Sometimes Luck doesn't go your way

Makenna is your average teen girl. She is 18. Lives in California. She had it hard growing up but once she started in this gang her life changed. Oh and before I forget to mention she works for Justin Bieber. He is the head of the gang and when he is gone for just one month, Makenna was a member of the bloodhood kings. He doesn't like it at first but gradually likes Makenna. On the other hand Makenna just thinks of him as another gang member and that is it. But will she just think of him as that? Will Makenna fall for Justin? will this end in love or hate? Well lets just say; sometimes luck doesn't go your way


6. "Oh no I got a girlfriend......"


           Justin's POV

It has been bout a week since Makenna killed rob. She seems a little bit more happy after but she still has her moments. Anyway today is my birthday. I'm turning 19 and it is like the best.

 I woke up ,did what I had to do, took a shower, and got dressed. I wore a white V-neck, red skinny's, and red supras with my gold chain around my neck.(The hair is his new hair cut) I don't know but I just started to sing.

 " What do you mean? Oh oh oh oh oooh

 When you nod your head yes, but you wanna say no

 What do you mean? hey yeah yeah

 When you don't want me to move but you want me to go

 What do you mean?" I sang.

 I walked out of the bathroom to see that Jessy was still in my bed. What ever. I went downstairs to smell pancakes. Everyone was down stairs but they didn't say anything. I walked to the kitchen to see Makenna and Diamond making breakfast.

 "Damn it. It fell again." Makenna said. I cleared my throat and Diamond and Makenna Turned to look at me. "Morning JB." They said at the same time. I chuckled. "Morning you too. What's for breakfast?" I said trying to peek but I couldn't see. "How about you go and sit down and we will get breakfast ready." Diamond said pushing me out of the kitchen.

  I went and sat down and talked to Ryan and Alfredo about something random. Chaz was making out with one of Jessy's friends. After about 10 minutes Makenna and diamond came out singing Happy Birthday with pancakes.

 One pancake was made into the number 19. There was eggs and bacon too. The next thing I hear is everyone singing Happy Birthday. I laughed cuz Chaz looked startled but ended up singing.

 The pancakes had candles on it. They finished the song then said for me to make a wish. I did it and got presents and other gifts. I realized Makenna wasn't sitting next to me. Everyone was just talking so I just went to look for her.

  I went up stairs and realized my door was open. I walked to it and I heard someone talking. "Come on get up Jessy." I heard Makenna say.

 "Why?" she said annoyed. "Because everyone is downstairs and it is Justin's birthday." she said. Aw. I saw Jessy get up and she got dressed. "So I don't care. He is only using me for sex and again why did you start to care about Justin?" She asked.

 "I care cuz aren't you his girlfriend? You should've made breakfast instead of me and Diamond. How selfish can you be?" Makenna said a little annoyed. "I don't do that stuff and no. Me and Justin are just fucking and that's it. Now back off. He's mine and I'm not going to have a bitch like you ruin anything. I'm top girl and you are just Justin's place mat." Jessy said.

 I walked in cuz now I was about to pop off. "Hey Justy. Hap." "save it get out." I interrupted her. "But what .." "I said get out and leave the house. your not a blood hood king no more." I said pointing to the door. She left. I looked at Makenna with a tear in her eye.

 I walked over to her and hugged her. She hugged back. I pulled away and wiped the tear that fell on her cheek. "Thanks." I said. She looked confused at me. "For what?" She asked. "For telling her off. I appreciate that." I said hugging her again.

 "Your welcome. But anyways Happy 19th Birthday. How are you gonna celebrate?" She said. She looked like she was a kid. "Well I don't know. What do you guys have in mind?" I asked curious of what she might be planning.

 "I'm not telling." She said going to the door and leaving me. "Really?" I yelled playfully. "Come on man. We gonna be late." Ryan yelled. I went downstairs to see they guys were ready to go some where. "Where we going?"

             Makenna's POV​

 Justin doesn't know that Me and the girls are going to have a surprise party but this isn't a normal surprise party. "Where are we going?" Justin asked. I whispered to Ryan to keep Justin out till 8. It was now 3:30pm.

