Trust is hard to find

Life has been hard for Skylar. Events in the past caused her to live in a group home. Life here is just as hard. She meets Tyson who's dealing with his anger issues. He can't get near her but he is captivated by her. Will he get the chance to make her life easier?


9. Recovering

"No, you can't. Skylar is in the hospital.", Jay said. Dread filled Tyson, "In the hospital? Is she okay?" "Dude, who are you?", Jay asked. "I'm a friend. I need to see her. What room is she in?" "I don't know you. So give me a good reason why I should tell you.", Jay said. He didn't know if Skylar would want someone to know what happened so he wasn't about to tell this guy anything. Tyson didn't bother asking any further. He just hung up the phone and left school. He got in his car and immediately drove over to the hospital.

Tyson arrived at the hospital a bit later and he rushed to the information desk. "Hello? I'm here for Skylar Ashmore. Do you know what room she's in?" The nurse behind the desk told him the number of Skylar's room, 125, and he quickly got into the elevator. As soon as he reached the first floor, he rushed to the right room. The door was closed. He quickly opened it and was met by the sight of Skylar sleeping in a hospital bed. Her arm was in a cast and there was a huge bruise on the complete left side of her face. He walked closer to her and sat down in the chair beside her bed. He softly grabbed her hand and placed a kiss on it. Guilt consumed him. Even more so than in the weekend. Skylar stirred at the touch and her eyes slowly opened. She looked at him, "Tyson?" She blinked a few times more, "Aren't you supposed to be at school?" Relief filled Tyson. She was okay. "Not when you're in the hospital.", he said. "What happened?", he asked. "I fell down the stairs.", Skylar said but by looking into her eyes, Tyson knew she was lying. He shook his head, "Don't lie Skylar. I know that's not what happened. Just like I know that bruise from before wasn't because of you being clumsy." "It is what happened Tyson.", she said firmly. "Why won't you tell me the truth?", he asked. "I am telling the truth.", she said. "At least be honest about the fact that you're lying Skylar." She sighed, "Fine. I'm lying." His eyes bore into hers, "Why?" She smiled a fake smile, "Because I don't want you to know the truth." He sighed frustratedly and let go of her hand, "Why do you have to be so aggravating?" He looked away from her and Skylar felt guilty for lying to him. "You don't need to know how messed up I am Tyson.", she said softly. "I told you Skylar, it doesn't matter to me.", he said as he looked back at her. There was an edge to his voice. "But it matters to me Tyson." Tyson grabbed her hand again. "Tell me what happened Skylar.", he begged. "You can't keep shutting me out forever.", he added, still begging. She looked at him and his breath got stuck in his throat at the sight of her beautiful eyes. They always had the same effect on him, always. A silence followed in which she just looked at him and he drank in the sight of her. Bruise or no bruise, she was beautiful. Then she finally started, "My 'group parents', they drink a lot. That bruise you saw a month ago was there because of Vivian. She was drunk and got mad about something small. She hit me." She paused. "Last night, Wade was the one really drunk. I don't remember what happened, because of my concussion but he beat me until I was unconscious." She gave him a sarcastic smile, "Now aren't you glad you know?" Tyson's entire body was trembling with anger. He was squeezing Skylar's hand tightly. Skylar finally noticed, "Tyson? Tyson, it's okay." She moved her other hand to his and stroked it with her fingers, "Tyson, I'm fine. It's okay." He let go of her and frustratedly stood up. "No, it's not okay!", he yelled. He squeezed his hands into fists to calm himself down a bit, "I should have been with you. I was about to leave with you. I probably would have invited you to my house for a bit. You wouldn't have been home. But I chose, I chose to go to the party with Lara instead. I don't even like her. But all it took for me to go with her anyway was once glance at her body. I left you on your own so that I could get laid. This is my fault." All of the guilt Tyson had felt this weekend compared with the guilt he felt then came out all at once. Skylar flinched at the sound of his angry voice. Tyson ran a hand through his hair while he walked to the other side of the room. He kicked against a chair. Skylar flinched again. Tyson placed his hands on the wall and hung his head as he tried to get his anger under control. "Tyson.", Skylar softly said. He didn't respond. "Tyson.", she repeated, a bit firmer. He still didn't respond. "Tyson, look at me." Tyson took a deep breath and then slowly turned around. "This is not your fault. It could have happened any day.", she softly said. "But it didn't. It happened last. night. And I could have prevented it." He ran both his hands through his hair, angry at himself. "I'm so sorry Skylar." His voice was full with anger directed to himself. "Tyson, come here.", she said. He finally looked her in the eyes. Her eyes urged him to listen to her so he sat down. She grabbed his hand and said firmly, "Tyson, you listen to me. This is not your fault. None of it. So if I hear you blaming yourself one more time, I will hit you with my cast." He chuckled, most of his anger fading, "Was that supposed to be a reassuring speech?" She raised an eyebrow, "Yes." "Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you. But it sucked.", he teased. "I can just hit you with my cast regardless of you blaming yourself?", she suggested, teasing back. He chuckled. "So even when you're in the hospital, black is your colour.", he chuckled again. She shrugged, "Jay picked it." Tyson tensed up at the mention of Jay. He still didn't know if he was her boyfriend. "So, a bruise on your face, a concussion and a broken arm. Nothing else?", Tyson asked. "I also have a bruise on my side but yes, that's it." He stroked her hand with his thumb, "I'm glad you're okay."

