Trust is hard to find

Life has been hard for Skylar. Events in the past caused her to live in a group home. Life here is just as hard. She meets Tyson who's dealing with his anger issues. He can't get near her but he is captivated by her. Will he get the chance to make her life easier?


10. Tension rising

And just when he thought his day couldn't get any worse, Lara walked over to his table during the break. "Hey guys.", she said in a sugar-coated voice as she sat down close to Tyson. The guys from the basketball team all gave her some kind of response. Some of them were eyeing her. "What do you want Lara?", Tyson said in a monotone voice. She innocently batted her eyelashes, "What? Can't I just want to see you? I didn't get the chance to yesterday. You left so quickly. You should have taken me with you."  "I know plenty of fun things to do while we're playing truant.", she added as she bit her lip. "But you know that of course after the weekend we had.", she said and slid a bit closer to Tyson. Due to this, her breasts were now softly pressed against his arm. Tyson hadn't looked at her the entire time she was talking. He still didn't. "Sorry to break it to ya babe but Tyson digs Skylar. A lot.", Ethan said with a grin. "A lot.", another guy agreed. Other guys chuckled. "Oh, I know for a fact that's not the case.", Lara said with a knowing look. "It was just a one-time thing, Lara.", Tyson said, still just in a montone voice. She leaned in, her breasts pressing harder against his arm. "Let's make it a two-time thing.", she whispered in his ear. Tyson pulled away from her and finally looked at her. "I don't think you get the whole one-night-stand thing, Lara. Because that's what you were to me. I was drunk and yeah, we slept together. But I have no interest in repeating it. So be a good one-night-stand and leave me the hell alone.", Tyson said in a careless voice. "Ouch, harsh Tyson.", Ethan said and all of the guys at the table chuckled. Lara stood up. "Alright, I'll see you tonight then.", she told Tyson with a wink and then left.

When Tyson walked into his room after he had left school, he saw Skylar lying asleep in his bed. He smiled at the sight of her. He was glad that she was sleeping instead of throwing up. He hated watching her throw up. It wasn't that he was disgusted by it, he just hated that she had to go through it all because of a drunk guy not being able to control his temper around her. Tyson had a temper himself but he would never raise a hand to someone who wouldn't be able to defend him- or herself. Especially not Skylar. He would never be able to understand how anyone could ever raise a hand to her. He shook his head as his eyes scanned her bruise. No, he would never understand. He quietly placed his bag in his room, careful not to wake Sylar, and then he walked back downstairs. He found his mother in the kitchen, peeling potatoes. He sat down on one of the kitchen chairs. "Hey mom.", he said. "Hey sweetheart.", she responded. "How's Skylar doing?", Tyson asked. "She has been asleep for most of the day and there's nothing wrong with her appetite. I brought her some breakfast and later some lunch." "That girl can eat for two. You've never brought home a girl who would eat more than a few leafs of lettuce, it's refreshing.", Lucy added excitedly. "I'm glad she's doing good.", Tyson said, choosing not to respond to the remark his mother made about the girls he brought home. Lucy frowned, "She did not look good last night though." She turned around and faced her son, "Tyson. Do I need to worry about what really happened to her? Did she really fall off the stairs? I wouldn't doubt it but I remember how you told me that she has it hard and that it had to do with her parents and her home situation." "You don't need to worry mom. I'm handling it." "Are you sure sweetie? I've seen the bruises on her stomach too. They don't look like bruises from falling down the stairs." Tyson stood up and grabbed one of his mother's hands, "Don't worry mom. I will handle it." His mother's frown grew deeper, "So she did not fall down the stairs?" "It really isn't my place to tell you anything mom." "She's a sweet girl, Tyson.", Lucy said, still frowning. Tyson looked away and let go of Lucy's hand, "I know." "I don't want to see her get hurt. Not by whatever gave her those bruises but not by you either." Tyson looked back at his mother in disbelief, "You think I would hurt her?" Lucy shook her head, "Not physically. But you could break her heart." Tyson shook his own head, "No, I couldn't even if I tried. She's with Jay, remember?" "Does that make you jealous?" "He's good to her.", Tyson said, finally looking at his mother again. "But does it make you jealous?" "Like you said mom. I would only break her heart.", Tyson said and then left the kitchen.

