Vein of Love

“Stop denying me. Start desiring me.”

Molly Darling wanted love. Tensley Knight wanted power. Molly has always dreamed of getting married.

Just not at the age of Eighteen.
Oh, and not to an incubus.

From a contract made in blood over three hundred years ago, Molly Darling finds herself engaged to Tensley Knight.

Arrogant, dark, and demonic Tensley. Molly struggles through the new society of demons and finds a way to escape the engagement and Tensley—by getting rid of him.

But what happens when she begins to realize she’s the real monster?

What happens when foe becomes lover?

First draft. Warning: Mature Content.


7. Chapter Six

Chapter Six



            Molly froze when she saw the broken-down building in front of them. She wrapped her arms around her middle and breathed out into the cool night air. The building was dark,  and a few people were lined up, waiting to enter. It wasn’t as thriving as the Manhattan bars, but for Coney Island, it was alright.


            “C’mon Mol,” September hollered across the street. She jerked, racing over and hooked her arm through hers. Alevander matched their pace.


            “What’s this place called again?” she said, eyeing its poor structure and broken windows. Loud, heavy music boomed into her eardrums and she squinted.


            “Shoot The Freak,” she said, as if she was telling her what they called the Empire State Building.


            “Sounds pleasant,” Alevander chimed in and September shot him a deadly glare, “let’s just get inside.” They walked to the door, but a guy the size of September stepped in front, face hard and stern.


            “ID,” he said, hand outward.


            The three of them exchanged looks and September smiled. She took his hand, shook it and let go. He gazed down at his open hand and sighed, shoving the money into his back pocket. Side-stepping, he let them in and Molly braced herself. It was busy; people sitting at the bar and tables, walking about with beer in their hands. Smoke hovered over their heads and a hazy fog hurt her eyes. She stifled a cough.  


            “How are we supposed to find them?” he said over the music.


            “I don’t know,” September said, glancing around. She laid eyes on the bartender and marched over. They followed, both bumping into others. “Do you know someone named Cree?” The man behind the bar straightened his hunched posture and his eyes darkened.


            “Why?” His hands flattened against the bar and all the veins popped out.


            September looked over her shoulder at her and she tried her best to keep eye contact with the man. “She needs help…if you know what I mean.” His jaw tensed and he nodded over to the right.


            “You’ll find Cree sitting over there,” he said and watched as the three of them walked away.


            “Well, he was friendly,” Alevander said.


            “I could feel the kindness oozing off of him,” September said, snorting. Then she halted and three of them stared at a brown-haired man reading over scattered papers. “Hi.” His steady eyes flickered up and then went back down.


            “Who let the damn kids in?” he said, cracking a nut on the table—crunch—and popped it into his pinched mouth. She tensed her jaw. Kids?


            “You’re Cree right?” Alevander said.


            He looked up again, brows thick and lowered over brown eyes. He didn’t look pleased. “Yeah.”


            “We need your help with something,” Molly said, attempting to take control, “a demon problem.”


            He half shrugged. “So?”


            Molly blinked. “I thought you were––I thought it was your job.” She turned to September. “Did you get the right name?”


            “It’s the right name; I’m just not interested in helping a few kids,” he said, looking over his papers. Molly didn’t know what to say.


            “But-but, we need your help,” she said, pathetically, “I need your help.” She needed to get rid of Tensley.


            “I stopped helping random people when everyone was convinced they had a demon haunting them. Most had mental issues, others had animals in their attics,” he said, leaning back and her eyes flickered to the cross hanging around his thick neck, half hidden by his plain grey t-shirt, “I’m done with the bullshit. So, go find help in a mental institution or get a pest controller.”


            They were silent, stunned of how inconsiderate a human could be. She stared him down, nostrils flaring and hands clenched. He didn’t bother looking up. He sighed loudly and rubbed his dark scruff on his face.


            “C’mon, Mol,” September said, touching her arm, “I’m sure we can someone else—someone who isn’t an ass hat.” In New York City? No. This was my only option. This man in front of me was my only chance to get rid of Tensley.  


            “No,” Molly said, fast, “you, listen. I need help.” He still didn’t look up. “And not mental help; I’m perfectly healthy, besides the fact I have a demon who has ruined my life.” Her chest was heavy; she wasn’t done letting everything out. “I want to be free and to not have stupid, cruel, heartless Tensley Knight forcing me into a marriage I don’t want.” His eyes finally met hers, small and full of thought.


            “Tensley Knight?” His sudden intensity of his gaze left her breathless. All his attention was hers now; purely, solely hers.


            She caught her breath. “Yes. My fiancé.”


            “The douche,” September chimed in.