Tyson didn't leave, not even when it started to get dark, and Skylar didn't ask him to. He would make her sleep at times but even then he didn't leave. He would just sit there looking at her sleep. She was awoken when Jay walked into the room. He had a bag with him. His eyes immediately locked on the guy sitting beside Skylar's bed, "Who's this?", he asked. Tyson turned around and Skylar looked up. "Hey Jay, this is Tyson." Tyson tensed up. This was probably her boyfriend. He looked worthy of her. "I guess you can't take a hint.", Jay said. "Not when it's Skylar we're talking about.", Tyson responded, his face more than serious. Jay walked closer to the bed, barely keeping his eyes off Tyson. "We should get you ready to go.", Jay said to Skylar. She nodded. Jay put the bag he had with him on the bed and started unpacking some clothes. Then he suddenly stopped mid-movement and looked up at Tyson, "Well are you going to leave the room or what?" It hadn't crossed Tyson's mind because Jay wasn't attempting to leave the room himself but of course he would have to leave since Skylar would be undressing soon. It unnerved him that Jay was staying in the room while she was doing just that though. But of course he would, he was most likely her boyfriend, of course she would trust him that much. More than she trusted him. He gritted his teeth and nodded, forcing the bit of anger down that was flaring up. Skylar was done only a bit later. She was wearing black and Tyson smiled at this. "Where are you going to go?", Tyson asked. Skylar looked away, knowing he wouldn't like the answer, "Back to the group home." "What? Skylar, you can't be serious.", he hissed. She looked back at him, "Where else would I go Tyson? Don't you think that if I had some other place to stay that I would have done it already?" "Stay with me.", Tyson blurted out. Jay, who was walking a bit ahead of them, came to a stop and turned around. "I don't think that's the best idea.", he said, giving Tyson a stern look. "I think it is considering the only other idea is bringing her back to the group home. That's not really much competition." "Yeah? And where would she sleep huh?", Jay asked. "In my bed.", Tyson simply stated. Jay's eyes narrowed and he growled, just a little bit. "I didn't mean it like that.", Tyson simply explained, raising an eyebrow. "She'll sleep in my bed. I will sleep on the floor." "Oh no Tyson, you don't have to. I'll be fine in the group home.", Skylar said. Both guys turned to her with a stern look and said, "No." They had just turned back to each other with the intent to go on discussing Skylar's situation when she interrupted again, "Excuse me?" They looked back at her and she had one of her eyebrows raised, "If you two think that you can just decide what's best for me, you're wrong. This isn't your choice, it's mine. So stop talking about me like I'm not standing right here, only a few inches away from you." She gave them both one more pointed look and then continued walking towards the elevator. They both grinned and followed her lead. They got to the elevators and went downstairs. But just as they were about to walk up to the information desk to check Skylar out, she suddenly rushed into the direction of the toilets. Jay and Tyson quickly followed. They didn't hestitate to go after her into the girl's bathroom. When they reached her, she was sitting on her knees in front of a toilet, puking her guts out. Jay grabbed her hair and held it up for her while soothingly rubbing her back. Jealousy filled Tyson to the point where he had to look away. After about half a minute, Skylar was finally done and after she had washed her mouth, they went to go find a doctor. When they found one, they got an explanation about how it was perfectly normal for her to throw up. Due to her concussion, she would have to throw up after being on her feet for too long. Apparently walking down no more than three halls was too long. The doctor told her to take it easy and got her a wheelchair. Jay pushed her to the car in her wheelchair. Then Tyson asked, "Please come stay with me for a while Skylar?" "I don't want to put you out of your bed.", Skylar said. "Don't worry about it. I'll be fine." "What about your parents? Will they be okay with it? What will you tell them? What will they think?" "I'll make something up, they will be fine with it. Stop making excuses and just say yes." Skylar nodded, only once, "Alright then." 

