Sweet Spell // Origional

Catheryn Alice is an inert girl. Her hobbies consist of drawing, sleeping, reading fanfiction and watching her favorite show, Alien Hunters. She has a "small" crush on the main character, Shane Torment. A dark haired, tall, flirtatious character. She talks about him and Alien hunters as much as possible. Blogging and posting it whenever she isn't watching it. Befriending people online made it so she gave up on keeping friends and stuck to herself. One night she get's a questionable message online from an anonymous source gives her a challenge to bring her favorite character to life. Catheryn laughs about it and then continues to give it a try just for shits and giggles. By Cath's surprise, there is now a 22 year old alien hunter sitting in the middle of her bedroom floor.


1. Chapter One // He's here

Curled up in her comforter, Catheryn sat on her bed. The only light in the room came from an ever changing laptop screen. Alien Hunters was playing, of course. It was Catheryn's favorite. Alien Hunters is a show with a plot about an alien hunter named Shane Torment, who works with an alien hunting group called Ailen Force. He's accompanied by Stacey Mc'Lovin, his busty sidekick, and General, the real leader of Squad One. Catheryn love's most of the characters, other than Stacey, but none as much as she loved Shane.
    Catheryn looked from the computer screen to the alarm clock across the room which read :

                1:30 am 11-24-2015
    Seeing this made Catheryn just cringe. She remembered how she has school in only a few more hours, her Thanksgiving Break has come to an end. Catheryn let out an annoyed groan and then looked to her computer. The episode she'd started was almost over, Catheryn was relieved. She couldn't just quit watching the season finale, considering Shane was in a difficult spot, as usual.
    Shane was fighting the bug leader of the planted, which was one of many. The bug had had him pinned and without a weapon. Catheryn bit at her nails, scared at the thought of Shane's death. Then suddenly General came out of nowhere and killed the giant insect with a shot to the head. Once the pest's body his the floor and Shane was free Catheryn let out a sigh of relief. Her hands landing in her lap and her lips forming a smile as Shane stood up and walked over to General. "Thanks General, but I totally had him." Said said with a wicked grin and a wink. Shane took his sleeve and rubbed off the blood from the bug.
    Stacey came running up to him from behind General, squealing. "Shane!" She yelped like a little chihuahua. "You are so brave, you scared me though!!" She yipped Catheryn groaned quietly and rolled her eyes at the woman.
    The episode ended with them returning to the Alien Force base. Shane going to his room and logging into his video journal about the things he's dealt with today. Doing this made it look like he'd been talking straight at Catheryn and she loved it. This is her favorite part of the episodes. Then the screen faded black and Catheryn closed her laptop and laid it on the floor next to her bed. Plopping her body down onto her bed, she pulled her blankets around her and slowly went to sleep, thinking about Shane.
        ~                            ~
    Catheryn awoke when her alarm startled her awake by beeping. It was an irritating noise. Catheryn's favorite part of breaks are that she doesn't have to wake up to that annoying noise. She slowly sat up and squinted at the clock that read :

                6:35 am 11-24-2015
    She got up, slunking over to her alarm and hitting the off button. She looked like a sloth as she tried to sluggishly pull on her cloths for school and get to the bus stop before it was to late. By the time she was half way to her stop she remembered that she'd forgoten her make-up. Catheryn let out a pathetic groan and sighed.
    She looked to her watch and saw she only have a few minutes till her bus was to show and so she started to book it around the corner. When she reached the stop the bus had too and she boarded it. Sitting down, she shoved her hand into her purse and dug around for her iPod and headphones. Sighing in relief as she felt them she pulled out her iPod and tried to turn it on, but it was dead.
    Catheryn slouched in her seat, huffing a little at all the issues this morning. 'Today is going to be a pain in the ass..' She thought to herself.
        ~                            ~
    By the time Catheryn got home from school, she felt completely drained. She stumbled back to her room and dropped her bags. Letting her body just drop to her bed, she let out a long breath into the pillows. Slowly she pulled out her hand and started slapping it around for her laptop. "God dammit.." She growled through a layer of pillows as she couldn't find her laptop at first.
    Catheryn slowly rolled over to her back and sat up. Looking around she finally saw her laptop and pulled it onto her lap. Whipping it open she started to open her few favorite websites. Facebook, Quotev, and Tumblr.
    She checked through Facebook, though there really was never much because she avoided Facebook as much as she could. Then Quotev, which only normally has one or two notifications. Lastly, she checked Tumblr. She ran a blog all about Shane and Alien Hunters. It made her feel happy and at home. Most times Catheryn never has mail on Tumblr but today, there was one. She smiled a little and clicked it to see who and what it was.
    It read :

