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1. nick McCall

Mia's p.o.v.

I didn't even sleep when we arrived at our new house "we're here" dad said with a happy voice mhom just laughed I couldn't help but smile my parents are so perfect for each other.

"Come on honey go and pick you're room" mom said with a smile I didn't say anything I just nodded my head and went inside I walked upstairs to chose my room, I mean I don't want a room downstairs.

I was still looking until I went into the very last room I walked in and i instantly loved the room "I found it" I yelled smiling the room was a vanilla colour and it was perfect for me the room was pretty large and had three windows "perfect" I smiled.

Dad came rushing in "this one"? He asked I nodded my head "yes" he laughed "well then let's move you're stuff" I smiled and did so, I finished making my bed I was so tried from the long trip I couldn't be bothered to move my other things in tomorrow I told myself.

I made my way towards my bed and jumped on it smiling I love this place already "aha lets burn their house down" I heard a guy yell outside my window I frowned and got off my bed and went over to my window, I peeked out and saw two boys laughing and yelling I rolled my eyes idiots

Their probably drunk I went downstairs and outside to them they were standing across the road from my house smashing a car I grasped and ran over to them "hey! What the hell are you doing" I yelled one of the guys turned to my direction and just laughed and continued to smash the car with a baseball bat.

"STOP" I yelled now both of the boys turned around and looked at me with disgust they looked at each other and kept smashing the car at this point I was frustrated I made my way towards them,"hey!" I said "heyyy" he mocked in a girl tone "I don't sound like that!" I told him.

"I'm calling the cops on you pair of idiots" I said pulling my phone out only to be snatched out of my tiny hands "hey! Give it back" the other guy pushed me back and I fell to the cold wet grass I looked up at him with confusion I noticed he was quite attractive his hair was jet black and he had brown eyes and he was covered in tattoos I didn't even stare at his face more like his body.

He was also muscly "what you looking at" he said I didn't answer him I got up steps back "give me my phone" I said "what this thing" the other guy asked I rolled my eyes "yes give it" i told him "nah" he laughed then threw my phone on the road. "What is wrong with you" I yelled I was just about to go and fetch my phone when my arm was pulled back.

"Hey" I yelled and looked at him "what are you doing let go" I said and tried to push him off but it didn't work he just laughed "go and call the cops now freak" he said with a nasty tone what's his problem "Mia" my dad yelled cross the road I looked up at him "let my daughter go" he yelled and ran across the road to get me thank god!y

The guy fake laughed at my dad and looked at me with a smirk on his face he pushed me back into my dads arms and turned and walked back over to his friend "go home boy" my dad yelled at him "or what old man" he questioned with a smirk on his face both him and his friend chuckled.

"Go home or I'll call the police" my dad told him he turned around and came towards dad and I I stepped behind my dad "call them, like I give a shit" he said while looking into my fathers eyes he put his head to the side and looked at me then back to dad "hmm"? with a smile on his face.

Dad didn't say anything he just grabbed my arm and walked us across the road to our house "Mia, are you okay? Did he hurt you?" My dad asked me with a worried looked I just shook my head "don't tell your mother about this okay" "yes dad" I said and walked through our dad up to my room.

I looked in the mirror at myself I looked down at my arm when the guy held me I had a red mark where his hand was I groaned and pulled my jumper over it I decided to see if they two guys where gone. I peeked out my window and searched for them I saw two guys walking and I knew it was them, I gulped and one of them looked back.

It was like he was looking for somebody he looked towards my window and up to me once our eyes made contact I Froze in my spot I didn't even breathe he smirked and continued to walk away I stepped back closing my curtains. I made my way back over to my bed and sat down.

What a night I touched my arm where his hands where and closed my eyes why would he do that? I asked myself I shook my head and laid down before I knew it I fell into darkness. I woke up to the sun in my eyes I groaned and rolled over "mm" i looked up one eyed and grabbed my phone off my nightstand and looked for the time, "6:45"am it read.

Better get ready for school I reminded my self and made my way to my bathroom to get ready I looked in the mirror I looked horrible, I had bags under my eyes and my long brown hair was messy I washed my eyes and brushed my hair which took for ever. After I was finished I straightened my hair and put on some light makeup.

When I was okay with the way I looked I went downstairs I got to the kitchen and found my mom and dad cooking breakfast "morning Hun" dad said with a warm smile I smiled and nodded "morning Bub" mom said "morning" I fixed myself a glass of apple juice and walked outside.

I got in my dads car and waited for him to come out and drive me to school, and soon enough he came out "ready to go"? He asked I nodded "yes" was my only reply he started the car and drove me to school I looked out the window and saw people everywhere. The school was fairly big.

I got out of the car and walked towards the school entrance I felt a pair of large hands land on my back I turned my head and found a guy 5'9 tall looking at me "excuse me" he smiled I didn't say any thing "I'm Tyler" he said I nodded "Mia" I told him he shot me a smile and walked past me only to stand in front of me.

"Let me guess knew" he asked with a smile I smiled and nodded "that's cool, wanna hang at lunch with me"? He asked "sure" I said with a smile Tyler was pretty cute he had baby blue eyes and dark brown hair which made his features stand out.

"Come I'll walk you" he said I nodded and followed him I was walking beside Tyler when I found a face in the crowd of bodies that I recognised it was him, the guy from yesterday night I started to fight a little and Tyler noticed grabbing my hand I held it

The guy looked in my direction and raised an eyebrow and then smirked I looked away "don't worry about him" Tyler said squeezing my hand

"Wh-who's t-that"I muttered Tyler looked down at me then back at the guy, "nick McCall" he said rolling his eyes in annoyance.

Tyler and I walked past nick we didn't even look at him as we were walking nick shoved into me I immediately looked up at him he smirked I rolled my eyes at him he laughed "what going to call the cops on me"? He questioned I groaned and looked away from him Tyler noticed and looked at Nick.

"Piss of McCall" Tyler said nick laughed then looked at me then back to Tyler "you two Match each other perfectly, both freaks" he laughed and so did the other guys standing behind him, I held Tyler's hand tighter.

Tyler stepped closer to nick and pushed him back "leave her alone your the freak" Tyler said Nick laughed and pushed Tyler back "you think your tough don't you"he laughed raising his eyebrow. I stood behind Tyler until nick pulled me by my wrist "ouch" I said nick pulled me out from behind Tyler and looked me up and down.

"What scared of me aha" he asked forcing out a fake laughed I slapped his hand away "get away from me" I said moving back towards Tyler nick came closer to me and put his mouth near my ear "you should probably tell your little boy toy to watch his mouth" he told me with a smirk.

He stood up and walked over to Tyler and his fist punched Tyler's face he fell to the ground bleeding I ran over to him as fast as I could "oh my god, Tyler are you okay?" "I'm fine" he told me and got him self off the ground "come on let's go to class" he said I nodded my head before walking with him to class.

I looked back at nick he was standing beside was I assume his locker we made eye contact and he smirked at me I mocked him and did the same his smirked was immediately wiped off his I smiled to myself I turned back around and continued to walk with Tyler.

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