 So us girls had about 5 in a half hours to get the party ready. "We are going places." Alfredo said. "Well ok go have fun. We will be here thanks bye." All the girls said pushing the guys out. "Ok girls lets get to work." I said. This is gonna be fun. 

 ****6 hours later****

  Everything was set. We heard the car out side and got into place. Diamond was at the first chair the right of where Justin would sit. "Why is it dark dude?" Justin said. Alfredo turned on the light but it was a red light but you could see them.

 "Diamond why are you dressed like that?" Austin questioned. The rest of the girls came and so did I. I had the middle chair, Diamond had the one on my right, B'onca was on my left, Grace was the far left, and D'aja was the far right. "Why are you girls dressed like that?" Alfredo asked.

 Grace and D'aja wore blue lingerie with blue see through hand gloves, B'onca and Diamond wore red lingerie with red see through hand glove, and me, I wore black lingerie with black see through hand gloves. We all wore matching color heels. All the guys mouths were open.

 We stood there looking sexy in a sexy pose. Us girls looked at each other and smirked. "I thought you guys were going to do a surprise party?" Ryan asked. "It is a surprise party." D'aja said pulling Ryan to her chair. "Aren't.." Grace said taking Alfredo to her chair. "You..." B'onca said taking Chaz  to her chair. "Guys.." Diamond said taking Austin to her chair. "Surprised?" I said taking Justin to my chair.

 The guys were siting in there chairs and with a remote I turned the Radio on. Motivation by Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne came on. Just like we planned. When it stared the girls and I started dancing for the guys. They looked shocked. It was kinda funny. The girls started to do there own thing with there guy.

 I was doing the same thing I started to walk around Justin. He kept on looking at me licking his lips. I put a leg over his lap and sat on him. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I looked into his eyes and I could see some of his eyes were black. Not by anger but lust; and the rest seemed like guilt. Why does he feel guilty? I just shrugged it off. 

 I dipped in a circle and met his eyes again. I stood up and gave him a lap dance and I know he enjoyed it. While I was doing so, I saw that the girls and guys were gone. I guess they were in there rooms getting it on. When I was done I sat on him again like I did earlier. His eyes still had a bit of guilt in them. Ok what is he so guilty about.

 I wrapped my arms around his neck and went to his ear. "Why do you seem guilty?" I whispered in his ear. "No I'm not." He said sounding a little bit quite unsure. "I can see it in your eyes Justin. Just tell me. I'm all ears." I whispered. I kissed his neck and he tensed up.

 "Makenna, I have a girlfriend." He said, making me freeze and look at him. "And who is that?" I asked. "Selena Gomez. She is moving in tomorrow." he said. On the outside I was happy for him but on the inside I felt heartbroken because I thought he was in love with me. 

"That's great. i cant wait to meet her." I said fake smiling and  getting off of Justin. I walked to the stairs. "Well wait." Justin walked to me turning me around. I was pulling the cut off finger tip gloves so they would come off. "Why didn't you just get strippers?" he asked.

"Well Diamond didn't want another girl pleasing her man so yea." I said about to turn but he stopped me. "Why didn't she just do it with the strippers?" he said. Ugh. can I go to my room. "Well she didn't want to do it with strangers." I answered ready for bed.

"Why was I pared with you? not that I didn't want you it's just I thought the other girls that were single wanted me." he stated. Ok I'm going to rip his throat. "because Justin. D'aja wanted Ryan, Grace wanted Alfredo, B'onca wanted Chaz cuz they made out the other day, and you know about Diamond. Ok? Can I leave?" I said pissed off. He didn't say anything so I took that as a yes.  

 I got to my room and slammed it. I should've known. Why am I falling for this guy? He is my leader, he shouldn't be anything more or less. I went into my closet to get a robe. When I walk out of the closet with the robe on but not tied I see Diamond and Austin sitting.

 "Oh shit." I said holding my heart trying to see if it will start again. "What was that about?" Diamond asked. "What was what about?" I said finally breathing regularly. "You sounding pissed at Justin and you slamming doors." She stated. I rolled my eyes and looked into the mirror with my arms crossed.