    Anonymous: You know there's a special spell that you can do that brings your favorite characters to life? You draw a pentagram in black on your floor, place a picture of the character in the center and say these words :
            Sweet lover of mine,
            I wish you were here,
            Out of space and out of time,
            Come to me where,
            You may be with me.
    And they shall appear.

    Catheryn took a moment to read it, then let out a laugh and jumped up. Jumping around her room, she printed out a picture of Shane and looked for a black marker. "It's a good thing I have hard wood floors.." She said to herself as she found the erasable marker.
    Clearing a spot on the floor, she began drawing a picture of a pentagram that she'd looked up on her floor. Once drawn she place the picture in the middle and began to speak the words. Catheryn held up her hands as she spoke, just like she'd seen witches do in the movies. " Sweet lover of mine, I wish you were here, Out of space and out of time.."
    She paused and licked her lips and then closed her eyes as she continued. " Come to me where, You may be with me." She finished. Once her lips let go of the last word, an anomaly like explosion happened and launched her back into the wall.
    Once Catheryn awoke, only moments after she was launched, she grabbed her head and rubbed it soothingly. "Shit.." She cursed as she felt a headache coming on. She cracked open her eyes to see her room a mess and a black shape on the floor. She gasped and jumped up and onto her bed, crawling back to the corner. The shape stared to move once she did.
    It must have heard her. Catheryn watched in fear as this black shape formed into a man, and not just any man, but Shane Torment. Catheryn couldn't even make any noise, she was in shock as she saw him standing there. He started to make noise now, groaning as he rubbed his own head.
    Shane looked around the room, confused and a little scared. She turned to see Catheryn scrunched into her corner and her knees up to her chin as she tried to hide her face. "What the-.. " Shane exclaimed as he reached to grab his gun but found it missing. Instantly he formed fists and held them up in an attack form. "Okay beast, who are you and where am I?" He ordered.
    Catheryn still couldn't talk, she wanted to answer him but she was to frightened by the fact that the spell actually worked. It took everything for her to slowly slither off her bed and stand up infront of him. "I-Um.. My name is Catheryn.. What do you remember..?" She asked. She really didn't know what to say, she just tried to do what they do in movies.
    He sighed but slowly put down his fists as Shane realized she wasn't any alien, just a human. "I remember my name and I remember my age, but I don't remember ever coming here. Last thing I remember is going to sleep in my cot at Alien Force Base. Why am I here?!" He asked, more pissed off this time.
    She moved her hand to her mouth and her head slowly nodded. Catheryn tried to think of an excuse to give him that didn't make her seem crazy. She groaned a little as her legs started to make her pace and her hand moved from her mouth to the back of her head. "Okay Shane, all I have to say is this is the god honest truth. I.. uh .. I brought you here through a spell. This is Earth and I- well.. I pulled you out of a T.V. show.." She said finally, her arms forming a shrug as she looked at his face for once.
    Shane looked as if he'd seen a ghost. Confusion filled his head. "What do you mean I came out of a T.V. show? I watch T.V. not live in it!" He yelled, still confused and slowly growing fearful.
    Catheryn sighed, shrugged and sat on her bed. "I don't know what else to tell you. I pulled out out of a show called Alien Hunters through a spell someone told me to do online." She said, elaborating more. Leaning on her bedpost as she sat, Catheryn tried to look more casually and not as frazzled as she really was.
    Finally Shane started moving. He paced from one point of the room to another. "No.. I need to go back then.. " He said, moving he grabbed Catheryn's shoulders, shaking her slightly. "I need you to send me back. Now!" He said, his hands digging into Catheryn's shoulders.
    "Ow.. ow..ow.." She said, hinting that he needed to let go. Which he did. "I- uh.. I'm not sure how to do that.. " Catheryn told him hesitantly.
    Shane's eyes widened, sighing and dropping to his knees. "R-really..?" He said, his voice seemed empty. "I won't ever get to go back? To see my friends again..? To see Stacey again..?"
