Falling for a rebel



1. chapter 1

Melanie's POV

"Who's he?"Sam asks

"That's Michael.He is really bad news."I reply

"I'm gonna talk to him.He seems interesting."Sam ignorantly says.

"He is very bad news,Sam.If you say hi he would probably like hit hit you or some shit.He is a douche."I tell her hoping she takes it as a warning.

*Bell rings*

"Well bye-bye"Sam said.I knew she was gonna do something and I knew it wouldn't be that good.

Sam's POV

"Hi I'm Samantha"I perkily say to Michael.

"I care?"He remarks.

"Listen I'm new and you seem interesting.We should hang out some time."I say to him.

"Why?" Michael asks

I start to repeat my self."Listen I'm new and you se-"

"No, like why should I."He interrupts.

"Why not?"I say trying to persuade him.

"Do you know who I am?"He asks.

"Michael Clifford.School bad boy.But you don't seem all that bad to me."I say with a wink.

"I'm surprised you're talking to me when I'm a 'bad boy'."Ge says.

"Hey,maybe I'm attracted to bad boys."I say and giggle.

"Let me walk you to class.Where you need to be?"He says.

"History."I say.

"Oh me too."Michael says.

We walk to the class room telling each other about our selves.

"Your 7 minutes late!"The teacher yells pointing to the clock.

"She got lost trying to find the classroom,she's new."Michael says,which was actually a lie.

"Then michael,why are you late?"The teachers says,giving him the death stare.

"Cause I rather not be here"Michael says walking to his seat.

"Sit!"The teacher yells causing me to flinch a little.

I make my way to the only empty seat.It was one of the two desks in the very back of the class room.Right next to Michaels seat.

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