights, will Michael and Arielle meet halfway or decide that everything has changed, maybe permanently.

They're running out of time.


11. 11: Another Day With Luke

*Arielle’s POV*

I looked at the clock; 1:00pm. I didn’t sleep at all last night or at any time during the day; there were too many things bouncing around inside my head. Luke started to stir in his sleep. He looks like an angel when he’s sleeping. I got to work on the rope, shortening the distance to only 2 metres. When I was finished I just sat there quietly, I couldn’t stand the thought of waking him up. Only a few minutes passed before Luke woke up. He half sat up and then shuffled over to me, laying his head on my lap and looking up at me.

“Morning, Luke.” I smiled looking down at him.

“You have a booger.” He croaked faintly. My hand immediately flew to my face hiding it away. Luke head left my lap, then I felt is hands on top of mine. I had very small hands, short and a little bit stubby. His hands were twice the size of mine. He slightly intertwined our fingers in the process of pulling my hands away from my face, he held onto them for a slight minute longer than necessary. I opened my eyes and found him sitting at a slight angle to me, since I had my legs spread out flat in front of me, he was sitting cross legged.

“I was only kidding.” He chuckled, slowly letting go of my hands and watching them part ways. I smiled, also watching or hands.

“So, what are we going to do today?” I asked, after a short moment.

“Movie marathon?” he suggested.

“You’re so creative Hemmings.” I giggled at his originality.

“I have one rule.” I shook my head smiling. “No movies with good looking guys.”

“Well that rules out Mean Girls.” I teased.

“B-but…” He stuttered.

“Ok, to make things fair, I also have a rule. No movies with good looking girls.” I answered. Hoping to lift his spirits a little.

“That rules out The Fast and the Furious then, doesn’t it?” He mocked.

“You know, I’ve never been one to follow the rules.” I looked up at him with puppy dog eyes. The Fast and the Furious is the best movie in existence, closely followed by Spiderman.

“Arielle, you are seriously the most innocent girl I know.” He chuckled.

“What are we gonna watch then?” I asked in a ‘duh’ tone.

“Mean Girls, the Fast and the Furious, and then Spiderman. Purely because I know how much you love Spiderman.” He answered proudly.

“Sounds like a plan.” I got up and went over to my TV, Luke had to follow me of course.

“You already shortened the rope?” he asked whshortened the rope.ile turning on the TV.

“Yeah.” I answered; I found Mean Girls and handed it to Luke.

“Couldn’t wait?” I looked over at him, he was smiling.

“Very funny Luke.” I replied sarcastically. I grabbed the remote for the TV and went back to my bed.

*Luke’s POV*

She basically jumped on the bed. I crawled to the top of the bed and sat up, leaning on the headboard. Arielle turned around to look at me. I just smiled, earning a smile in return.

“Cuddle?” She asked, surprising me. I held open my arms in invitation. She came up next to me and buried her head into the crook of my neck. She lightly nuzzled my neck and when she heard the movie start she looked up and just leaned into me. I searched for her hand and after finding it, I gently brushed my thumb over the back of her hand. She tilted her head up and smiled at me.

Arielle fell asleep. I was a little disappointed but really didn’t mind. I woke her up by whispering little words of praise into her ear. It wasn’t until I offered to put the Fast and the Furious on that she woke up properly. I picked her up over my shoulder and let her just dangle there while I put the movie on. I took her back to the bed and went to my previous spot. She had woken up a bit now so she was able to settle herself comfortably on her own. She ended up sitting between my legs and resting back onto my chest. I gently kissed the top of her head.

Whenever there was an action scene she grabbed my hands and made car noise while pretending she was driving a car too. I loved her child like behaviour. We had just finished watching the 7th movie when she spoke.

“I’m going to be just like them one day.” It was completely out of the blue and not what I expected at all.

“You want to race cars?” I was in complete shock.

“Yep.” She looked up at me and smiled.

“Sounds fun. Do you have any preferences about what type of racing?” I was wholeheartedly interested in what she was saying.

“No. Just whatever is the fastest really.” It made me happy that she was so excited about the whole thing.

*Arielle’s POV*

“It’s really late. We should go to sleep, only one more day.” Luke’s smile faded.

“But then we get to see the rest of the boys!” I shouted excitedly.

“It’s so weird being away from them, even if it’s only for a few days.” He was staring at nothing in particular.

“Now do you get what it’s like for me? Being away from Michael?” I asked. Luke was silent, he didn’t answer.

“Goodnight.” He said before rolling over.

“Um, night?” I replied. That was weird.

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