    Catheryn resisted rolling her eyes when he said 'Stacey' and sighed. "No.. I'm sorry.." She replied. " I mean.. we can always try to look for ways for you to go back, but I don't know if it'll work.. I mean I don't even know why this worked.." She told him.
    He jumped up and almost pushed her over. "Yes! Let's go. Now." He insisted, his spunk returned.
    Catheryn sighed, shaking her head. "No. It's like, 8:00. If anything you'll have to wait till  Saturday because I have school.." She told him, taking all her confidence not to be scared of him.
    Shane nodded slowly, a little less enthusiastic about being told to wait so long. Catheryn sighed once more, pushing him away a bit and sitting up completely. "Okay so, for now let me tell you who I am.." She started, looking at him and then to the ground.
    "My name is Catheryn but I prefer people to call me Cat, Cather, Cath or Catheryn. Nothing else." Shane nodded as she continued. "I don't really have any friends, so you can stay in my room because no one will really come over. Both my parents work, my mom and dad work from about 7 am to 7pm shifts and normally get home around 10 pm and just go straight to bed. I basically take care of myself. So no need to worry about them seeing you."
    Catheryn said, letting out a heavy breath as she continued. "I started watching Alien Hunters, your show, three years ago and fell in love with yo- it.. It. I run a blog online about it and someone sent me a message saying to do the spell and so, here you are." She finished, letting out another heavy breath from talking so much.
    Shane tilted his head to the side a little, moving his legs as well to stretch them out underneath Catheryn. "Alright.. " He said licking his lips and then biting his lower lip. "So.. You love my show?" He said, smirking a little.
    Eyebrows bent in, Catheryn looked from him and then to the floor again. "Y-yeah." She stuttered. Before he could say anything else filled with ego, Catheryn turned around and looked for her laptop to make sure it was alright. Once she found it she made sure it worked and watched him try to watch over her shoulder. As quickly as she could she closed out her tumblr tab and shut her laptop. "Okay, so where do you want to sleep, because I need to sleep soon. " She said.
    Shane gave a cheeky smile and pointed to Cahteryn's bed. Catheryn's face had a pink tint to it as she shook her head. "Really? Why not on the floor..?" She said, her voice a little higher than normal.
    "Because a bed is a lot better than a floor. I mean, I don't mind sharing but if you want to be all prude you can sleep on the floor." Shane said with a wider grin.
    Catheryn held back wanting to hit him from his comments and just turned around and through a pillow at him. "No." She said. "You have to leave for a moment though because I need to change my cloths.." She ordered. Shane nodded and stood up, slowly walking out as Catheryn stood up to change.
    Shane stopped, turning to see if he could get away with watching her. "Shane! Go!" She barked at him. So he ducked his head down and rubbed the back of his neck as he exited the room. Catheryn tried her best to change as fast as she could. Her hands fumbling with her boyish pajama bottoms as she tugged them on and pulled on a random T-shirt before Shane opened the door.
    Shane opened the door moments after she finished changing and looked in with his eyes closed. "Is it safe?" He asked, his smile still there.
    "Now you're turn." She said as she threw cloths at his face. Not needing to leave the room, she walked over to her bed and sat in front of her laptop.
    His face finally turning a little red, Shane looked at Catheryn with a raised eyebrow. "Are you going to leave?" Catheryn shook her head and smiled.
"Nah, I've seen you basically naked already from fighting aliens, remember?" She said, giggling softly with a slightly pink face.
    Shane glared at her and then turned around to take off his shirt. Catheryn's face lit up as he did so, but then her eyes caught something on his skin. She jumped up and approached the half naked Shane. "What..?" Shane asked as he jumped from her sudden movement.
    Her fingers traced over scars that lined Shane's back. "I've never seen these before.." She mumbled as she continued to trace the scars.
    Flinching as she touched him, Shane pulled his shirt the rest of the way off and turned to look at her. " ' I've seen you basically naked already ' " He mimicked Catheryn, looking at her red, curious face.
