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Trinity has one goal, but is it possible that seeking one thing, can give you more problems to solve? Yes, and Trinity will have a lot to face in this journey to create peace between animal and human.


6. Drew

I guess most people would say that it’s an “honor” to be able to work with the government officials, a.k.a secret forces, but I thought otherwise. It wasn’t much fun. I was a 14 year old boy, who didn’t know a single soul the same age. As sad as it is, it’s the truth. I don’t have any friends. Well, Zack is my friend, but my adult friend. He’s 8 years older than I am. As fun as it was to train all day, every day, (not) I had a plan.

“Come on Drew, you may be the youngest on the squad, but you’ve got a young body. You should be working harder!” That was Colonel Boltin. He was in charge of this whole unit. I was doing sit-ups at the time, so I sped up my pace and it worked for a while longer,

“Good, good. Work like that every day, and you’ll be as strong as an ox.” He told me. I didn’t want to though. I wanted to be a normal kid in a normal school with my teacher saying “Good job!” to everything I do without even looking. It was my dream to someday leave this prison of a place, and be free, to live happily again with my family. Yep. That right, I had a family. They were waiting for the day I would come back.

“Alright, I guess that’s enough for today. Go to your rooms and clean up. I’ll see you tomorrow.” We all sighed as we broke formation and left to our rooms. We had roommates of course; mine were Zach, Kendall, and Troy.

I jumped into my bed and laid there thinking. Okay, I lied earlier about not knowing anyone my age. I know one girl, she’s a year older than me. We’re not friends, but I really like her. Her name is Wren and we’ve talked briefly before but not much. She had dark blue eyes with some green. Her jet black hair went only to her shoulders, and her skin was pretty pale. I hoped to come back for her someday.

The next day, we went on a search hunt. We were hunting for some girl, “Okay, everyone. Today, we’re going to search for someone. This person is a girl but surprisingly, we can’t seem to catch her and she’s only 14.” I was shocked. She’s 14! I’m 14! He told us that we were catching her for trying to expose the animals on the other side of the fence to the people. Other troops had tried to catch her recently and kept losing her.

    “I hope you guys don’t fail me, cause if you do I’ll have to keep you from coming with us next time. One last thing, we don’t know her name but we do know what she looks like. She is just about 5 feet tall and has dark brown hair. That’s all for now; get your gear ready and meet me by the cars.”

This was perfect, they were leaving everyone to separate by themselves and find her. This was my chance to escape.

Later on, as we were piling out of the car, Zack said, “Why don’t you go that way, Drew?” He pointed to the left area while facing the fence.

“Okay. See you guys later. Good luck!” I told them. Then I was off and on my own. I started by walking a safe distance until no one could see me anymore. I looked back just to be sure, and then I was on my way running. A little later I had gotten tired so I started to walk.

Until I realized, If I want to go to my family, I have to be going right… not left. Then, after walking a while I would climb over the fence and my plan would be a success! But, I had gone left. This was bad, very, very bad.

I saw the sun was starting to set so I started going back to the rest of the troop. How could I have done this?! Being so dumb with my perfect escape plan! All I could do now was hope I’d get another chance.

I was back at the original place we parked, and I didn’t see anyone or any of the cars. No! They left without me! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, we had learned some outdoor survival skills in case something like this would happen, but I usually just used those classes to get extra sleep.

I went to a spot surrounded by tall, thick trees and bushes to try and hide myself. I slept there for the night.

In the morning, I woke up and stretched. They still weren’t back. Would they ever come back for me? I didn’t think they’d care enough anyway. I was going to have to get back home before I starved.

“Okay. I’ll carry the bag.” I heard someone’s voice! But… it wasn’t anyone from the forces; it was the voice of a young girl. Not too young, but a teenage voice. Then it hit me that this was the girl we were searching for! I found her!

Just as I was about to shout out to them, I realized that they would know I was from the government because who else would be out here? And I had a gun and a small amount of bullet proof armor on.

I walked over to where I heard the voice, and I saw the girl with a boy. The girl had looked just as she was described. I saw her face though, freckles all over her nose and eyes that reminded me of grapes but with a dash of brown. The boy had dark light brown eyes, and he looked a lot taller than the girl.

“Hey, I’m sorry to bother you but I need your help.” That was the best I could do considering the situation. They looked very alarmed, which made sense, and they both turned around and stared at me.

“Who are you?” said the boy. I reassured him, “I’m with the government officials but I’m not really anymore. I ran away from them and now I’m lost. I won’t hurt either of you I promise I just want to get home.”

“Fine, but hand over the gun first. And take off your armor.” The girl said. So I did as she instructed to show that she could trust me. “There, now would you please help me? I just need help getting food and getting back to town. Then we can separate. I don’t like the government either, so your secret is safe with me. Please.”
They whispered to each other a little bit and finally came to a conclusion, “Okay, but you have to help out, and if we find out you told something, we will find you. No doubt about it.” The girl warned me. I nodded. “I’m Ashton, call me Ash. This is Trinity. What do we call you?” The boy asked me.

I said, “My name is Drew. You can call me Drew.” He grinned, but Trinity was still frowning at me. I know, I was being very vulnerable but I barely had a choice, risk your life, or risk your life a little bit less…. I think that one’s pretty obvious.

“Are you coming?” One asked. I looked up and caught up with them. I was incredibly grateful for this opportunity.

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