  I heard my door open and closed. I looked out the corner of my eye to see Diamond was here but Austin left. Diamond came behind me hugging me. She rested her cheek on my shoulder and I rested my head on hers. "What's wrong babe?" she said.

 "Well I gave Justin a lap dance. Then I noticed everyone else was gone. So during the lap dance, I looked into his eyes." I said remembering every detail. "Ooooo what else happened?" Diamond said with a big smile on her face. I chuckled.

 "When I looked into his eyes their was lust and guilt. Then I sat on his lap and whispered 'why was he guilty' in his ear." i said. She shook her head so I could continue. "Well he answered that he has a girlfriend. She's moving in tomorrow. Her name is Selena Gomez." I said. Diamond looked shocked and told me to continue.

 "I felt awkward and said great and I couldn't wait to meet her when in reality I can.  So I got off of him and went to the stairs. But he stopped me and asked me so many questions and all I wanted was to go to bed. So I got pissed and walked up here and slammed the door." I said walking away from her.

 "What a bitch." She said. I sat on my bed. "I'm going to stop with it all." I said bluntly. "Stop what?" She asked. "This. I'm not going to be no ones side chick; especially not his. You have to know that if a girl or boy is a side, then They get no respect and the guy or girl they are in love with or like wont either. It also means that you don't have respect for yourself and the person that you are there side don't see you as more then a side. You get stuck in that position till that person found the one or stops coming to you for whatever they want. I cant do that." I said pacing back and forth across the room.

 "No one said you were his side chick though." She said. "Well he treats me like one." I said bluntly. "How would you know how it feels to be a side chick?" She asked. "Because I saw it happen to my mom. Hell I'm a side chick baby. My mom was a side chick to my dad. He bolted when he found out I was his kid. I don't want that to be me." I said with a tear in my eye.

  I went back to the mirror. I looked at myself and I felt like I looked like a slut. "I'm sorry that happened to you Kenna. I really am. But no one told you to follow your mother's life style. You follow your own and be proud of it." She said walking to me, hugging me from behind.

 "Then why do I feel like one? Look at me. I look like a slut." I said looking at myself. "Well that is just you having feelings for a guy you really think is the one but you see girls with him and then you think that you are a side chick. And I have looked at you and you look sexy right now." She said with a smile. That just made me laugh.

 "Well thanks but I know your just saying that to make me feel better." I said smiling. "No I'm for real. I think you genuinely look sexy right now." She said looking at me. "Well thanks." I said turning to her and hugging her. "Your welcome shawty." She pulled out of the hug and went to the door. "Goodnight." She said. "Goodnight." I said

 I took off the my robe and the heels. I was to tired to take the lingerie off so I just slept in that.

          ****Next Morning****    Austin​'s POV​

 When the girls planned there little party last night I was tired. I woke to the sound of a blow dryer going. I looked at the bathroom seeing Diamond. She was wearing black skinny jeans and a blue crop top that said shine bright like a diamond in little blue studs with a diamond on it. I walked up to her and put my arms around her.

 "Morning sexy" She said looking at me through the mirror. "Morning beautiful." I said kissing her cheek. "I'm going down stairs." Diamond yelled since she went into the other room. "K" I said. I did what I had to do, took a shower, did my hair which I only had to gel it, put clothes, socks and my shoes on.

 I wore my 'whatever' shirt with black jeans and my white and black Jordan's. I went downstairs to see Ryan, Chaz, Justin, and Diamond. I saw this other girl. She looked alright but eh I don't care. I walked over to Diamond and kissed her. "Morning guys." I said. "Morning." everyone said.

  "Oh Austin. This is my girlfriend Selena. Selena this is my friend Austin." Justin introduced. "Hi." she said. Wow ok someone isn't a morning person but I cant blame her I'm not either. I heard someone come down. It was Makenna. She was wearing short shorts with her 'come @ me bitch' shirt. She was also wearing purple Supras.

 Her hair was naturally wavy and it looked like beach waves. She looked at Selena and smiled at her but Selena just Gave her a stank face. Well jeez. Today is going to be a fun day. Please note my sarcasm.

