I was inspired by the movie even though I haven't watched it yet. Descendants. Not all the parents are the same though. I hope you like it.
Erma- daughter of Jafar
Aria- the daughter of the shadowman
Luna- daughter of Ursula
Aphrodite- daughter of the evil queen
Blaze- daughter of Maleficent


1. Birth

Jafar looked out the jail window waiting for his child. He wondered if it would be a boy or girl.

Here, they didn't have ultrasounds. Babies were a surprise.

He heard his wife screaming.

He just sighed trying to calm his nerves. They will both be ok

" Jafar!" A nurse ran out the room," you need to come. Now!"

He followed the nurse to a room.

There was no bed, pillow, or window. Just a blanket and a hard ground.

" She's dying," The doctor said.

" What?!" Jafar grabbed his wife's hand.

A pool of blood surrounded her. Her eyes were starting to roll into the back of her head.

" Jafar..." She whispered," I love you... name her Erma..."

" Don't talk like that," Jafar cried for once in a long time.

" Tell her I love her too..." His wife smiled," Goodbye..."

Then she passed away.

" No!" Jafar screamed.

Then he started saying dark spells to bring her back, but she didn't.

That's when he noticed a cry of a baby.

Jafar turned around.

There in the doctor's arms was his little girl.










The Shadow Man was talking to a demon.

" So how long are you going to be here Shadow Man?" The woman demon stared at him intently.

" My whole life," The Shadow Man sighed.

" I see..." She came closer," do you mind if.... I had your baby?"
" Wow!" He looked like he was about to run.

" You're not going to get away from me that easily Shadow Man!"  She pricked his finger.

" Hey!" The Shadow Man studied his finger.

The demon laughed and started to chant:

" Just at the drop of your blood."
" I can give you a daughter or a son."

" I'm calling the shadows."

" No longer will you be alone."
" Here it comes."
" You're life really just begun."

The drop of blood fell to the floor.

The blood started to grow into a shape.

The Shadow Man saw the skin and organs start to form.

He looked up to see the demon was gone.

When he looked back down, there laid a baby girl.

" I'm... I'm a father," He picked up his daughter," I think I'll call you Aria."









Ursula stared at the doctor and then at her baby bump.

That's when the pain returned.

" Get it out!" She screamed.

Then she heard a cry of a baby.

" It's a girl!" The doctor smiled.

" A girl?" Ursula tried to hold back the tears.

The nurse nodded her head.

" How are her tentacles?!" She was worried.

" She doesn't have any," The doctor said," she's human."

" Human?!" Ursula looked at her baby," well, I wasn't expecting this."

" Neither were we," The doctor and nurse laughed," what are you going to call her?"

" Luna," Ursula smiled.







" I can't believe this!" The Evil Queen snapped," I can't even have my baby in descent conditions!"

" Stop complaining!" The nurse shouted.

The Evil Queen just closed her eyes.

" Well, that was fast," The doctor said.

The Evil Queen opened her eyes find a baby in the doctor's hands.

" She's beautiful!" The nurse was practically jumping up and down," what's her name?"

" Her name is Aphrodite," The Evil Queen touched her baby for the first time.







Maleficent was breathing hard.

" You're going to need to push a little harder Maleficent," The nurse tried to smile.

The room started to shake.

" Actually!" The nurse started to panic," you're just fine where you're just are!"
I screamed.

The pain was unbearable.

It felt like her insides were getting tore apart!

" Get her out!" She shouted at the doctor.

" I see the head," He ignored me.

That's when she felt a lot of pressure suddenly disappear.

" It's a girl!" The doctor brought her to me," do you have any names picked out?"
" I do have one," She smiled," Blaze."










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