In Jurassic World

I am watching Jurassic World, the fourth movie to the Jurassic Park franchise. It has finally came out of development hell in what seems to be a decade. The Jurassic Park franchise is about regenerated dinosaurs on a island called Island Nublar and a second Island called Island Sorna thanks to John Hammond. One thing is for sure; dinosaurs are awesome. Fandom: Jurassic Park (That has a unknown fandom name, possibly...Jurassicies?) Started: 6.15.2015.


25. The trip to Island Sorna will begin

...January 6th, 1997...(A Monday)

...San Diego Zoo...

"Who is so cute?" I ask the tame lion cub.

The lion cub flips over wagging its tail biting down on a stick tilting its head adorably at me to the side.

"Yes!" I coo. "You are!"

I rub the tame lion cub's belly. The tame lion cub swats at my hands playfully. My nightmares have seemed to end just about a few days ago after leaving Africa. I play with the lion cub in the play room. I crouch down in the position Tarzan takes when walking around in Africa in the first cartoon movie named after him. My toes are standing up pushing me forwards prepared to move at the slightest. I take a dart to the side where the tame lion club lands against the rubber mat. I laugh turning around completely towards the lion cub.

The tame lion cub gets up shaking its head dropping the stick.

So I have been getting back my beauty sleep and energy once the nightmares ended.

"Miss Ivy!" Shane shouts.

The lion cub leaps up crash landing on my chest and I fell back startled.

"Mrawr,"  The lion cub squeaks.

I laugh.

"Miss Ivy!" Shane repeats.

"I am heeereee!" I shout.

"Misss Hardings is boarding the helicopter," Shane said. "And the helicopter is not leaving without you."

I sat upright taking the tame lion cub off.

"What helicopter?" I ask.

"Going some where off the coast of Costa Rica,"  Shane replied.

I look down to my little buddy.

"Well," I said. "Catch ya later?"

The tame lion cub tilts his head.

"Mrawr?" The tame lion cub squeaks.

I smile.

"I will be back in a couple years," I said, as though expecting the worse. "I promise."

By that time my little lion friend will be a mighty lion king so his enemies in the future better beware. Oh great I just pictured that phrase in 'I just can't wait to be king' in the Lion King singing version. I get up on my two feet then go down the path to the door. The little Hyena pups ran around my shoe and my metal foot. I came to the door, step over the gate, and look over towards the baby zoo animals. I start thinking of 'Everybody loves me' by One Republic even though the song has not been made yet.

"Goodbye," I said, and then I turn around taking everything that is of value to me.

"Mrawr!" The tame lion cub cries.

I fear the lion cub may know he will never see me again.

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