           Makenna's POV​

 Well I saw the lovebirds. I'm so fucking tired. All night I kept on having dreams about Justin so I just stayed up till 3am. That was when I blacked out. Well anyway I went outside to go smoke a cigarette when I heard someone come out. I turned and it was Selena. I lite my cigarette and smoked it.

 The next thing I know she takes the cigarette out of my mouth and stomps it out. "Bitch what the hell is your problem?" I yelled. She looked at me with a stank eye. "Hello can you hear? I just asked you what...." "I know what you said. Now you leave Justin alone or your out of here." she said with a smirk.

 "Um bitch hold the fuck up. Who is you trying to tell me what to do? You lucky I wont pop your as right now." I said getting closer to her. "I'm not scared of you. So how bout you back the fuck off of Justin and we wont have problems." She said and pushed me. Bitch wrong choice.

 "Hit me again." I said getting pissed. She slapped me and I hooked the fuck out of the bitch with the back of my gun. I started to kick her until I was pulled back. "Makenna stop." Alfredo said. Justin got Selena but she wanted to fight back but she was held back too. "No this bitch think I'm not afraid to pop a bitch then let me show her I'm not afraid. let go of me." I yelled fighting to get to her.

 "Justin let me go. This hoe doesn't know who she is dealing with." she said doing the same thing I was. I stopped fighting and just laughed my ass off. "What's so funny bitch?" she said. "You think...y-y-you b-i-ig and bad. Wow girl you should do stand up." I said holding my stomach.

 Alfredo started to laugh and let go of me. I was laughing to damn hard to go for her. I stopped laughing and saw Selena try to go for me. "Bitch wrong idea." I said pointing my gun at her. she stopped and backed away. Everyone was outside now.

 Austin and Diamond came up to m but I pointed the gun everywhere and only diamond was behind me. I pointed it back at Selena because she lunged. "Put the gun down she ain't worth it ok." She whispered in my ear. "This bitch  think I'm playin." I said back. "Makenna put the gun down." Justin said.

 "No this bitch think she one of us. She think she is the badest then maybe all the girls and maybe guys here. I'm not the bitch to mess with. I'm not scared to pull this trigger. Everyone know that." I said walking a little closer to her. "Don't do this." Diamond said.

 "Ok. I wont. But if this bitch want to pop of again then I wont be afraid to put a new hole in her prissy ass." I said the last sentence in gridded teeth in her face. I walked off to my spot to cool off. I went into the woods to the creek and sat on the rock with the shade.

  I closed my eyes, took a deep breathe, and listen to the birds chirping and the creek water trickle down the rocks. I felt better after a few minutes. I heard footsteps and got up and pointed my gun at the person. It was Justin. I let out a sigh and put my gun back in the back strap of my shorts.

 "What are you doing here?" I asked walking back to the tree with my arms crossed. "Well I came to see if you were ok." He said standing next to me. He wrapped his arms around me. "Leave me alone. Go back to your slut." I said unwrapping his arms from me and walked away. He sighed. 

 "She isn't a slut and What she said wasn't true." he said. "Then what was true Justin. Is she now apart of us? Is she now going to control us?" I yelled. "NO SHE ISNT. WHERE DID THIS JEALOUSY COME FROM? HUH?" he yelled. "Ha Like I'm jealous of hoemez. Get real." I said.

 "EVER SINCE I TOLD YOU LAST NIGHT ABOUT HER, YOU BEEN A TOTAL BITCH." he yelled. "WELL WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS JUSTIN." I yelled annoyed. "BECAUSE YOUR JEALOUS." he yelled. I knew my eyes were now black. I had my back to him but then I turned to face him.


  "I always go for the piece of shit that don't give a damn about me or what I do. I'm so fucking stupid and not surprised either. I love you and I cant have you. You know what, I'm done." I said through gritted teeth with tears coming down my face. I was in his face saying it too.

