Her Dragon

"Jayde..." Her mother stopped, her hands twisting nervously. "You're not... exactly...well.... You're not human."

Jayde stared at her mom, then started laughing. "You are joking, right? How am I not human, when you're a human?" She looked around, expecting others to be laughing, but they all stared at her silently, their faces blank masks. She turns back to her mom. "What do you mean?"

"You're a vampire."

Jayde Vaninee has never believed in the mythical things - vampires, faeries, etc. But she has just been told that she's a vampire, and that her parents were vampires.

They've sent her to a boarding school for the mythical, and now she's trapped in there until she can control her 'darker' needs.

While there, she meets a dragon shifter, Ryuu Pendragon. He claims that she's his mate, the one he can't live without. He's also the one that makes her feel things she never expected too.


1. A New School

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Blaring the music louder through her earbuds, Jayde Vaninee stared angrily out her window. As the song "The Legacy" by Black Veil Brides played, Jayde glared towards her mom in the front seat of the car.

Being sent to a weird private school wasn't going to make her rebel any less. Her mom was just a jerk who thought it would help control her. Or she was just getting rid of Jayde so that she and her husband could be alone for a while.

Gritting her teeth to keep herself from saying something she'd regret, she turned back to look out her window. There were trees everywhere she looked. It was an endless parade of tree after tree and had been for the past twenty minutes since they'd gone through the gate. About ten minutes earlier she'd seen a deer on the edge of the trees, grazing without a care in the world. It was cool, but at the same time, it made her wonder how far away the school was from the gates. Why would a school be in the middle of a dang forest?

After another thirty to forty minutes the trees began to thin out until they were in a clearing. Right smack dab in the center of the clearing, was a humongous building. It was a mansion look-alike from the movie Rigoletto, with a circle drive in front of it so cars could easily get back out.

But the mansion was absolutely beautiful. It was two floors of brick, with columns to the left and right of the front door. For being a school, it was awful fancy and a little too quiet. Where were all the kids? 

The car pulled to a stop and Jayde crossed her arms to show she wasn't in the mood to talk. However, her step-dad reached over and pulled her left earbud out. 

"Jayde Elizabeth, it's time to grow up ad stop pouting like a child. Get out of the car before I force you out." Tucker said it firmly, locking his eyes with hers in a battle of wills.

Eventually Jayde gave up and glared at him as she unbuckled. To be more annoying, she stuck the earbud back in place as she opened the door and got out. As her mother got out of the car, Tucker walked around the car to her side. He cut a glance to Jayde, his face set in stone as he stared at her for a moment then turned away.

Muttering under her breath, Jayde slipped her sunglasses on and huddled under the hood of her sweatshirt as the sun danced across her sunburned face. It sucked being allergic to the sun, especially since it really set her apart from everybody else. 

Two men stepped out of the front door as it swung open wide. The first man really caught Jayde's attention. He was short, had glasses, and was a bit chubby, yet he seemed to give the air around him a sense of confidence and power she'd never felt around anybody else. The second man, taller, more muscular and no glasses, seemed to be a quiet man, looking very calm as he stood behind and to the right of the first man.

Her mom, Natashia, walked towards them, smiling. Jayde swiftly, and very sneakily, pulled an earbud out and started to listen in on the conversation. 

"...very nice to see you again," Natashia said as she shook the shart man's hand. 

He smiled back at Natashia. "Very nice to see you as well, Mrs. Reinar. I hope your drive was well."

Jayde rolled her eyes in disgust. Ick.Pleasantries and small talk.

"Yes, sir, it did." Natashia turned to the taller man, her smile bigger. "And if it isn't Lace Crea. What are you up to?"

Sighing in annoyance again, Jayde cleared her throat loudly, staring at the back of her mom's head. Natashia turned to her, a sheepish smile on her face.

"Right. Mr.King, this is my daughter Jayde," her mother pulled her forward by her arm and put her hand on Jayde's shoulder. "She's going to be entering your school."

Jayde just looked at Mr. King, keeping her face impassive as the man smiled at her. She nodded politely at him when her mom elbowed her in the side. 

The taller one, the one her mom had called Lace, chuckled softly. "Certainly not talkative and seems to have an attitude. Just like you were in high school, Tash."

Tucker nodded his agreement as he put his arm around Natashia. "Jayde is almost an exact replica in temperament to her mother. Can be a bit of a handful."

Scowling, Jayde turned and walked back to the car. A handful, huh? She popped the trunk open and angrily grabbed her suitcase, pulling it out. She grabbed her other duffel bag and set it on the ground as she slammed the trunk hatch, making Tucker turn and glare at her. She ignored him as she picked her duffel up and walked to her mom's side. 

"Natashia, she does know, right? You told her why you brought her here."