After leaving the kitchen, Tyson had walked back up the stairs and back into his room. Skylar was awake. "Hey.", she said with a sleepy smile. "Hey.", Tyson responded, smiling himself. He walked closer to her and sat down on the side of her bed. "How are you feeling?", he asked. She shrugged, "I'm fine as long as I'm lying. I get headaches when I'm sitting or standing for too long though." "So, you promised you would help me with my homework." Tyson shook his head, "You need to recover first. You can't even sit up without hurting." "Then I'll stay down. You can help me while I'm lying down. Please Tyson. I can't fall behind." Tyson nodded, "Alright then." "Jay brought me my books this afternoon. I'll just grab them.", Skylar said and attempted to get out of bed. Tyson stopped her, "I'll get them. Where are they?" Skylar raised an eyebrow, "I can grab my own books you know." Tyson shook his head, "I don't want you hurting." Skylar pointed to her bag and Tyson grabbed both her and his bag. Then he sat down next to her on his bed and he started explaining the new bits of information he had received that day. After doing so, they did their homework together. Tyson wrote down his own homework first, then hers. Then they started studying and reciting the subject of an upcoming test. "You don't need my help. You're at least as smart as I am.", Tyson said when they were done, giving Skylar a pointed look. "Not being smart enough wasn't the problem. I just couldn't find the time.", she responded, giving him her own pointed look. "Dinner is in a few minutes!", Lucy yelled at them. "Well, you have more than enough time now.", Tyson said, getting a bit angry at the reason why she now has the time. "Studying together is a lot more fun though.", Skylar said with a smile. Tyson agreed. "Is Jay coming over today?", he then asked. Skylar slowly shook her head, "No, he had to work." Tyson nodded. "We should probably go downstairs.", he then said. Skylar agreed and got out of bed. "Are you okay?", Tyson asked almost immediately. "Yes, Tyson. I have a concussion, I'm not dying. Stop fussing."

After dinner when Skylar was heading back up the stairs, the doorbell rang. "Tyson, honey, can you open the door?", Lucy asked. So Tyson did. But he wasn't prepared for who was on the other side. "Hey babe, missed me?", Lara said. She was wearing a beige raincoat. Tyson took a quick glance over his shoulder at Skylar but she hadn't noticed yet who had rung the doorbell. "What are you doing here?", Tyson hissed. "I told you I'd come over.", Lara said in a sweet innocent voice. "No, you just implied. I didn't agree to this.", Tyson hissed. Lara's eyes sparkled mischievously when she said, "Don't you want to see my surprise?" "No, not really." "I think you'll change your mind.", Lara said, still with that same look in her eyes. In the mean time, Skylar had recognised Lara's voice and she now turned around. Just then, Lara opened her raincoat, only to reveal nothing underneath. She was stark naked. Skylar's eyes widened and she quickly turned back around. In doing so, she bumped against a stair step. She quickly looked over her shoulder, hoping Tyson and Lara hadn't noticed. But they had and Tyson looked at her with a horrified look on her face. He turned back to Lara. "You need to go.", he told her. "Now.", he added in a hiss. "Oh, hi Skylar. Now I understand why you didn't come to school the last few days. That bruise does not make you prettier.", Lara said. Then she laughed and added, "Not at all." "You don't even know what you're talking about.", Tyson hissed into Lara's face. Lara finally closed her coat and Skylar was relieved. "And those pj's..", Lara added, scanning Skylar's black tank top and black cotton pyjama pants. Tyson didn't waste another second and shut the door in her face. Then he immediately turned around and walked closer to Skylar. "That's not what it looks like.", Tyson said. Skylar shrugged, "It's none of my business." "I didn't ask her to come over." "I'm not even supposed to be here, Tyson. I'm just intruding on your life. I wasn't supposed to see that. You don't need to explain." Tyson shook his head, "I love having you around. You're not intruding at all." "And I don't want anything to do with Lara.", Tyson quickly added. "Not that I have anything to do with this Tyson but you obviously want something from her. You slept with her." "That was just a one-time thing." "Right. Because it's just about the quick fuck for you, right?", Skylar asked. Tyson frowned, "Are you judging me?" "No, I'm sorry. It's none of my business." And before Tyson could respond in any way, Skylar continued her way to his room.

