Lauren lives with her mum who is never home. Her mum is always out drinking and no where to be seen. Lauren ends up being with the past friend of hers, the one who was always somehow there even when they were not best friends for a couple years. No one knows about Lauren and her boyfriends break downs. No one knows how the bruises truly happen. No one knows the exact truth except them, because they are living it.


1. Fire Ball

Lauren's POV:

I watch as the lights flash throughout the house. Music blares through speakers and everyone is dancing. Drinks are all over the place, in peoples hands and on the floor. A bottle of fireball whiskey is in my hand as I watch everyone.

"Lauren get over here!" Lexi yells as she dances with her boyfriend. "Get your ass over here and dance."

I laugh and shake my head at how drunk she is. "Nope." I say and take a long sip from the bottle.

She frowns and then gets back to dancing with her boyfriend. I sigh and walk across the room towards the stairs. I walk up them until I get all the way to the top floor. The attic I assume. I turn on the light and sit in the open window.

I stare outside at the skyline of all the houses and buildings. The music downstairs is muffled but I can still hear it and some voices.

"What are you doing up here?" Someone asks as they walk in the room.

"I had to get away for a while." I say and take another sip of the whiskey. I turn around to see Calum Hood. "I have history with you." I say.

"And math." Calum says and sits on the floor beside my window. "I had to get away for a while too."

I hand him my bottle and sit down beside him. I watch as he takes a long sip. "What time is it anyways?" I ask.

"Like three in the morning." Calum sighs. "My friends are downstairs with their idiotic girlfriends. Except Michael, he's probably screwing someone."

"Hey, Lexi is dating Ashton, don't call her idiotic." I laugh. "Even when she's drunk."

"Okay, okay." Calum laughs. I take the bottle from him and take a long sip from it.

I lean my head back on the brick wall and let out a long sigh. "God I wanna go home." I yawn. "I'm too drunk to drive."

"Me too, I think I'm just gonna stay here though, since its Michaels house." Calum says. "You're welcome to stay."

"I think I'll stay." I smile. "As long as you sneak me out in the morning." I laugh.

"Don't worry." Calum laughs. "I will."


I wake up with my head on Calums chest and his arm wrapped around me. "Wake up." I groan and roll over so I'm laying on his arm.

I look at my phone to see its noon. We only slept for seven hours. I sigh and laugh as Calum groans. "Don't laugh, my head hurts."

"Poor Calum." I laugh.

"I'm serious Lauren." He laughs. "Damn I need medication."

I laugh and stare up at the ceiling and sigh. I turn on my side to face Calum. I watch as he smiles and looks at me. "Are you staring at me?" He asks.

"No." I laugh.

"Whatever." Calum laughs and closes his eyes again.

I stare at his dark brown hair and his eyelashes. I smile at his smile when he breathes and the way his hair lays.

"I know your staring at me." Calum says.

"No I'm not." I laugh and lay my head back on his chest. Calum laughs and wraps his arm back around me.

"Goodnight again." He says.

"Goodnight." I smile.

I really hope you all enjoy this first chapter. Thanks to L.Hood's idea I think this movella is going to be great. Love you allxx


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