Code Blue

Fresh out of the training academy for the National Intelligence Agency, Lexi Dupont is thrilled when she’s tasked with her first undercover assignment: get close to Luke Hemmings, son of the leader of the country’s most infamous crime syndicate. It seems simple enough and Lexi is determined to complete her mission, but the fact that Luke is ten cups of charming and gorgeous is bound to make the job difficult.


6. Lexi vs. Sneaky Spy Stuff

It turned out that Luke was a pretty great dancer.

Though, maybe I should have expected that. After all, he was confident in all other aspects of his life, so surely being able to move his hips and keep his arms around me loosely wasn't that difficult.

The only person who seemed to be having any reservations about the situation was me. I enjoyed dancing, but being in such close proximity to Luke was distracting me from my ultimate goal and at the moment, I wasn't entirely sure I remembered why I had come to the party in the first place.

His hands were on my waist.  My back was pressed against his chest. If I turned my head just a little to the left, I'd be staring at his lips. I was glad the music was loud and the bass pumping through the entire house because it meant he couldn't hear the rapid pace of my heartbeats.

This entire situation was definitely a problem. Because all I could think about was how Luke smelled like a combination of vanilla coffee and fresh pine and how the feeling of his hands pressed against my waist and the warmth of his body was ridiculously delicious instead of thinking about the fact that I was supposed to be gathering intelligence.

It was the sight of Quinn smirking at me from the wide of the room as she sipped on her rum and coke that snapped me out of my Luke induced daze. I felt ashamed that allowed myself to succumb to his charms in the first place. It would be one thing if I was just going along with it for the sake of using seduction as an investigative technique, but thus far, my interactions with Luke had all proved that I wasn't capable of being around him and thinking completely rationally.

But seeing Quinn nodding in approval reminded me that grinding against Luke hadn't been my mission. So when the song ended, I turned to face him, lifting my chin to whisper in his ear and pressing my flattened palm against his chest as I spoke. "I'm gonna go freshen up a little. Don't go anywhere."

His lips kinked into a smirk as he brushed his lips against my ear and whispered softly in response. "I wouldn't dream of it, gorgeous."

Deciding I needed to remove myself from the situation before I ended up doing something I regretted, such as kissing him on the lips, I flashed him a smile and took a step backwards, immediately feeling my heart rate begin to slow when I was no longer in his direct presence. Dropping one eye in a wink, I lifted my hand in a wave as turned towards the side hallway which led to the downstairs bathroom.

Just in case he was watching, I actually did enter the bathroom, pressing my back against the closed door and counting to fifty very slowly as I combed my fingers through my hair. After what seemed like an appropriate amount of time, I slowly opened the door and peeked into the hallway to see if Luke was still in my line of vision and was relieved to see that he was now otherwise occupied with talking to one of the party guests.

Seeing Luke's distraction as the perfect opportunity to slip away,  I tiptoed towards the staircase, stepping onto the cushions of the couch pushed up against the bottom step to block it off and quickly leaping over, glancing back to ensure no one had noticed my disappearance before sprinting the rest of the way up the stairs.

Once I'd reached the landing, my next challenge was figuring out which room was Luke's. If I went logical, it would make the most sense for his room to be farthest down the hall so he was the least disturbed and the most easily defended if someone came up the stairs.

So I quietly made my way to the last room on the right, slipping inside the room and scanning the contents once I had entered. It looked very much like the room of a twenty something year old male. Jeans and t-shirts were scattered about on the floor, a pile of snapbacks hung from the bed post, the walls were plastered with band posters and an acoustic guitar sat on a stand in the corner. A photo on top of the dresser of Luke with two boys who looked like his brothers confirmed I was in the correct place, but now I just had to figure out what it was that I was looking for.

My first course of action was to plop down on my stomach and scan under the bed, only to end up disgusted with the amount of dusty notebooks crammed under there. Next was the closet, which held suits and button ups and more pairs of sneakers than any human being needed before I moved on to the dresser. The top drawer was filled with boxers and condoms, which made me feel intrusive, despite the fact that this was part of my job. Shaking my head, I continued my search for something useful, only to find the rest of his drawers filled with crumpled clothes.

My cursory search of his room had resulted in nothing suspicious or incriminating, which meant one of two things. He was either extremely good at hiding things or he had nothing to hide. Either way, I still needed to find out more, which meant getting to know him better. The first step to doing that would probably be to go back downstairs and pick up where we left off.