And that was the last time they talked about it. For the next few days they pretended like nothing had ever happened. Tyson went to school and then when he got home he would make his homework together with Skylar. They actually got along pretty great. Something had changed though. The flirty part of their relationship had vanished. Tyson didn't make any remarks about her appearance like he usually did and Skylar kept her distance more than usual. Friday afternoon, just a bit after Tyson had come home from school, the doorbell rung. Lucy opened and saw Jay standing in front of the house. It didn't surprise her. Jay had checked up on Skylar every day. She thought it was sweet. After exchanging their greetings, Lucy told Jay that Skylar was in Tyson's room. "I'd actually like to speak to Tyson first. Is he around?", Jay asked. Lucy frowned, "Yeah sure. He's in the living room." "Thanks, Mrs. Grant.", Jay said and walked into the living room. Jay didn't bother to greet Tyson. He immediately got down to business. "I need to talk you.", he said. Tyson looked away from the TV and raised an eyebrow, "Oh really? Are you finally going to have the stay-away-from-Skylar talk with me? Trust me, don't worry about it." Jay's face was a mask of indifference, "Well, yeah. You need to keep a respectful distance from her. I will cut off any part of you that crosses the line. It's not what I want to talk to you about though." "Then what? Do you want to punch me for not staying with her the night she got beaten up?", Tyson said, eyebrow still raised. "Tempting but no. Can we talk outside." "Yeah sure. Whatever." They walked into the backyard. "What is it?", Tyson asked, crossing his arms. "Skylar is going back to school on monday so she's also moving back into the grouphome.", Jay said. Tyson frowned, "What? No. She can just stay here." Jay shook his head, "Skylar would never accept that. She would never risk overstaying her welcome." "She's always welcome here." Jay shook his head again, "She doesn't see it that way and honestly, I don't either. You can't expect her to be okay with staying here for months." "What? My house isn't good enough for her now? Or is it the fact that it's my house?" "Get your head out of your ass, Grant. Being a bother to someone isn't something Skylar will accept, period. We can argue about it or you can just shut up and listen to me." Tyson scoffed, "Fine. What is it?" "She's going back. If not because she feels like she has to then because social services check on her sometimes. She can't just be living somewhere else when they do. I don't trust Wade around her though." "And you shouldn't.", Tyson said. "So I say we pay Wade a visit to make sure he keeps his hands off her.", Jay said, crossing his arms. Tyson didn't even have to think about it. "I'm in. When?", he said. "I have to go back to work so tonight?", Jay asked. Tyson nodded, "Alright. What time?" "I'll pick you up at 8.", Jay said and then he just left again.