Jayde heard Tucker whisper to her mother, who turned bright red as she shook her head in the negative. Jayde scoffed and glared at Tucker. "Oh, I know why. It's because I'm a handful."

Natashia turned and glared at Tucker for a moment before turning to Jayde. "No, hun. That isn't why."

Mr. King decided to step in. "How could you not tell her before today, Natashia? You knew it was imperative that she knew before you came."

Scowling with irritation, Jayde pulls her other earbud out and glares at the adults around her. "Tell me what? Instead of screwing around and talking about me like I'm not here, tell me whatever it is I need to know!"

Everyone fell silent for a while until her mother stepped towards her. "Jayde..." Natashia paused, her hands twisting nervously. "You're not exactly... well...You aren't human."

Jayde stared at her mom in a stunned silence, then started laughing. "You are joking, right? You have to be. How am I not human, when you're a human?" She looked around at the others faces, expecting them to be laughing as well, but they were all staring at her silently, faces' blank masks. Frowning and wrapping her arms around herself, Jayde turned back to her mom. "Mom? What are you talking about?"

 Natashia was hugged tightly into Tucker's side before she continued. She gave Jayde a wan smile. "I mean what I said, that you aren't human." Her mom took a deep breath, looking up at Tucker for a reassuring smile and then looked Jayde directly in the eye. "Jayde, you're a vampire."

Silence blanketed the area as Jayde stared at her mom. Tucker was rubbing his hand up and down Natashia's arm as they waited for her reaction.

Trying not to freak out, Jayde closed her eyes and tried to breath away her fear and anger. After a minute or so, she opened her eyes and looked at her mom. "What are you then? Is dad a vampire? What about Tucker? Why didn't you tell me before this? Is this why I'm allergic to the sun? Why did you bring me here? What does this school actually teach?"

Once the first question left her mouth, the others just spilled out after. Jayde couldn't stop throwing the questions at her mom, needing to know those things. She finally was able to hold back the flood of questions and stared at Natashia.

Lace and Mr. King had stepped away from the family, giving them a private moment to talk things over. This was probably why it was usually a code to tell the kid they were a different species before they brought them to the school.

Natashia took a deep breath. "I'm a vampire as well, and so was your father." She paused as she thought of her first love, then continued after taking a deep breath. "As for Tucker, he isn't a vampire, but he isn't a human either. He's a faery. As for not telling you... Even when you were younger, you never truly believed in the supernatural, paranormal or fairy tales. You didn't even like me reading tall tales to you. I believed that you would never believe me if I told you, so I waited. I shouldn't have, but I did. Yes, being a vampire means being in the sun can be dangerous. We won't burst into flames the moment we step into the sun, but we will burn and blister so far into our skin that it'll reach our bones and organs. That's why you've always had to put on a lot of sunscreen to help fight it." Natashia stopped, pleading her daughter with her eyes to understand her actions.

After a moment, with Jayde being quiet as she fought back her confusion, Tucker spoke up.

"You were brought here to learn more about yourself and your species. Also about other species, but yours should come first. The school will also help you learn to control the thirst you'll start having for blood," he paused, emphasizing his last sentence before continuing. "This school teaches the same classes as your other one would, but there are other classes here you wouldn't see other places. They obviously teach about the supernatural, and there are no humans here."

Jayde played with the strap on her bag as she tried to process everything that was happening. She really hadn't ever believed in the supernatural, had never taken notice of it. But now, everything that had just seemed strange showed itself as being a result of the supernatural and her mom's real nature. Such as the weird, dark red 'drinks' her mom always had must have been blood.

Mr. King walked back to them, Lace following behind him. Jayde turned to them, narrowing her eyes at them.

"What species are you two from?" Jayde asked, curious to know.

The taller man - Lace - stepped forward with his hand stretched out to her. "Currently, Miss. Vaninee, I am the only other vampire residing at the school besides you."

Jayde tensed even more, ignoring his hand until he lowered it. "Ah. Nice to meet you."

Mr. King completely ignored her question as he looked at Natashia. "She'll be taken care of. She'll have the use of her phone and a laptop with internet access, so that she can communicate with you."

Natashia nodded then turned back to Jayde, her gaze worried and hesitant.

Jayde crossed her arms. "Will I have fangs and drink blood?"

Natashia blinked in surprise at the sudden question spoken so harshly. she cleared her throat and nodded, smiling at Jayde so her daughter saw that her canines  had grown slightly longer and sharper, as if on command. She would have to question more about that later.

Examining them quickly then looking away, Jayde put her earbuds back in and grabbed her bags. She started up the stairs, not looking back at the group as she made her escape. 

And she definitely wasn't going to hug her mom when she'd kept the truth away from her.  



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