After ensuring that his room was exactly the same level of messy that I'd found it, I closed his door as I stepped back into the hallway, only to have my heart stop when I noticed a figure walking up the stairs. When I realized it was Luke, I stopped breathing entirely, knowing that him finding me sneaking out of his room would just bring up a lot of questions that I wouldn't be able to answer. So I took advantage of the fact that he seemed to be occupied by his phone and slipped into the next closest room, hoping to buy myself some time.


"Shit," I cursed, my heart racing as I turned to see the other person in the room I hadn't realized had another person in it. He was tall, with thick black curls and deep brown eyes and I recognized him as one of the guys who always seemed to be around Luke. So of course it made sense that he lived in this house. "I'm sorry, I didn't know there was anyone in here, I was just..."

"Hiding?" he asked, one side of his mouth lifting into a crooked smile as he set his laptop to the side and swung his legs to the floor, standing up straight on the other side of his bed and sticking his fingers into the pockets of his jeans.

That didn't seem like a very probably excuse to be on the second floor, but it was better than the truth, so I went with it, nodding as I caught my breath. "Yeah, there's this guy down there that I'm trying to get away from."

I knew he could tell I was lying, but I was grateful that he decided not to call me out on it, instead pressing his lips together and trying not laugh.

"It's Trevor, right?" I steered the conversation in a new direction, recalling a couple times when the professor had called on him in class. "We're in the same Econ class."

His eyebrows shot up and he tilted his head to the side as he gave me a strange look. "Yeah...we are."

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest and staring at him pointedly.

Laughing lightly, he shrugged, the half-smile returning to his lips. "Nothing, I'm just surprised you know my name, considering you spend most of your time in class trying not to stare at Luke."

My jaw dropped half out of horror and half out of embarrassment, but I wasn't given the chance to respond because the door opened and I turned to see the new visitor, only to find myself even more horrified to see Luke standing in the doorway, his lips parted as though he were going to say something, but he stopped short when he noticed my presence.

"Lexi?" Luke lifted one eyebrow upwards. "I was wondering where you went. What are you doing up here?"

"I was just...visiting Trevor," I explained lamely, hoping he bought that Trevor and I were good friends. 

Luckily, Trevor didn't seem to be out to throw me under the bus, so he flashed me a smile as he nodded in agreement. "Yeah, Lexi was just telling me that I need to come join the party."

"Oh," Luke furrowed his brow in confusion, one hand still on the doorknob. "I didn't realize you guys knew each other."

That was a fair enough statement, seeing as this was the first time I'd ever interacted with Trevor. Still, Trevor continued to play along, grinning widely and nodding. "Oh yeah, Lexi and I are tight. I'll be right down, bro."

The second statement indicated that Trevor wanted Luke to leave us alone, which was interesting because it didn't follow the usual leader/follower dynamic and because I had absolutely no idea why he wanted me to stay behind. But I figured I owed him for not ratting me out to Luke, so I shot the blonde a tight lipped smile as he nodded slowly, lifting his free hand in a small wave as he stepped back into the hallway.

I let out a sigh of relief once the door was shut, returning my gaze to Trevor's. "Thanks."

"No worries," he shrugged, laughing easily. "You're not the first girl who has tried to snoop through Luke's stuff. For the record, though, there are easier ways to learn more about him. Talking is always a good place to start."

I blinked as I processed those words, deciding that defending myself against snooping really wasn't worth it and reminding myself to be more subtle the next time I had to do something sneaky. Shaking my head, I shot him a glare as I reached for the doorknob. "I'll keep that in mind. Even if I was interested in Luke, don't you think that the fact that he probably now thinks I came up here to do something steamy with you probably shot that horse in the mouth?"

"Maybe," he shrugged, stepping around the bed to follow me into the hallway. "Or maybe it'll make him jealous."

That was an interesting thought, and I parted my lips to comment on it as we made our way down the stairs, but found myself speechless when after we hopped over the couple aggressively making out on the couch pushed up against the stairs, we stepped into the living area to see Luke on the dance floor, his lips pressed to another girl's neck.

"Or not," Trevor whispered, scrunching his nose sheepishly. "Sorry."

"It's fine," I managed to breathe out, scolding myself for feeling let down. Feeling betrayed meant that I had developed feelings for Luke in the first place, something which I should have known better than to do. My entire purpose of coming to this party had been to see if I could find some inside information on Luke, but all I'd discovered was that he didn't seem to have any secrets and that anything I felt towards him was entirely one sided. "I'm kind of tired, so I think I'm gonna head out. It was nice to meet you, Trevor."

Nodding, he pulled a hand from his pocket to wave as I stepped towards the kitchen in search of Quinn, hoping I could convince her to leave and thinking that this party had been a disappointment in every category. 

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