"What was that about?", Skylar asked when Tyson walked into his room. She had seen the two of them through the window. Tyson frowned, "What are you talking about?" "You and Jay.", she simply said. "It was nothing.", Tyson said. "You two looked pretty serious.", Skylar said. "It was nothing. Just the usual 'don't get too close to Skylar'. Alright?" Skylar frowned, "What do you mean the usual? Has Jay been bothering you?" Tyson sighed and turned around, "No, Skylar. I just meant that I knew it was coming." "What do you mean? We're just friends. Why would you have seen it coming?" Tyson studied her for a second with narrowed eyes. Then he said, "Yeah, sure Skylar. We're just friends. Jay has the right to be protective though. You're living in my bedroom after all." Skylar frowned, "Jay has nothing to say about that." Tyson let out a humourless laugh, "Sure he doesn't." Skylar attempted to respond but Tyson cut her off, "Listen, I just came in here to grab my phone and to tell you that I'll be gone for a bit tonight." "Can I ask you where you're going or are you going to be vague about that too?", Skylar asked while crossing her arms. She pinned him with an icy blue stare. "Well, I'm not going for a quick fuck if that's what you're asking.", Tyson shot back. "You're still upset about that?", Skylar asked. Tyson stalked to the side of her bed and leaned in. "I don't get upset. I'm Tyson Grant.", he viciously told her with narrowed eyes. Skylar was a bit taken back by the poison in his voice. "Well, it's bothering you for some reason.", she shot back, not backing down. They were close but Skylar didn't look away from his stare, no matter how vicious it was. "I'll tell you why it's bothering me.", Tyson started. "You seem to think that just because you're the only girl I haven't fucked, you have some say over the things I do. Well, you don't. I'll do whatever I want, whoever I want and wherever I want to do it." Skylar rolled her eyes. "Charming.", she sarcastically said. "I am actually. That's why I get laid a lot." "You're so full of yourself.", Skylar said. "Thank you.", Tyson responded. Then neither of them had anything left to say so they were just staring at each other. Tyson was suddenly overcome by the urge to kiss her. It surprised him and he knew it would be wrong in too many ways. That's why he made himself pull back. "I'll be going now. ", he said and grabbed his phone. "Have fun with Lara.", Skylar snapped when he walked out of his room. "I will!", he yelled back while he walked down the stairs. "Everything okay sweetie?", Lucy asked when he passed the kitchen. "Fantastic.", Tyson said and kept walking.

Tyson got into his car and just kept driving around, trying to calm himself down. Things with Wade could become a disaster if he didn't make himself calm down. Any time he was close to calming down, he saw the look on Skylar's face again when he told her that he would fuck anyone he wanted to, though and then his rage built up again. He had seen disgust in her eyes. That bothered him more than he was willing to admit. When it was almost 8, he drove back to his house. Jay was waiting when he arrived. Tyson parked his car and got into Jay's. Jay almost immediately drove away. "So this is just to scare him. Actually hurting him won't do us any good. Threatening him will do just fine.", Jay said. "He deserves to get his ass whipped though.", Tyson growled. "Don't think that I don't want to see him in a box. We need to think about Skylar though. She still needs to live there. We can't provoke Wade.", Jay calmly said. 'He is always so calm', Tyson thought. He had never seen Jay loose his cool. He always knew the right thing to do or to say. That's why he was the better guy for Skylar. He could give her exactly what she needs. Skylar's disgusted look flashed through his head again. Tyson breathed deeply to push the rage down. "Fine.", Tyson said. They arrived a bit later. Jay had a key so they just walked in. They saw Wade sitting in the living room, watching TV with a bottle of beer in his hand. Jay grabbed the remote from him and turned off the TV. Wade stood up, "What do you think you're doing boy?" His words were a bit slurry. "We need to talk. Are you sober?", Jay said. He studied Wade's face for a couple of seconds. Then he said, "Of course you're not." He walked into the kitchen and came back with a glass of water. Tyson was actually a bit shocked when he just threw it into Wade's face. Wade cursed violently and started punching whatever was in front of him. Tyson realised this too late and got a punch in his face. Jay grabbed Wade and pushed him against the wall. "This will have to do.", Jay said. Wade tried to punch him but Jay placed his arm on Wade's throat. Wade struggled against his grip though and because of his height and build, he was pretty strong. "A bit of help here, Tyson.", Jay grunted. Tyson was beside him in a second and they both held one of Wade's arms. "So, I have a bit of a problem, Wade.", Jay started. "Skylar is coming back here on monday but you can't seem to keep your hands off her.", Jay continued. "That bitch got what was coming to her.", Wade hissed. "Shut the fuck up.", Tyson hissed, his temper rising to the surface. "So, I'm going to make you a deal.", Jay simply continued. "You leave Skylar alone and we won't come knocking at your door again.", he finished. "No deal. If she pisses me off again, I'll do worse than last time. She got off easy because she gets unconscious so easily.", Wade barked. That's when Tyson snapped. "You son of a bitch.", he hissed through his teeth and then he punched Wade. And he kept punching, the image of Skylar's disgusted look blending with the sight of her in that hospital bed. He didn't hear Jay telling him to stop the first few times. He only started being aware of his surroundings again when someone harshly grabbed him. Tyson blinked a few times until he was able to look away from Wade. Jay was holding him. He still looked calm but stern. Tyson looked back at Wade. There was blood all over his face. Tyson didn't even feel his own bruised fist. Rage numbed all of his senses. "Let this be a lesson Wade.", Jay said and then he pushed Tyson towards the door. 