Tyson, Jay and Skylar had arrived at Tyson's house. Skylar told Jay that it was okay for him to go but he wouldn't. "I won't leave until I know you'll be okay here.", he said. Skylar recognised the tone of his voice, she wouldn't be able to change his mind on that one. So she just nodded. They entered Tyson's house and then the living room. Lucy was sitting on the couch. When she heard them, she stood up. But she didn't look very happy. She frowned at the sight of Skylar, "Are you okay, sweetie?" Skylar nodded, "I'll be fine." "What happened?", she asked. Skylar shrugged, "I fell off the stairs. It was late and dark." Lucy nodded, then turned to Tyson. Her angry look had returned. "Tyson, I just got called by your school. You didn't show up for your last classes. You better have a good reason." "I had to see Skylar because she was in the hospital.", Tyson said matter-of-factly. Lucy relaxed a bit, "Alright. I'll accept that as an excuse but call next time when you decide to skip your classes." Tyson nodded, "I'll do that. So mom, can Skylar stay here for a bit? She has to be on bedrest for a while but her parents are out of town so they won't be able to take care of her." Lucy nodded, "Of course. I'm sure your father will be fine with it too." "We'll get her settled then.", Tyson said and they left the room after Jay introduced himself. When they got to the stairs, Jay lifted Skylar out of her wheelchair and carried her up the stairs. Skylar tried to convince him that it really wasn't necessary but he didn't want to risk her having to throw up again. Tyson followed them and felt unwanted jealousy flaring up at the sight of Jay being able to touch Skylar so freely without having her freak out. Again he thought about how close they must be for her to trust him that much. 