He stared. He never looked away and she grew uncomfortable. “You’re engaged to Tensley Knight,” he stated, running the sentence carefully along his tongue. She nodded, annoyed he kept repeating the obvious. “Sit.” She did as she was told and he watched her carefully. “How long have you two…?”


“Since I was five and he was eight,” she said, throat quivering. “My ancestors made a deal three hundred years ago with his family.” She took a deep breath and fidgeted with the hem of her dress.


Cree was silent, a tanned hand cupping his scruffy chin. His deep brown eyes narrowed. “Why is your family so important?”


She paused and said, “I was born with strange eyes.”


He tensed his other hand against the wooden table. “Strange eyes?”


Molly reached slowly for her sunglasses, hesitating and then removed them. She blinked, attempting to only give him glimpses of the odd glow and color of them. He gawked openly and his lips parted.


Then he collected himself. “You’re a daemon.”


“Has everyone but us heard about daemons?” Alevander turned to September but she didn’t bother answering him.


“Daemons are powerful,” he said, eyeing Molly and she let her shoulders fall. Just not me.


“My powers—don’t function very well, well, at all,” she said, unable to look up, “They have a mind of their own.”


He sat back, watching her intently. She wondered what was going through his head most of the time. Like he was steps ahead of her, planning, calculating. “There’s little knowledge about daemons—I wouldn’t be much help to train your abilities.”


She put her sunglasses back on. “Right now, my only concern is getting rid of him.”


He cracked his knuckles and eyed her. “I’d be happy to help with that.” Standing up, Molly followed. “You live in Manhattan right?”


“How did you know?” she said, surprised.


His eyes lowered, taking her in from the tips of her flat shoes to the top of her blonde hair, one brow raised and looked a bit revolted. “You dress like one of them.” She suddenly felt self conscious. “I’ll pick you up just at the stop at 9 Avenue, close to Green-Wood Cemetery. Three thirty sharp. If you’re late, well, you’ll get your ass kicked by one of the others.” Again, his eyes had dipped lower.


“One of the others?” September said.


“There’s more of you?” Alevander said.


He looked over both of them, brow wrinkled. “Yes.” It bugged her he didn’t go on to explain more.


“So, where should I meet you? I live here in Brooklyn,” September said, smiling at him.


He stared at her and laughed. “You’re not coming.  It’s only her allowed—again, it’s a elite, private order and we don’t just let anyone near us.”  September’s lip jutted out and she folded her arms. She went to argue, but he opened the backdoor and guided them out. “Go home, you kids shouldn’t be out past your bedtime.”


 Molly glanced over her shoulder as they walked away. He was watching her, standing firmly in the doorway.


“We’re not kids,” she said, attempting to match his intense stare. It burnt her cheeks.


 A dark smile lined his thin lips. “You’ll have to prove me wrong then. I’ll see you soon.” She could feel a blush washing over her skin and turned before he could see it in the lamplight.


“Uh, that was odd,” Alevander said as they strolled through the empty streets.


She didn’t know if she could fully trust Cree but she knew she was one step closer to getting rid of Tensley for good.






            Tensley Knight dodged again and let out an angry sigh. He was off his game today. Damn it. Johnny swirled his sword and then fixed his stance, smirking. They didn’t wear masks. They weren’t some pansies.


            “C’mon, Tensley,” Johnny urged. Tensley threw his upper body forward and the fight began again. Swords screaming and panting filling their eardrums, Tensley paced himself through the open room. “Whoa!” Johnny jumped as he swung his sword, just missing him.


            “Man, you need to just chill.” Tensley growled, moving forward and Johnny fell over. The sword stopped an inch away from Johnny’s chest and Tensley stared hard at his friend. “Huh, close call.” Johnny tried to catch his breath.


             Tensley drew back his sword and then put out his hand. Once Johnny was up, Tensley walked away, fetching his glass of water. “You okay, man? You seem a bit…tense today.”


            “I’m fine,” he replied between a huge gulp of water. He was sweating all over and through his shirt. He definitely would need a shower. Twisting his fingers through his wet hair, he took another gulp.


            “So, how’s Molly doing?” Tensley’s whole body tensed and he thought of breaking the glass in his clench.


            “Fucking great,” he barked, slamming the glass onto the table. “She won’t even let me near her with a ten foot pole, how the hell am I supposed to gain strength? Or even protect her?” Johnny walked over and placed a hand on the table.


            “Well, she’s not like the others. The others knew who you were. They knew your background, your family and your status. She isn’t one of us. She’s human and you know, you have to be gentle with her. If anything,” Johnny said, exhaling deeply and airing out his shirt by shaking it. “She’s afraid of you.”


