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  • Published: 26 Jun 2015
  • Updated: 27 Jun 2015
  • Status: Complete
Ina, Kriger, Milena , Meow and Bubba and Toma are Torēnās ninja like heroes who find themselves on a mission to save earth...


3. Akuma


  " Bye Lilah!" Smiled Meow as we left the apartment in our new school uniforms. " According to the handbook humans must be educated until they are the minimum age of 18." Said Kriger pulling her socks up above her knees . " Lucky" muttered Toma. " Are yo- are you sure this is the right place ?" I asked slightly disappointed at the small size of the school. " Yep , this is the place " muttered Milena scanning through the directions Lilah had given them . " Remember ! We are not here for a holiday ! We need to keep a sharp lookout for Akumas especially as the paranormal scanner is going crazy " hissed Bubba taking out the paranormal scanner which was making an awful high pitched squealing noise. " According to the scanner there are some disguised Akumas in this school." " Yeah but there are over 1000 students in this school ! And we know Akumas are Good at disguising themselves especially after  Zhóngchèng was-" " Ina! Don't.." Sighed Toma. " Remember we do know that Akumas have a strong paranormal scent " Bubba confirmed. Kids in this world are...weird. I noted staring at the behaviour of some of the girls around me as I walked around focusing my paranormal energy for  paranormal energy. That is when I felt it. An Akuma ! My eyes widened then I realised it was leaking from the girl's bathroom . I quickly rushed inside but there was no one in there . 


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