    Catheryn shot him a glare as she started to look over his chest scars as well. "These were never there before.. They must like.. edit it out or something.." She retorted to his comment, bother her hands now tracing the many scars on him.
    Shane raised a brow as he watched her explore his chest and back. "I don't know, these have always been here for me.. I get new ones every time I fight, normally. " Shane spoke, his voice quiet as he started to feel tired.
    Catheryn was tracing a long scar on his tummy that led down and down, she followed it with a finger and her face very close to it. Passing his belly button, Catheryn his the betton on his jeans and pulled back quickly. " S-Sorry!" She blurted, realizing where she was going.
    Shaking his hands, Shane chuckled and began to undo his pants as he went to finish changing. "It's okay, you just got me a little excited. " He said with another cheeky grin and a smart ass tone. He left his pants alone for the moment and looked to Catheryn. "So.. cloths?" He asked.
    Him asking brought Catheryn out of her mind and reminded her to go grab her fathers Pj's. She shuffled down the hall and grabbed a pair of his Pj pants. When she entered the room again Shane was in his boxers. Her face hit a deep red as she tried to be mature about it. She walked in and closed the door behind her and covered her eyes. Her hand holding out the pants as she walked with her eyes covered.
    Shane caught her and stopped her before she fell. He pulled Catheryn's hand from her face. " Catheryn, open your eyes before you hurt yourself. Stupid." Catheryn shook her head. Resisting the urge to look his body up and down. "Catheryn.. do it." He insisted, his tone turning sweet.
    Catheryn pouted and pulled herself from him, turning and looking at the wall, her eyes actually open now. "I don't want to be rude.." She said.
    "Oh shut up, you nerd. It's fine. You've already seen me like this, if not worse, remember?" He said, opening the pants and shoving one leg into them. "Just turn around, it's totally cool okay?" He reassured her as he shoved another leg in and pulled the ants up to his hips. "It's all good now, I got the pants on." He said, pulling on her arm.
    Catheryn slowly turned to look at him, her eyes looking from his feet to his legs to his chest to his face. He looked so attractive in her fathers cloths, it was odd. It was like a slumber party AU. She blushed a little just thinking about the fanfiction. Shane snapped his fingers in her face to bring her back. "Sorry, I started to think."
    "I'm guessing that's dangerous." Shane said with a snarky voice. Catheryn glared at him and then turned off her light, crawling into her bed.
    Looking at her and then to the pillow on the floor, Shane shrugged and slowly sat onto the floor. He laied to his side and tried to get comfy. Catheryn was facing the wall, her blankets wrapped around her completely and her face a little red as she tried to speak. "I.. I never said you couldn't sleep up here..." She said quietly.
    Shane's face darkened a little, his body curling up off the floor. The wood creaking as he slowly walked over to her bed. He looked down at her and breathed in slowly. His cold hands grabbed the ends of the blanket that was tucked under Catheryn's warm body, which made her flinch.
    Shane slowly climbed into the bed, his body forcefully pressed to her, considering it was only a twin. He faced away from her for a moment. "Would you be okay if I rolled over..?" He asked awkwardly. Catheryn nodded and as soon as she did Shane flipped over.
    He moved his hand under Catheryn's pillow unknowingly. Catheryn's eyes were wide, she paid attention to every move Shane made. His breath getting closer so it sat against the back of her neck, Shane's body pressed against her back. She could tell Shane must have fallen asleep as he slowly wrapped his arm around her. She just felt her face heat up more and a small smile cover her lips.
    His arm reached around and pulled her close to him. Her butt pressed against his hips and her body felt as if it fit perfectly to his. Catheryn let out a little sigh and smiled bigger, moving slightly and wrapping her legs together with his. Her hand reaching up and hold his as it was under the pillow. Shane chuckled softly, feeling her move and not being asleep.
    "Goodnight Catheryn." He said quietly. Catheryn's face lit up more, her hand trying to pull from his under the pillow but he held hers tightly in place.
    "G-goodnight.." She whispered back, her heart beating faster than it ever has before.


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