            He thought back to when she had asked him why he couldn’t be Johnny. He hated how much that comment stung. As a kid, he tried to be like Johnny. That fucking backfired. Although Johnny and he were both demons, they were in completely different situations, different circumstances and Molly didn’t see or understand that. He didn’t have the chance or the choice to be the nice fucking guy like Johnny did.  Fuck. Don’t fucking think about it. He hadn’t needed her to shove that in his face and he alone thought of it often but now he was thinking of it daily.


            “She should be.” Tensley lifted his shirt over his drenched hair and threw it to the side. He rolled his shoulders back and with the back of his wrist, wiped the sweat gathered on the top of his lip.


            “Think about it, her whole life people have told her demons are evil and bad, why would she suddenly think we’re good?” The two of them began to walk through Tensley’s family loft in the city out onto the lustrous porch, surrounded by flowers and plants growing. They would all wilt soon, die from the becoming chill.


            “We’re not good, Johnny. I’m not a good man,” he snapped. Johnny was silent and Tensley licked his lips. “If I don’t mark her soon, they’re going to find out about her. As soon as I take off her ring and put on my family engagement one, the invisibility will be gone completely and everyone will find her. It’s a no-win situation though. That damn ring that she’s been wearing is practically useless now. Demons are going to start swarming her. But if I don’t give her our family ring soon, father will know I haven’t done anything to her yet.”


            Johnny sighed, letting his head fall onto his forehead as they leaned against the iron railing, gazing at the landscape of Manhattan. “You’ll just have to get her to trust you.”


            “So fake it?” He cocked a brow.


            “Or you could actually be a decent guy,” Johnny said, looking helpless as he tried to convince him to do the right thing. Huh, you’d think he’d know me by now.


            “That girl is causing a lot more problems than I thought,” he spat, glaring at the Central Park in the distance. “At least she’s not ugly. And she has full breasts. Too bad they’re off limit.”


            “Maybe if you take her out for dinner,” Johnny suggested, “Get to know her?”


            He snarled in his throat. “I thought this relationship would be easy. If I don’t get laid or some type of action soon, I’ll be weak—sick and I hate being weak,” he said, rubbing his temples. “A date?”


            “I could even take that friend of hers out too. It could be a double-date,” Johnny said, avoiding eye contact.


            His eyes narrowed at his so-called friend. I’ll be fucking damned. “You mean the big mouth broad?” Johnny furrowed his brow. “You gotta be kidding me? She’s a bitch. You saw what she did. Tried to wring me by the neck?” So much for loyalty.


            “She was protecting her friend from you,” Johnny fought back. “And no, I wasn’t thinking of her that way. I was just trying to help you out.”


            “You know it’s your dick that’s controlling you?” he said, gesturing to his lower domain. “You want in her panties.” The disapproved look from Johnny made Tensley clench his mouth shut. Tensley was silent as he thought of the idea of taking his fiancée on a date. He didn’t want to, but if he was able to protect her sooner, it was better than using his tactics again. “Fine. Meet me at that Italian restaurant we both like—on Madison Avenue by that crappy sushi place. I’m going back to the Darling household to take a shower there.”


            Johnny agreed and Tensley put his leather jacket on and ignored the fact he didn’t have a shirt underneath. Walking through the streets of New York City, he made his way back to the dreadful townhouse.


            The Darling’s lived in Upper Eastside of Manhattan. They were well off, not as well off as his family but still above average. The street was lined with high class townhouses—her house was one of the only white brick houses on the street and he had remembered it since he had first came to it at the age of eight.


            The foyer was nice—if you loved floral designs and a purple-vomit color. God, Mr. Darling was whipped. It was definitely decorated by a woman. He stepped through the front door and saw the old man gawking at him. He trembled and then hid his face and Tensley snickered as he walked by. How foolish could humans be? And grown men? He wasn’t going to eat them. They could calm the hell down.


            Tensley made his way up the elegant staircase and down the hallway. The light seeped through from underneath the door. Molly was probably home and that made him smirk. He opened the door, but found no one. It was empty. His eyes darted to the closed door of the washroom and heard the water running. Showering? He tapped his shoes, restless of waiting for her to come out. He heard a faint sob and glanced at the closed door.


            She’s crying?


            He hated the heavy weight on his chest. He knew whatever she was crying about led back to him. He knew how sensitive she was to the arrangement. He’d give anything to be fucking Johnny. No one would ever want to be Tensley Knight.


Slowly, he walked around the bedroom, examining her items. He fell onto the bed, but the pillow wasn’t soft. He reached underneath and pulled out the knife she had threatened him with. He smiled at the memory. Of course, she brought a knife to a demon-fight.


