Draw Not Your Bow

Alisa Darkova is new to America, and does not look forward to attending high school with a bunch of capitalist children. But when she lays eyes on Jason Archer, she can’t help but think that maybe being in America isn’t as bad as originally feared.


2. Chapter One

~~“And you reached America okay?” Her father asked. Her parents were on the phone, and Alisa was trying hard not to cry. Russians did not cry. Russians were strong, and they showed no mercy, no weakness. It was one of the many things her mother had taught her. Weakness meant you were easy to kill, and in Russia…being easy to kill meant you died quicker than the others.
“Yes, Papa.” She answered. “How are you and mother?”
“We’re fine,” He answered, though his voice sounded gruff. “Mrs. Skalova down the street says hello, and that she misses you helping her with her morning walks.”
“Tell her that I am sorry for not being there,” She responded, with a smile. Mrs. Skalova was one of the few adults that she had grown to secretly love and trust over the years. While the two of them did not have a lot in common, Mrs. Skalova had shown her that flowers were beautiful, as well as ballerinas, pianos, and-
“Alisa! School will start in twenty minutes! You must hurry!” Her Aunt Persephone called through her bedroom door, and Alisa stiffened.
Time flew by when one was having fun.
But time flew by even more when one was in complete and total agony.
“You should hurry, then, любить.” Her mother whispered.
Alisa hung up, and quickly went to the bathroom to make sure there was no signs of her crying. She missed her parents, deeply, but there was no use in crying.
She was stuck in America for four years, until she could safely come back home.
She walked out of the house, and began to walk to school-as she could see the building down the street from where she lived. While they lived close to the school, the grocery store, library, and other places were a bit farther away. It was an odd design for a city, and she was having trouble understanding some of the street signs as well, as there was no writing on them. A few were simple enough-people walking across, and no entrance-but others were more complex, and she stood there for a few moments, studying the sign. Eventually she would give up, and was going to turn away from a sign with an odd creature on it, when a girl said with a cheerful laugh,
“You’re obviously not from around here. Need help?”
Alisa turned, and saw the girl was a pretty redhead, though short in stature. She was wearing the school uniform like Alisa was. Alisa hated school uniforms-why force children to wear the same thing to make it that much more difficult in deciphering who was who-especially if you were not of this country.
“Please,” She said softly, trying to sound American. She’d already been teased a couple of times about her accent once. She wasn’t going to make the mistake of speaking again unless she had no choice in the matter.
“Well, that sign-it’s meant for drivers. Deer and moose and other creatures sometimes cross the street. I know, weird, right? We’re just on the outskirts of New York, and while most people would think we don’t get a lot of wild animals, sometimes we do. Anyways, I’m Gabriella. People call me Gabby, mostly because I ‘gabber a lot’, get it? What’s your name?” She asked in a rush, and Alisa was impressed with how much she could speak.
“Alisa Darkova,” She responded, after a moment.
The girl’s eyes widened.
“Russian? That is SO COOL!” She practically yelled. Another reason to hate Americans. Russians were not quite so loud, though they certainly made enough noise with their bombs and threats, they were generally a quiet and reserved people. At least most of the ones that Alisa had met. She missed the quiet of Russia, for inbetween bombs the silence was so thick it was as though they were being smothered with a blanket.
Alisa realized that the girl-Gabby-was talking already.
“Come on, I’ll show you all around here. What’s popular what’s not, where’s the best hiding spots, and…oh, here. A welcome to America gift.” She dug into her bag and pulled out…
A book.
Alisa frowned, but accepted the thick book. She glanced at the cover and saw that it was called The Hunger Games.
“All kids know this book at high school, even the ones that pretend not to know anything about it. It’s a very popular one, and lots of kids reference it, even me. So I’d read it as soon as possible. You can come and watch the first couple of movies at my place too!” Gabby suggested, and Alisa half-smiled.
“Thank you,” She said, and Gabby nodded.
“No problem. Now, come on!” She grabbed Alisa’s arm, and Alisa-unable to help herself-giggled slightly as she was tugged across the sidewalk like a puppy.
Maybe school wouldn’t be so bad after all.
End Chapter One

Notes: the Russian term used means loosely 'love'. If I'm wrong, please let me know! Thank you for reading!

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