The Impossible Girl

Anastasia is a good, sweet girl. Her idea of excitement is Tuesday night’s book club. She was engaged to who she thought was Mr. Right, but after discovering his infidelity she was completely devastated.

Ana’s friend whisked her away to Vegas for a weekend of fun to forget her troubles but after a night of drinking, Ana woke up not remembering anything, including the Adonis she has woken up next too, so like any respectable young woman, Ana took off before her mystery man woke up not realizing she had married him.
Vincent Wolfe is famous for his ghost hunting television show. He takes pride in his work and he is forever dedicated to it. The years of hunting the supernatural has taken its toll on Vincent’s soul and he thanks to it, he is cold and jaded, but he doesn’t mind it, he is married to his work and will be a forever bachelor.
But after a night of heavy drinking, Vincent realizes the huge and has to find Ana before his dirty little secret gets out, but when he finds his new


1. The Hangover

Author’s Note:

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.  If any of you are familiar with my work, this story will be easily recognizable.  It is a re-write of my very successful book “Waking up Hitched in Vegas”.  Although I have un-fanfiction it and have made some change so if you have enjoyed Waking up Hitched I am positive you will love reading The Impossible Girl with all its changes.

For those who have not read Waking up Hitched, this story was originally written by me, but as a fanfiction to feature Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures as my main male character, along with his companions, Nick and Aaron. 

Thank you




The Impossible Girl


Chapter One
The Hangover

Sex: The thing that takes up the least amount of time and causes the most trouble - John Barrymore

The sun was coming in through the crack of the curtain; a concentrated beam was right in Ana’s eyes. She groaned and cracked them open which had been a big mistake; the ray of light was as bright as a thousand suns burning her retinas. She rolled onto her back and felt the worst wave of nausea sweep over.

Moaning, she slung her arm over her eyes, trying to shield out the blazing glow. Ana had the world's worst hangover in the history of hangovers ... ugh ... What even happened last night? She wondered. The whole night was a blank; she could not even remember coming back to her hotel room.

Anastasia Campbell was on her honeymoon, or what was supposed to be her honeymoon. Two days ago had been her big day.  She was supposed to marry Justin, the man of her dreams, but the night before the wedding she had found him with another woman. That no good loser!

She and Justin had moved in together almost a year ago but in good tradition he had insisted that he could not see his bride before the wedding, it would be bad luck, so Ana had gone to stay with her best friend for the night, but At two a.m., Ana had been suffering from a bad case of cold feet and needed to hear his reassuring voice.  All Ana had wanted was to hear him say that this was the right thing to do, but when she put in the call to his mobile, a woman had answered.

He had been in bed sleeping with another woman.


When Ana’s girlfriends found out about her soon-to-be husband they hatched the plan to visit Las Vegas, which had been her honeymoon trip with Justin. At the time she had been too distraught to argue and after all the trip had been all paid for anyway, so why not?

The small holiday had been all right, but Ana was not in the party mood and when it was time to pack up and go home, she had pleaded with her girls to have one more night, just to herself, before she had to go home to Florida and face the giant mess of her … ex-fiancé. 

Ana had not technically called off the wedding; in fact, she had just taken off, without a word to anyone. She knew when she got back she would have several apologies to make along with having to find a new place to live.

Ana had stayed in Las Vegas an extra day with the intention of just relaxing, which meant watching movies on Lifetime and gorging on room service but obviously her night had taken a different turn from its original plan, because here she was in bed with the mother of all hangovers.

Trying to recall what she had done the night before was too painful for her poor brain. Ana dropped her arm down and very carefully opened her eyes again.  To her relief, the pain was not as bad as the first time around. She focused on the cream-colored ceiling until the room stopped spinning. She squinted and blinked several times, staring at the fancy ceiling light above.

Where had that come from? There was no ceiling light in my room … or was there? Ana tried to recall, but who paid attention to those sorts of details, right?  Unfortunately for her trying to think caused a whole new wave of nausea to come over her.

Ana closed her eyes and took a few calming breaths, stamping down the sick feeling in her stomach. She should get some water ... water was good for a hangover right? Ana couldn't quite recollect what the experts said about it nowadays. She had not had a hangover this bad since her days of going to clubs, and those days had been very limited. Ana rolled back to her right side and slowly opened her eyes.

Okay I can do this, she thought. Just put your feet down very, very slowly and ... crawl to the mini fridge for some water.

With her eyes cracked opened, she waited for the room to come into focus. As she did so she stared at the sheer curtain that was letting in far too much light. Who uses sheer curtains in a bedroom anyway? Ana glared a bit longer at the silly thing, her brain slowly processing what it was seeing; the curtain was pulled over a patio door.

Her hotel room had no patio doors; in fact the curtains to her room had been the most hideous light blue with giant flowers all over, and she distinctly remembered Cathy commenting how her grandmother had a couch that would match it.