 He stuffed it under the pillow and felt something hard. Flipping onto his stomach, he saw a novel, torn and pages dangerously close to falling out. On the front cover were a built man and a woman with impressive cleavage and a beautiful face, practically having sex on the grass. He flipped through the pages and as he went along, he realized the book was a Romance novel. Figures. Only she would have a fucking book about love and making love. He could never give her what she wanted. He knew that much. They were not a good match.


The washroom door opened and Tensley glanced up, surprised to see so much exposed skin. A white towel hugged her gorgeous curves and her skin glistened, wet and smooth. Her face went red.  


“What are you doing?” Her eyes widened when she saw the book in his hands. “Don’t look at that.”


Tensley moved the book away from her needy hands. “Already did. Very enticing. Can’t wait to experience it with you.” Her whole body fired up. Poor pale thing. “You might want to hurry up, we’re going out tonight.”


Molly looked shocked and then confused. “We are?”


“September and Johnny are coming too.”


“Oh God,” she gasped, putting a thin hand to her forehead. He could see the fear seize her. She was imagining what would happen with the three of them in a public, fancy restaurant. Maybe he’d get some action under the table. Her long pale locks were already waving around her soft features and her lips were plump and full and very slack—Tensley looked away instantly when he recognized he was gawking too much at her face. Looking at her body for too long was fine, but memorizing her features wasn’t.


“Put on clothes. I need to shower,” he said, pushing himself up and strolling towards the bathroom. He closed the door behind him.


It didn’t take long for him to get freshened up and put his black slacks on. When he entered the bedroom, his dress shirt still fully open, exposing his damp firm chest, Molly was sitting up on her bed, gawking at the wall full of books. He waited for her to note his presence, buttoning his shirt. He fixed his black tie, moving forward and smirking at how clueless she was.


“Plotting against me?” he whispered. Molly flinched, eyes wide. He grinned at her reaction and sat down beside the defenseless thing. She edged back. God, she really is terrified of me.


“No…no,” she continued to repeat the word and Tensley narrowed his eyes, suspicious that she actually had been. Her phone beeped and before she could reach it, he grasped it from behind them. “Hey.” She had begun to scream, but her voice faded.


From September: Really? Really? I’m gonna kill that douche if we’re in the same room!” Tensley laughed after and glanced up from the phone. Molly’s normal flushed face grew bloodless; sick to her stomach. The feeling rose in his stomach again. God damn it. “Why are you friends with her?”


Molly’s eyes caught his and he swore they were glistening––with tears? But her lashes dropped, laying on her cheeks regaining their rosiness. “September was the only one who accepted me. She’s my best friend.” Tensley leaned on his elbow, amused by her struggle. “When everyone made fun of me, she told them to stop. She liked me for me.”


“Then why are you friends with that Stella girl?” He narrowed his cold eyes. “She seems like a bitch.”


She was quiet, lips slowly opening and lashes lowering. “My parents basically forced me to be friends with her because she came from a high class family and they were friends with her parents.” She bit her rosebud lips and he studied her pale complexion. One thing I fucking understand. His parents forced him to be friends with so many kids he didn’t care for. Johnny was the only one he could truly call his friend.


“No one wanted to play with me in preschool. All the kids were scared of me; they threw snowballs at me. Rocks. Sticks. You name it, they threw it,” she whispered. She laughed softly, but he didn’t find the humor in it. Kids tortured her from day one. An incredibly awkward feeling came over him that she was confining in him. “September saw through all of this; she saw me. If anything happened to her, I don’t know what I would do.” Her eyes flashed up and for once, she rivaled his glare.


His lips quirked. “Is that a threat, Ms. Darling?”


“No. It’s not.” Again, she became flustered and fidgeted with her diamond hair clip, pulling back her glossy curls waving down her back. He was lucky she was attractive. At least he was actually turned on.  But she was a stuck-up Manhattan Princess. No, she was just a stuck-up girl. Not all Manhattan girls were hard to get. He had first-hand experience with that.


He stared hard at her and he started to see her skin turn crimson. She was aware of his eyes all over her. But he was surprised she hadn’t stopped him. Perhaps she truly did fear him. Good. Keep your distance, human. You’re dangerous to me. All he had to do was remember his brother’s vicious face and heavy fist and he collected any softness, any kindness in him and replaced it with coldness.


“Why are you friends with Johnny?” she said and the question caught him off-guard.


He stared for a few seconds. “It just happened.” He fought to keep an emotionless expression.


She narrowed her eyes. “How though? He seems…different from you.”


