Accidents Happen

Marnie Scott is 17 and from Colombus, Ohio. She is graduating high school in a few months so is living life to the full.
One night, Marnie is at a party and has a one night stand with bad boy, Jake. And 2 days later, another with straight A student, Ashton.
When she gets a shocking surprise: she's pregnant, she is worried about who the baby's dad really is? Ashton or Jake?


9. The Discovery

it was Tuesday. Marnie had a huge exam in English but she had been up vomiting since 5:30. "Oh, Marnie. What's the matter? You've got your English exam today." Melanie Scott said as she placed a flannel on her daughters head. "I don't know. I've felt sick for days but I've felt fine after lunch." Marnie sighed as she grabbed a Hollister top from the floor of her bedroom and frantically getting dressed. "Oh no missy! Sit down now, we need to talk. Urgently!" Melanie yelled, suddenly realising what Marnie's problem was. "I will drop you at school, pick you up at lunch and we're going straight to Walmart. Now, go eat." Melanie ordered. 

Marni sat through her whole exam without vomiting and met her mom outside school and sat in a car journey of silence to the local Walmart in Columbus. When her mother dragged her to the home pregnancy testing aisle, it finally dawned on Marnie what exactly was up with her. "Mom, I'm not pregnant!" Marnie hissed. "Do you need to vomit right now?" Melanie asked. "No, not really." Marnie said. "You felt like crap earlier, your pregnant." Melanie said, grabbing a bunch of tests. 

They approached the counter and Melanie threw all the tests down. "Someone's worried about something." The cashier joked, looking at Melanie. "They're for my irresponsible 18 year old, not me. Can you hurry it up, we need to do these pronto." Melanie yelled, making the cashier hurry the hell up. 

Melanie then ushered Marnie to the Walmart bathroom and threw the bag of tests at her. "Don't come out til there all done, young lady." Melanie ordered. "Oh get over it, mom." Marnie yelled. 25 tests later, Marnie threw all the boxes in the garbage and put the tests in the plastic Walmart bag. "So, any answers yet?" Melanie asked. "No. None yet." Marnie sighed. "Mom, what if I am?" Marnie asked. "We will sort something out, I promise." Melanie said, putting her arm around her daughter. Marnie then grabbed a stick at random from the bag. "Oh no." Marnie said as she looked down at the stick. Positive. All 25 of them. 


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