From Ashes, To New Life

Natalia's whole family died in a devastating fire. So she is move to Australia to her Mums oldest, and closest friends home. But what she dosent expect is to find a half brother, and the three hottest guys on the planet.

p.s. (The boys aren't famous yet)
p.p.s im really bad at making blurbs, but I think that the story is really good, just not explain well enough.


3. Moving?

Natalia's POV

I walk into the rubble of what was left of my house, there wasn't much. The whole top level had collapsed and the stair-case was now just 3 stairs. Tears were not falling. Odd. I should be sobbing. My whole family is dead. I guess I've used up all of my tears.

"Can I please leave now?" I say to the monkey cop. It appears as if they have been assigned to me or something.

"Are you sure? We can stay a little longer if you want...'', He said softly. Like he might wake the dead if he didn't.   

I ignored him and just walked towards the cop car. Yes, I have to be driven around in a cop car. I stop when I see Duncan walking up the side walk, smiling. What a dick. How dare he come to the house where my family died!

"HOW DARE YOU COME HERE!!" I scream at him. I had completely forgotten him with what had been going on.

He stopped when he saw the house. His face went white, and a number of emotions crossed his face in quick succession. Then it went back to its normal cocky self. I can not believe how I couldn't see this before when we were dating.

"What happened here? Are you ok?" he says. I can not believe that he is asking if I'm alright. He doesn't deserve the right to ask anything of me.

"What do you want?" I ask him.

"I want you back." He says not meeting my eyes, "Also my the rent for my house is due in two days... I'm late by 8 months."     

I got in the car and locked the doors. He glared at me and stalked off. Thank God!! Other times he has yelled or not talked to me for days to make me give him some money. I always had.

We arrived at the police station. Monkey as per usual was rambling on about something stupid.  When we walked in to the front desk, we were confronted by a woman in a business suit. She look very firm with her bun pulled back very tightly pulling her face in to a point. It made her look strict and hard.

"I'm Ms Cannon, I'm here to relocate you to your new family. If you would like to come with me into a more private area we can then get straight to business." She said in a surly tone. I followed her in to a meeting area with about ten or twelve seats. I chose one in the middle of the table and she sat across from me. She place a very big pile of stacked sheets in the middle of both of us.

"These are your parents Will's, they had a joint will that was evenly distributed between you  and your sister but because she has passed away with them everything, including there fortune. Your mother also decided what would happen to you and where you would live. She has an old friend from childhood, they had a falling out but your mother has obviously gotten over it or realised that she would be the best person to look after you. Beth Miller." She said in a strictly business tone.

"I don't know her." I say slowly back to her.

"Well, you are going to live with her in Australia-" She started to say but I cut in with, "AUSTRALIA! I"M NOT GOING TO LIVE IN AUSTRALIA! ALL OF MY FRIENDS ARE HERE!! MY LIFE IS HERE!!" I yell at her. How dare she try and say that I have to move to Australia!

"I understand that this is going to be a big change for you but this is what your mother put in her will for you. Now lets move" She started to say, but again was cut off by me.

"I don't believe you." I scream at her.

" Would you please stop cutting me off. It is quiet rude. Knowing your parents social standing they must have taught you better manners than that?" Ms Conner jabbed, "Your parents left you quite a considerable fortune of 30 million and we are still working out if there is anymore from the houses insurance policy, but that should be enough to keep you going for most of you life if you aren't stupid in spending it." She snapped with a pointed glare at me.

"Hhh, whatever."  I say looking at the floor. If I have to move to Australia I'm going to, but I don't have to happy about it. I make a promise to my-self that I'm not going to have any fun going to Australia. At least I'm rich, but with no family. I didn't know that Mum and Dad were so rich.



Hi this isn't apart of the story. Lol. But just saying thank you to the 90 views that I have gotten in TWO DAYS!!!! Thank you! :) P.S Sorry for any spelling mistakes or grammar errors :'(




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