Ana sat up like a bolt of lightning had hit her, causing the room to go into full tilt mode.  She ignored it and frantically tried to focus on anything familiar in the room. It was obviously a hotel room, but not her room. Had she just stumbled into some random room?

Her eyes traveled through the large luxurious room until it came to the foot of the bed. Her heart stopped beating. There was a pair of feet in her bed ... feet that did not belong to her. 

Oh god...

She swallowed the massive wave of nausea.

Ana slowly let her eyes travel up the feet that were poking out the white sheet. They were connected to a pair of legs. Legs that undoubtedly belong to man or a woman who needed to get acquainted with a razor.  The legs had been all tangled up in the sheet as Ana kept following the line of flesh and sheet that curved to a backside...


Quickly deterring her eyes from the nice looking rump, she let her eyes travel up until they reached the strangers back, which was uncovered.  Ana’s mystery bed partner laid on their stomach with his head turned away. Whoever the man was, he was tall, much taller than she.  His feet dangled several inches off the bed while his head was practically shoved into the headboard.

During her panicked assessment, Ana did not fail to notice that the strange man was built like some sort of mythical warrior – well, from the back he seemed to be. From his thick shoulders and biceps, to the perfect curves in his back, he was a work of art and to compliment that art was a giant tattoo between his shoulder blades. A ghostly figure of a dark angel with its arms open stared back at her.

Ana found herself shivering at the ominous creature and quickly averted her eyes from the dark figure, but in doing so her gaze landed on another tattoo which was stamped on his large bicep.  A giant Celtic cross adorned his massive arm. Feeling flushed, she finished her quick evaluation of her unknown consort. He had a full head of midnight black hair, which was quite messy and looking as frazzled as she felt.

Who was this man? And where the hell was she?

Ana’s adrenaline finally decided to jump-start.  She rolled out of bed like it had caught fire and looked around wildly, unsure what do to next. Never in her life had she been in a situation like this. She looked around in a panic and unable to control her body any longer she started to hop on one foot then on the other shaking her hands in front of her like a madwoman.

"Oh god, oh god ..." She mumbled to herself.

Ana looked down and to her horror she was naked.

Still feeling the alcohol in her system, Ana’s thinking was slow but her current situation came crashing down. She was not in her room and she probably had sex with a stranger she didn't remember. Ana’s breathing came in short puffs as her heart began to race like she had just run a marathon.

She needed clothes, now! She screamed to herself.

Scanning the room frantically, she spotted her tank top and bra near the front door. Ana dove for them and dressed in record time, all the while keeping an eye on the beautiful stranger.

"Where are my pants?" She quietly cried, dramatically shaking her hands again.

Ana rushed around the room as stealthily as she could, and found her jeans slung over one of the chairs. She slipped them on until she remembered she had no underwear on. Where the hell are they? Rushing around, she buttoned up her trousers but kept her wild eyes scanning the room for the missing undergarments until she felt something hard in her pocket.

Her phone!

Not wasting another second, she woke the phone from its sleep which showed over fifty missed calls and text messages.  She had muted the phone when she left for Las Vegas and had not looked at it since.  Ignoring all the calls she missed, Ana quickly dialed Cathy’s number.

"Ana, how are you darlin'?" Cathy's southern drawl answered after the first ring.

"Oh my god, Cathy you have to help me!" Ana whispered into the phone, her voice shook with panic.

"What's wrong babe, why are you whispering?"

"Well… see, I have no idea where I am!" Ana inhaled sharply, trying to calm her racing heart. "Oh god, Cathy ... " She looked around the room searching for her purse, forgetting the underwear.

"What?" Ana’s best friend’s voice climbed in panic, matching hers, "Ana, calm down! What do you mean you don't know where you are?"

"Okay, I don't know what the hell happened last night, but I drank too much ... I think. So here I am, waking up in a different room." Sweat beaded on her forehead as she spurred herself into motion and resumed her search for her purse. Ana crouched down and peeked under the bed. "I woke up, not in my room." Not seeing her handbag under the bed she straightened back up, her eyes landing on the mystery man. “... And in bed with a guy ..."

"What?!" She shrieked in the phone, causing Ana to move it from her ear.

"Shhhh, I don't want to wake him up." Ana looked back at the stranger who was still out like a light.

"Who is he?"

"I don't know! ... Oh God, I slept with a guy I don't even know!" Ana was breathing so hard that she was about to hyperventilating.

"Okay, Ana, Sweetie, calm down ... you are not in your hotel?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Look on the TV or the night table; there should be something with the hotel name on it, like a card or something, telling you where you are."

Ana nodded and did as she was told and soon found a card on the dresser with the name of the hotel. She quickly snatched the paper.

"Hampton, am at the Hampton!"

"OOO ... how posh!"

