Family Tree

Nora hated people, well, she hated people that weren't on her computer. She lived with her Dad, only him. She much preferred to stay behind her laptop. When she is searching online for a school project, she discovers something about her family and she can't turn away. The more she searches, the more she discovers. In the end, she discovers something she never would have imagined.


1. Asking Questions

Do you really know your family?

That was the question that was at the top of my page. It sat there in bold print. It stared me right in the face, so I stared back. Do you really know your family? It screamed in my head. I answered it. No, I don't. It stared, it screamed at me.

"No, I don't." I mutter quietly. I looked at it again.

"No, I don't!" I say out loud, in a normal tone of voice.

"Miss. Howe, Do you have something to share with the class?" Mr. Sherwood asks me. Great. My floated away from class, focused on the question. I hate talking in class.

"I- uh- well, I was simply answering the question on the top of the page, sir."


"Yes, sir. The answer, for me, is no. No, I don't know my family."

"I'm glad to know that you are so interested with the project. Please, Miss. Howe, next time raise your hand."

Tina Silver and Kaylee Gordon snickered in the corner. I scooted down in my seat and let my hair hang as a curtain across my face.


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