My Life As A Demigod

Me as A Demigod


1. My POV

"come on, Ellie!'' yelled Jason. jerk. "for the last time, i'm not part of this quest, Jason!" i yelled back. "come on, don't you wanna help us kick some monster butt?" Leo piped up. " no," i replied. " come on, live a little!" Leo yelled. " no, Leo, i'm going to keep my boring life as just another Athena girl," i yelled back. "why? that's boring!" yelled Jason. "for you maybe," i yelled. as i walked around the room picking up books, Leo, Jason, and i yelled back and forth until Leo jumped in front of me. ''no," i told him. "oh come on! youve never even been on a quest before!" said Jason. "and i'd like to keep it that way, thanks," i replied. ''come on please?"  i hesitated. "fine." 

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