New Identity ( Niall Horan Punk a.u )

The whole school seems to have forgotten who Elodie Green is
And those who haven't likes to harass her. At least that's what it feels like.
Elodie doesn't have many friends and she is often seen by herself.
But What happens when Elodie gets the chance of being someone else? and not just anyone, the most popular girl at Illinois State University, Will she able to handle the pressure of being perfect and noticed by everyone all of the time? And what happens when she falls for a certain boy that's not her Boyfriend?


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5 


" Hey " a girl with the most annoying and obnoxious voice said. I could tell that the girl was trying way to hard to get my attention. " Hi " I said scoffing while looking at her. She looked good, but right now there's only one girl on my mind; Penny. I know that she would probably never like me back, And the fact that she already has a boyfriend doesn't help at all.

I've never known Penny, only talked to her for projects sometimes and I remember her being so stuck up and annoying. But now she's the only girl that have made me think about weird stuff, like how she bites her nails when she's nervous and the fact that she prefers writing down notes by hand and not on her computer. I have no idea why I even want to spend time with this girl. I usually hook up with girls and then throw them away like they're nothing. I know that if I would have been in the right mind I would've taken this annoying girl home with me. 

Before I could react she dragged me to the dance floor where she started dancing with me and I just went along with the music, I was trying desperately to get Penny out of my mind. I had just loosened up and the both of us were dancing like we didn't have any care in the world until I saw the a gorgeous girl walk into the party; Penny.

She was wearing a white top and skirt, the skirt had a strip of see-through material around the skirt that made me feel all sorts of ways. Her hair was in natural waves and her makeup was way beyond what I was used seeing her in, but damn was it hot, Especially the Red lipstick that she was wearing. I had such an urge to kiss her right now. But I don't want to risk the only thing that we have going on, even if she just sees me as a friend or brother, maybe one day we'll be something. I was surprised with my own thoughts, why would I even think that we could have a good relationship? hell, I don't even know how to talk normally to a girl without intending for her to be just a one night stand. 

I saw Penny scrolling through her phone, she was smiling and I felt the tinge of jealousy rushing through my body. Why wasn't I the one making her smile? I walked over to her. " Boo " I said because we had this inside joke going on since she's easily scared. She sighed and my heart sank a little, what if she didn't want to talk to me? " You look Amazing " I said winking because I was trying to lighten the mood a bit. 

" Isn't Sam coming? " I asked her hoping that he wasn't going to be here so that I could spend some time with her.      " No, apparently he had other things to do" she said and I knew exactly what he was doing. Asshole. " You can always hang out with me " I offered her and she smiled. " Thank you, Niall, I would really appreciate it. I don't know many people here" she said and covered herself with her arms. " Are you cold? " I asked her and she nodded. I gave her my leather jacket that I was wearing. Niall 1 - 0 Sam I thought while smirking. " Why so happy?" she asked and nudged me. " No reason, come with me, I know a place we can go" I told her and took her hand, I was going to take her to the balcony since I needed a smoke, Romantic I know, but it does actually have a very nice view over the water that I think she would like because she once told me that she loved the water. 

When we got there she leaned against the balcony and looked out at the water with wide eyes. At that moment, I decided to pick up my cigarette that had been laying in my back pocket and I lit it with a lighter that I had placed inside the small red box. I inhaled the smoke and blew out the uneasy feeling that I was having. When she turned around to say something to me her expression said everything. " I never knew you were a smoker " she said and put a piece of her hair behind of her ear since it was a bit chilly and the wind was blowing light breezes. " There're a lot of things you don't know about me princess" I said and I noticed that she shivered and blushed at the same time. When I was done I took the fire out and threw it away. I grabbed her hand and led her outside. 

" So Horan, got some? " Zayn asked me while slurring, he was probably drunk. " Shut up Malik, Where's Perrie?" I asked him and he pointed over to Perrie who were sitting there with Liam and Louis girlfriend's Sophia and Eleanor. "I'll go over to Perrie " Penny said and I could feel that she was getting uncomfortable with Zayn being drunk and all clingy on me, I'll ask her about that later. 

Zayn and I walked outside and I had to help him sit down on the porch. As selfish as it sounds I loved talking to him even more when he was drunk because he would often reflect about things that nobody would think of, and he would also always make me see details and other small things that I wouldn't notice otherwise, and not to mention from a whole different perspective that you wouldn't get anywhere else. I could see why Perrie adored him so much. 

We took a cigarette together as we were sitting on the porch observing other drunk people. " So what's up with you and Penny, Finally settling down for a relationship huh?" he said as he inhaled the smoke from the cigarette. " No, she has a boyfriend, Sam, remember?" I said and he just made an " ahh " sound and nodded. " Do you like her?" he asked me. " I don't know Zayn, I guess I feel kind of attached and clingy" I confessed to him and it was quite embarrassing to be honest. " It's normal to feel this way towards someone, I remember what it was like when I first met Perrie" He said smiling when looking back at the memories. I also noticed that he had sobered up a bit.        " So, do you still like love her the same way?" I asked him curiously since I've obviously never been into someone like this before. " No, Not at all. I love her even more now that I think of it, you know, I've also had some difficulties winning her over from her ex-boyfriend. but I was able to prove to her that I care so much more than he ever would " Zayn told me and I must admit that it gave me some kind of hope for Penny and I. 

" So, tell me.How do you feel about her mate?" Zayn said draping his arms on my shoulder in a friendly gesture. " I know that I'm so detached and cold towards people, especially girls, but she sparked some kind of interest in me and I've become so clingy and I just want to show her that I would put so much time and effort towards her, but I'm honestly so scared that she would get tired of me, I guess, you know how I am Zayn" i told him while fiddling with my fingers and he sighed because he knew that it made me feel uncomfortable and weird.

" You know, I Hate the embarrassment when you find out that your feelings for someone Isn't mutual, because then you feel like you were desperate and you'll just look stupid" Zayn said and I nodded taking in his wise words. " So what should I do?" I asked him while standing up. " Just let her come to you, I guess" he said and walked away after giving me a friendly hug. 

I walked inside again and saw that Penny was laughing with the other girls, her smile was so beautiful and even the sound of her laughing was something that I loved hearing. I walked up to the girls and they all greeted me politely.     " Penny, would you mind?" I said holding my hand out for her since she was sitting across from me. I had just the perfect idea. " Uh, sure " she said giving the girls a sorry look while standing up and brushing off her skirt, I noticed that she did that a lot when she was nervous. " Don't worry I won't kill you" I said and I had noticed that She was relaxing more. I took her to a place in the backside where nobody was and you could only hear the faint sounds of people laughing and talking and the vibrating waves from the speakers inside the house that was blaring out pointless music. 

We both laid down on the grass and looked at the stars. " Well, this is romantic" I said and she laughed. " Is this your idea of romantic?" she asked me and I started to blush a bit, but I don't think that she noticed. " Have you ever loved someone?" she asked me. " Like, properly loved? " she added. " Uh, not really " I told her. " Me neither, but it seems nice" she said and smiled while looking at me. I felt so tempted to lean in and kiss her, but that wouldn't be fair to Sam. " What about Sam, don't you love him?" I curiously asked her. " I-I don't know anymore, I guess I just feel like were fading" she said while hesitating a little bit like there was more to the story, but I didn't want to ask her too much or seem nosy. 

" You know, I didn't think that you would be this nice, I didn't even want to talk to you so I guess I wasn't prepared to like you this much" she said squinting her eyes and looking at me with the brightness smile that only she could own up to. 

" To be honest, I didn't want to like you, not at all. but at some point you smiled, and, holy shit, I just blew it 


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