After promising Skylar to bring her more of her stuff the next day, Jay finally attempted to leave. He asked her like three more times if it was okay for him to go though. "Jay, I'll be fine. Tyson will take care of me.", Skylar said. Jay frowned, "That's what I'm worried about." She rolled her eyes at him, "Don't be ridiculous. Tyson and I are just friends." Jay raised an eyebrow at her, "Trust me. He does not think of you that way." She raised an eyebrow right back at him, "Yes, he does. He slept with another girl like three days ago. You have nothing to worry about." Jay decided to let it go. It was fine with him if she thought Tyson wasn't into her. Maybe it would make Tyson stay away from her. "I'll be going then.", Jay said and kissed Skylar's head. "Oh. I was just coming here to tell you that dinner is ready, Skylar. You're welcome to stay too Jay.", Lucy said from the doorway. Jay turned around and smiled at her, "I would actually love to take you up on that offer." Lucy's smile widened, "Great. Dinner is on the table." She left and Jay turned back to Skylar. "She's great.", he said. Skylar smiled sadly, "Yeah, she is. Tyson is lucky to have her." Jay gave her a sad smile before lifting her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck. He had one of his hands underneath her legs and one of his hands underneath her shoulders, supporting her as he carried her down the stairs. When they entered the kitchen, everyone was already there. Tyson looked away at the sight of Jay and Skylar together. He couldn't figure out why it bothered him so much. Everytime Jay even came close to touching Skylar, he couldn't handle it. Jay placed Skylar on one of the stairs and took the other one himself, making sure he was sitting between Skylar and Tyson. "Enjoy your meal.", Lucy said with a smile and everyone repeated her words. "So, what happened to you Skylar?", Simon asked. Skylar shrugged, "It was actually really stupid. I woke up because I needed to go to the bathroom but I was still half asleep. So when I thought I entered the bathroom, I was actually walking onto the stairs. I missed the first step and tumbled down the stairs. Jay found me and brought me to the hospital." Both Tyson's and Jay's blood started boiling. They hated that she had to lie about what happened. Wade did this to her and they wanted him to pay. Simon frowned, "But you have a concussion right? You must have fallen pretty hard." "Are you alright?", Lucy asked. Skylar smiled, "I'll be fine with some bedrest. Thank you for having me here." "That really isn't a problem.", Lucy said. They ate their meal while having small talk but then Lucy asked, "So, how long have you and Jay been a couple?" Neither Jay nor Skylar had the chance to answer because Skylar suddenly rushed out of her chair and towards the toilet. Both Jay and Tyson quickly followed. When they reached the toilet where Skylar was puking her guts out once again, Tyson held up her hair while Jay soothingly rubbed her back. "Guys, you can go. Really. You don't have to see this.", Skylar said before she had to throw up again. Tyson and Jay both didn't even think about leaving her though. They waited until she was feeling better and they still waited when she washed her mouth. When Skylar attempted to walk back into the kitchen, Jay swept her off her feet. She frowned, "Jay, what are you doing?" "You've done enough walking for today.", he said. She rolled her eyes, "Jay, don't be ridiculous. I'm fine." "No, you're not.", Tyson said in a stern voice. They reached the kitchen and Lucy immediately said, "Sweetie, are you okay?" Skylar smiled weakly. Throwing up had made her tired. "Actually, I'm bringing her back to bed.", Jay said. "She can't be up for too long or she'll throw up. It's my fault. I should have kept track of how long she was up already.", he added. Lucy nodded, "Of course. Feel better Skylar." Jay walked out of the room and carried her up the stairs. There, he put her to bed.

"I hate seeing you like this.", Jay said as he sat down on the edge of Skylar's bed. She smiled weakly, "I'm fine." Jay shook his head, "No, you're not." He looked away from her gaze, "I'm sorry. It's my fault. I should have been home. I promised I would protect you." Skylar frowned, "Don't you start too. This is not your fault, or Tyson's. It's Wade's fault so please stop blaming yourself. I can't handle that on top of everything right now." Jay nodded, "Alright. I have to go now. I have to work this night. I'll be back tomorrow." He kissed her cheek and left the room. Tyson walked in just as he was kissing her cheek. He nodded goodbye to Jay, who gave him a warning glare, and then he walked up to Skylar. "How are you feeling?" "Really tired actually.", she answered. "I figured.", he said. "I'll let you sleep.", he added. He stood up from the bed but turned around when Skylar said, "Tyson?" "Thanks for everything.", she said when he looked at her. He smiled, "It's nothing." "Will you let coach Adi know that I won't be at training for a few days?" He nodded, "Of course. It won't be the same without you though." She smiled, thinking it was sweet of him to say that. Then he left the room after saying, "Good night."

The next morning Tyson woke up for school. When he looked to his side, he saw Skylar peacefully asleep in his bed. His eyes locked on the bruise on her face and he vowed to himself that he would never let anyone hurt her again. He grabbed some of his clothes and changed in the bathroom so that he wouldn't wake her up. After having breakfast, he left for school. He really didn't want to leave her but he knew she would be fine with his mother. He didn't feel like paying attention at school but did it anyway because he knew Skylar would want to copy his notes. And just when he thought his day couldn't get any worse, Lara walked over to his table during the break.

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