HP Truth or Dare

A very.........special Potterhead. She will take dares or truths from The Epic Writers Of Movellas. If the characters refuse.... oh well. Bye bye, whoever refused. ( Told you she was special......)


6. day 5 (we've got truths!!!!!!!!!!)

Z hopped down the stairs that morning carrying two letters. "we've got truths, assholes! our first one is from the lovely @Beautiful Sayain Panda. She asks Voldie : would you ever consider resurrecting Kronos, the evil Titan lord?" i thought for a minute. "yes, as soon as i get out of here," i replied. "now, our second one is from Wormtail himself : to everyone (even Voldie) are you gay?" "no," said ginny. " no," said harry. "no," said hermione. "no," said ron. "no," said neville. "no," said luna. ''yes," said draco. "yes," said fred. "yes," said george. 'yes," said dumbledore. ''no,' said bellatrix. "no,'' said lusious. "no," said dobby. "no," i said. "all right then. see you all tomorrow!" z shouted.

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