The day I die

Young Kira- a misfit- finds that her life is much different to others. Eventually she becomes so aggregated that she makes a life changing decision that leads her to a completely unexpected journey.


1. Transparent

Normally at school you’d receive at least a ‘’hey’’ every morning, but me, people just… don’t see me. I honestly feel invisible in front of students at school. Not that I have friends or anything…

            I don’t find it funny. Sometimes there’s a limit but these lunatics are too stupid to see it. My ma used to be so optimistic until she died at the bottom of a well. Coincidently my pa died that same week but he jumped off his flight to Canada. I do have a big sister called Izzy (Isabelle) who is 19 soon. She repeatedly asks me if we can move; me, being a little sister, have to agree however I chose not too. It’s the fifth time she’s asked this week and we simply cant as this house has too many memories.

‘’Well memories can be made too’’ she screams barging through the door

‘’WHY DO YOU HAVE TO INTURUPT EVERYTHING I DO?’’ I reply shouting just as loud.

  ‘’Your such a-‘’ we say at the same time. To my surprise, she looks down as if guilty and apologizes. I instantly grow suspicious. She walks out the room quietly but fast, soon running to outside.

            My sister is a strange young lady. By her appearance and by how she is. The first thing people usually notice about he are her 5-inch heals in her black converses or her died white hair. My sister cakes make up on her face to hide any natural beauty which is rather weird but common here in Keildwood (A small town near Derbyshire) but she still don’t fit in, neither do I. Her tight, short black skirt with her long baggy black top and Munch in her bag does not help the fact that we’re hated here for being unique. Munch is a cross breed of a Labrador and a pug and is small enough to fit in Izzy’s designer (ripped) bag. Basically my sister is a Goth; always has been, always will be, which explains her secretive, hidden personality.

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