"That's just a few blocks from my hotel room." Ana recalled.

"So what does he look like? Is he hot?"

"Cathy!" Ana hissed.

"What? I’m curious!"

Ana tiptoed to the bed and gazed down at the man feeling the same curiosity felt Cathy.

"I don't know ... he is on his stomach ..." Her gaze locked on the tattoo on his back again, which for some odd reason was calling to her, begging her to touch it.  Ana shook her head, berated herself.  She had to get out of here. "I can't find my purse."

Just then her handsome stranger started to stir. He moaned softly and began to roll onto his back.

"Oh shit! He's waking up!" Ana whispered harshly.

Ana froze in place, while Cathy screeched something at but she couldn't hear her.  All Ana could hear was her heart beating in her ears, the blood pounding through her veins. Ana did the only thing she could think of. She dropped to her knees and hid at the foot of the bed.

"What's happening?" She heard Cathy's voice.

"I'm ... hiding." She replied as softly as she could.

"Hiding? What the hell is wrong with you girl! Just get back in the bed and say, hey hot stuff, want to perform an encore?"

Ana ignored Cathy's suggestion and waited for some form of sounds but after several minutes, no more noises came from the bed. Very carefully, she peeked up and noticed the man was now on his back ... Still asleep, thank heavens. He had slung one of his arms over the top of his head while the other was across the bed where Ana had laid.

"He didn't wake up ..." She whispered.

Ana stood up and her eyes went to the man’s bare chest. She tried hard not to ogle but it was hard not to. The man had the most beautiful chest she had ever seen. From the carved planes to his washboard abs, he was perfect. His chest was bare of any hair and he truly was a work of art. Ana’s gaze darted to his face ... and with a strangled gasp she dropped her phone.

"Holy shit ..." She gasped taking a step back. She knew this man.

Well, she didn’t know him personally, but Ana knew him, from television ... how could this even happen? In in a trance of horror, she kept backing up until her butt hit the dresser.

"ANA?!" She heard the loud shriek from the ground.

Snapping out of the trance, Ana hurried and grabbed her phone.  Her hands shook worse than a leaf in the autumn wind.

"Ana?! What is going on?"

"I ... I – dropped the phone." She said her throat suddenly parched and dry. "I know him ..." She said in disbelief.

"Who is it? Don't tell me it's Justin or I am going to come back to Vegas and kick your butt girl."

"It can't be ..." She said numbly.

"Ana, talk to me!" Cathy's tone was growing impatient.

"It's that guy ... you know from that Ghost television show ..." Ana’s mind was blank while Cathy was silently waiting for the grand reveal. "It’s Vincent ... oh god, its Vincent Wolfe ..." Ana felt her legs growing weak as she leaned back on the dresser that her butt had bumped into.

"No, there is no way girl! Its Vegas, he probably just looks like him. Check his ID, look for his pants and check his ID."

Ana nodded and spotted his pants by the chairs, where hers had been. She grabbed the black cargo trousers and felt around for a wallet, finding it in the back pocket, attached to a chain that went to his belt. Ana yanked it out and found his driver's license as soon as she flipped it open. It listed his name and address.

"It's him Cathy ..." She whispered in disbelief, her nausea suddenly returning.

"Holy shit, you slut, you had sex with the hottest ghost hunter on TV!" Cathy laughed excitedly.

Ana looked back at Vincent to make sure he was still sleeping; she then put the wallet back and dropped the pants on the ground.

"I have to get out of here." Ana gasped, feeling sick to her stomach. "But I can't find my purse!"

"Don't run off, you should stay there!"

"No way, am getting out of here. I will call you later." Ana hung up without waiting for her friend’s reply.

Ana checked the bathroom, hoping to find her handbag, but the room was empty.  Her gaze caught her wild reflection in the mirror.  Her hair was a mess and she looked like she could use another ten hours of sleep. 

Staring at the mirror image of herself she shook her head.  This was not her.  She was not a one night stand girl.  She didn’t get drunk or sleep with strangers she couldn’t remember.  She was a good girl.  She was a librarian, Tuesday night book club was the highlight of her week, and she did not do things like this.

A moan came from the other room as Vincent started to stir again; Ana forgot about her purse and hoped she had left it in her room. She bolted for the door and reached for the handle. As she did so, her eyes locked on a small gold band on her ring finger. Ana’s brow furrowed at the strange thing, but she quickly dismissed it, there was no time to wonder about that now.

Ana gave Vincent a last glance. It was too bad she couldn't remember last night, the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her.  Sex with a really gorgeous man, and she would never remember it.

Her eyes lingering on Vincent a moment longer, she memorized his body splayed across the bed with the white sheet tangled around his body. His raven black hair tousled, clinging to the pillow ... Ana smiled sadly and opened the door, slipping out silently she shut the door as quietly as possible.


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