 I didn't even give him time to answer because I stormed off. "Wait Makenna." Justin grabbed my wrist and I stopped. "I said I'm done." I turned to slap him but I couldn't do it. I just yanked my wrist from his grip and ran home. I went to my room crying. I locked myself in my room not wanting to talk to anyone.

 I heard a few knocks on  the door. "Girl, its me Diamond. Please let me in." she said through the door. "No go away." I yelled. "Please I'm all alone and I got you a little sum sum." she said. I walked to the door unlocked it let her in and locked it again. She had Chocolate. That is my shit.

 She put the chocolate down and went to hug me. I accepted the hug and cried into her shoulder. "It's going to be ok. Hey you want chocolate?" she offered. "No." I cried even more. "Ok now I need to kick Justin's ass cuz you usually take the chocolate the moment it is seen or heard." she said rubbing my back.

  "No the chocolate reminds me of his eyes. Especially the chocolate with caramel." I said crying more. I let go of her and went to my bed. Diamond got in bed with me holding me. We heard footsteps and a knock. "Hey Makenna. Its me Austin. Can I come in or no?" He asked. "Can you unlock my door for him please?" I asked diamond.

 "of course baby." She said walking and unlocking the door and opening it a little. She walked back over to me and got in the same position she was in. Austin walked in and said aw. "What are you awing for?" Diamond said. Austin got on the other side of me and spooned me and Diamond.

 "I saw our baby girl being held by her mommy and now by her daddy." He said chuckling. I laughed at the little nicknames he gave us and himself. I know he is playing and all but they are like my family. Austin is 19, Diamond is 19 and I'm 18. So they are like family to me.

 "Well Baby girl isn't in a good mood." I said snuggling into Diamond more. We all were under the blanket and I will not lie I fell asleep because I felt so safe. A few hours later and Diamond and Austin were gone. I got up and put on my flip flops since my shoes and socks were take off me.

 I walked out of my room and went downstairs. I saw that Justin and Selena were eating each others faces off. I walked into the kitchen to see Diamond. "Hey sleepy head." She said looking at me. "Hey." I said. I heard someone come in and it was Justin. I'm done with him. If I'm a side to him then I don't care.

 He came up to but diamond pushed me behind her. He sighed. "Can I talk to Makenna Please?" he asked. Diamond looked at me and I shook my head yes. "If anything happens don't be scared to call mama bear." She said. I smiled. "Ok mama bear." She smiled and gave Justin the evil eye then walked into the other room.

 "What you want?" I said getting a water. "I want to know why you are acting like this." he said. "Don't act like I didn't explain it outside by the creek." I said closing the fridge. "I know you explained it. Just stop." He said annoyed. "You want me, not need me." He said with black in his eyes.

 "You don't know what I want or need. So don't come at me telling me What I want and/or need. You don't know me Justin." I said getting in his face. I walked away when Selena bumped into me. I rolled my eyes and went to my room to get my dance stuff. I went into my room and changed into this:

 I put my hair up in a ponytail. I gabbed my phone, bottle water and my dance bag and went downstairs. I was looking at my phone to see when the gym closed. "Where do you think your going?" Selena said. I held my middle finger up at her but I was still looking at my phone. I put my phone in my dance bag.

 "Now what you want I got to go." I said annoyed. "Your not going anywhere." she said. "Well then why are my legs taking me to my car." I asked. "But there not." She said. "Oh yea well what are my legs doing now." I asked walking to my car. "Makenna your not going anywhere." Justin Said. My hand was on the knob.

 "And why is that?" I asked. "Because rival gangs are going there." he said. "Ok how does that have to do with me?" I asked turning around. "They kill other gangs that aren't in there's." he said. "Justin I will be fine I said turning around opening and walking out of the door. 

 "Makenna your not going." Justin said. I looked at him and walked to him. I was a few inches away from him. "Justin, You might not have noticed but I have gang tattoos on me. I have been doing this for years. I've got myself." I said walking away and to my car, speeding down the rode so I wouldn't have to hear anymore shit.


   A/N: hey yall. This one is a long one so I hope you like it. Comment, like, and favorite plz. tell your friends plz. I start high school tomorrow so yea. well bye. love yall happy reading.


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