The Box

"I begin to walk towards Grandfather’s study when I feel a bony hand with sharp, way-too-perfectly manicured nails dig into my elbow.
'Do take off your shoes...Darling.' She says, a slight edge to her voice.
'Of course.' We had a habit of bickering discreetly. She only invited me because of my mother. I only came because of my grandfather."


1. And So Begins My Summer

“Maria!” I hear my mother calling my name, but I ignore her. I throw my clothes into my suitcase angrily and messily.

Mother informed me two days ago we would be traveling to my Grandparents house for the summer. Not my father’s parents, but my mothers.

My father’s parents lived on a ranch and let me ride horses. My mother’s parents were city stifflers. They lived in an ancient house and it was amazingly mysterious. But, I wasn’t aloud to explore it! Although, this summer things were going to change.


“MARIA!” my Mother screams.

“What?” I call down the staircase, dragging my suitcases behind me.

“It’s time to go.” She says bluntly.

“Kay.” I whisper.

“What?” she asks me.

“Okay.” I say loudly.

“Whatever, just get in the car.” she says. And so there begins my summer.

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