The bad boy



2. Detention.... With him?!


Now, I mean it's great that I'm free but now I have detention. WITH HIM! After the teacher finishes giving him a speech about PDA, he walks over and smirks,"let's continue that later, k baby." He whispers close to my ear. I don't like this. -at detention-

"Call if there is an emergency on the wall phone, I will be in the teachers lounge" mr Irwin says. He is the father of one of the other bad kids here, Ashton Irwin. Right when the door closes, he gives me a dumb smirk, picks up his desk, like he was on the other side of the room and he took his desk and put it over his head, and put it down right next to me. And I sat in a corner so now I'm trapped. Shit. He starts talking but I put my book up and try to read it. He slams it on the table. "I was try to talk to you," he says angerly @


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