“Big-mouth is definitely opposite to you too,” he said, arching a brow.


“Thanks for opening up,” she said, harshly and it surprised him; the obvious sarcasm in her tone. He stiffened, feeling the awkward tension between them and thought of what to say next.


“I have something to give you,” he said and reached into his suit jacket pocket. Molly twisted around, watching him carefully. A tiny black velvet box.


“What is it?” He snickered, opened it and then handed it to her. “A ring?” She gently took it and squinted.


“My family engagement ring. I thought it made sense to give it to you now,” he explained, putting his hands in his pockets. He was surprised she wasn’t screaming over the beauty of it. It was rather big and elegant and a huge purple diamond encaged by gold trim. It had been in his family for over seven hundred years. He looked down at the previous ring still on her thin finger and when he touched her hand, she flinched. Carefully, he removed it, sliding it over her creamy flesh and stuffed it into his pocket. “Put it on.” Then he noticed she was shaking as she slid the new ring on. He didn’t know why he felt it. He expected more from her. He expected her to squeal and thank him. It hurt and the emotion alone made him furious. He snarled when she took too long. “Hurry up. We don’t have all fucking night. Up.” Tensley gripped Molly’s elbow and lifted her to her feet, marching through the room.


Mr. and Mrs. Darling said hello and goodbye, emotionlessly. Alevander stayed in the kitchen, glowering and the glass in his tight grip faced destruction any moment. Good boy. Senior Darling was watching television, thumping his cane against the tiled floor. When Tensley and Molly passed by, the blood left his face.


“Night old man,” he sung, closing the door. Molly and he were silent as they walked. He didn’t touch her. She didn’t touch him. He put his hands firmly in his pockets and kept his head leveled, gazing ahead. She had her arms folded across her chest and her eyes watched their feet. He didn’t understand why he was angry. He just was.


When they got to the Italian restaurant, it was romantic and the lights were dim. Black and sleek and candles flickered on each table intimately. Of course they were seated in a secluded booth with a dozen red roses on the centre.  The male waiter had heavy eyes set on Molly, but she was polite and didn’t even register he was fucking her with his eyes every time he came over. They sat across from each other and Tensley watched her do nothing. She looked sad—big eyes glossed over, a faint tremble in her thick bottom lip. If he had a heart, it would have sunk.


“Sorry we’re late. Mr. I-know-my-where-around-the-subway got us a bit lost,” September’s voice hollered. Her hair was up in a weird, messy bun with ribbons swirling out. Molly smiled as she saw her friend approach but it never reached her eyes. Tensley saw Johnny smiling behind the girl. They continued to exchange genuine smiles at each other and now, Tensley felt it was all just a plan for Johnny to hook up with September. Johnny sat down next to him and September hugged Molly and took off her coat. Once she sat down, she gave a hard look at Tensley.


“So…” Johnny tapped his finger. Johnny looked at Molly and a small grin pressed to her face. It was fake though. But why couldn’t she at least fake those grins with me?


As the night went on, the conversation died out. A violinist came to their table but Tensley slammed money into his hand to leave them the fuck alone. He was bored out of his mind, gazing out the window and searching for someone hot and willing to sleep with him. He could feel his energy draining each day. It would be easy getting them into bed. His kind was alluring to others, especially weak, horny humans. All he had to do was send a charming grin or a dark, sexual gaze and they were his.


 He could feel eyes on him. He turned, hoping to catch Molly watching him, but it was only September. And she wasn’t happy. She was glaring and her nostrils flaring. If she had been a full bred demon, he wouldn’t have wanted to mess with her. But, she wasn’t. So she was nothing to worry about. Johnny loosened his collar, sweating buckets. Was he really this nervous about that chick? She was decent, but her bitchy attitude outweighed that.


Now, Tensley glanced at Molly. Her delicate hand cupped her dainty chin. Did this girl have a fucking bone that wasn’t soft? I’d tap her once and she’d break.  Those alluring eyes flickered between the passing people outside. Was she looking for someone else? Something beat in his eardrums and he gazed down at her chest. Her heart was pulsing, thudding hard inside. He sat back. She’s too soft for me. I’d definitely hurt her.


“We should go dancing,” September suggested, perking up.


Johnny nodded and Tensley groaned, collapsing against the seat. Molly eyed him, then turned to her friend and said, “Maybe not tonight.”


“Oh c’mon, it’ll be fun,” she said. She took Molly’s hand and stood up, bringing her with her. Before he could stop them, they were walking towards the door. He paid the bill and found the three of them waiting outside. The girls walked ahead, Tensley and Johnny following after.


“This should be fun,” he said dryly. He would get his way. He always got his way. 

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