"What was that?!", Jay yelled when they were in the car. Tyson stared out of the window, "I lost it." "Clearly.", Jay stated. "What the hell man?! We agreed, no actual violence!" "He pissed me off.", Tyson responded. "Oh, really? I hadn't noticed. Of course he freaking pissed you off. You don't think he pisses me off? I've been living with the guy for years! But I control it for Skylar's sake." Jay took a breath, then continued. "If she's going to get in trouble because of you loosing it...I will end you.", he said in a low, threatening voice. Tyson immediately believed him. "I wasn't trying to mess things up for her.", he said. "But you probably did.", Jay said. They didn't say anything to each other for the rest of the ride. Jay just dropped him off and left immediately. Tyson got into the house, careful not to run into one of his parents. But when he passed his room, Skylar could see him through the open door. She frowned, "Is that blood on your hand?" Tyson quickly made up an excuse, "Eeh, yeah. I got into a bit of a fight with some guy on the street. It's fine." Skylar quickly hopped out of bed. Tyson noticed and quickly tried to get to the bathroom before she could reach him. Halfway there, she grabbed his arm and turned him around. Tyson didn't look at her. She grabbed him by his chin and turned his face towards her. She frowned at the bruise forming on the right side of his face. "What happened?", she asked and let go of him. Tyson shrugged, "It was nothing, honestly. Some guy on the street provoked me and because of my temper, I punched him. We got into a fight and it got a bit out of hand. We're both fine." Skylar looked down at Tyson's bloody hand. Then she bore into his eyes with hers. "Why are you lying?", she asked. "I'm not.", Tyson said. "I saw you leave with Jay.", she said. Tyson shrugged, "He was there when it happened." She crossed her arms, "Because you two were going where exactly?" "He's getting me a job. Well, he was until he saw me beat the shit out of that kid." Skylar rolled her eyes, "I'm not stupid Tyson. You're saying that he's getting you a job just after telling you to stay away from me? Right, that's logical." When Tyson didn't say anything, she spoke up again. "What happened today, Tyson?" Tyson sighed, "This is the truth, Skylar. I don't know what else to tell you." "How about the real truth, Tyson!", she exclaimed. "Did Jay do this?", she asked, pointing at his bruise. Tyson shook his head. "Then what happened?", Skylar urgently asked again. "It's nothing you need to worry about.", Tyson said. "Then why are you lying to me about it?" "You're just assuming that I'm lying. Doesn't mean I actually am." "No, I know you're lying! Even though you're a very good liar. Doesn't surprise me actually. You must have a lot of practice, what with telling girls you want to be with them just to get into their pants every time you get the chance? Oh I'm sorry? Am I not supposed to tell you stuff like that because you haven't fucked me?!"

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