1. Insomnia

These days I can't bring myself to sleep.

The nights drag on and on.

The floorboards creak, and the house shakes.

The pleasant reminder that I'm still awake.


I try to close my eyes, and I lay there for hours.

I convince myself I am asleep, but it never really works.

If I could find a way to lead myself to sleep fold bliss.

I would do so in an instant, because that's how bad it gets.


The worst part is when I stand up in the morning.

It's another day but, it seems like the same day to me.

It is just an endless cycle of never getting sleep.

It sucks to know it just can't be beat.


But, well  I have time to think, I think about you.

All of the hurtful, terrible things you've put me through.

Maybe it is you who steals the sleep from my eyes.

Maybe it is you who would never care if I died.

Maybe it is time that I get you back,

so, I'm done, I'm leaving, I'm never coming back.

When sleep touches my fragile eyes tonight,

I'll know my insomnia was because of all your lies.


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