In Jurassic World

I am watching Jurassic World, the fourth movie to the Jurassic Park franchise. It has finally came out of development hell in what seems to be a decade. The Jurassic Park franchise is about regenerated dinosaurs on a island called Island Nublar and a second Island called Island Sorna thanks to John Hammond. One thing is for sure; dinosaurs are awesome. Fandom: Jurassic Park (That has a unknown fandom name, possibly...Jurassicies?) Started: 6.15.2015.


16. Betsy attacks

The long metal cables to the padlock fell down.  The landing to the wires is quite loud. I kept my calm and my cool down a notch.  My heart pounds loudly enough I can hear it in my ears. The steps Betsy takes are loud and enormous. The wheels moved at her every step as did the little puddle bouncing in the small cup. Fear riddles the air in more ways that I cannot name.

"Appetizers," Betsy gently said, with a purr swaying her tail from side to side. "Where can I find some appetizers?"

Alexis takes out the flash light blaring it on right towards Betsy.

Betsy licks up the goat's very much dead leg galloping it up.

I knew the Tyrannosaurs had eaten it off screen!

It is only logical that the leg was eaten when the camera wasn't showing.

Betsy drew into the darkness.

"Where did The Tyrannosaurus go?" Alexis asks, confused.

"Neverland," I said, sarcastically.

Alexis frowns.

"Dinosaurs can't fly," Alexis said.

"The Pterodactyls can," Tim said.

"But the T-Rexes cannot," Alexis said. "That is what I meant."

"That's what god said about humans," I said. "To Moses, God said, 'Humans can't fly'."

"No, he didn't,"  Tim said.

"He did say it in the bible," I lied.

"No, he didn't," Alexis and Tim chime at once.

I laugh shaking my head.

"No use fooling you," I said, unbuckling my seatbelt.

"Food," Betsy said, bringing her face along to the Jurassic Park jeep. 

"I am scared," Alexis said, fearfully.

"You don't have to be," I said, sliding on to the driver's seat ever so carefully.

Betsy's eyes became smaller once the light met her pupil.

"Light so bright," Betsy said, and then made a loud roar.  "I need it gone!"

Alexis and Tim cover their ears.

Betsy draws back  disappearing out of our view.

"Turn it off!" Tim said, right to helping Alexis.

"I am trying," Alexis said as the light aims up towards the roof. "I am sorry!"

I really wanted to say 'Hold onto your butts' but that is Arnold's quote not mine.

"Bye-zers!" I said, hopping out. "Yo T-Rex!" I shut the door behind me getting Betsy's attention. I wave my hand ever so cheerfully putting on a wide smile. "Ello!"

"Food," Betsy said. "A boy," She has a strange purr. "You'll be tasty."

Smiling in the face of danger.

Only I am that predictable to do that.

That smile quickly turns into a frown.

"DID YOU JUST CALL ME A BOY?" I demand an answer in a deep voice.

"Why yes, I did," Betsy said. "Got a problem with that?"

"The hell I do!" I shout. "CALL ME A SLAGGING GIRL!"

"All right, little girl," Betsy said, snorting.

I smile.

"Did ya just call me a...little...girl?" I ask, my right eyebrow twitching.

"Yes, little girl," Betsy said.

"You are going to regret that," I said.

"Is it me or can I communicate with you?" Betsy asks. "You are not afraid of me as others are."

You insulted me so hence forth I am insulting you!

"It is me," I said. "You over grown lizard."

Betsy growls.

"Do not disrespect my kind,"  Betsy said.

"My kind has already disrespected you by making a Godzilla version be more of a T-rex that feeds off fish featuring Ferris Bueller!" I shout. "Got anything to justify that?"

Betsy snorts lowering herself down to my level.

"Yes," Betsy said. "Run."

I turn around and speed off.

Only problem is Betsy following after me.

"I will take a bite out of you!" Betsy shouts.

"Gimme your best shot!" I shout, leaping over a log.

I went deeper down the road.

Far enough that the Jeeps are not in my sight.

Betsy clomps my left shoe lifting me above the very wet ground by a lot of feet (perhaps 30 or so feet?) that brought on a fear of heights all over again. My eyes could have become small at the point feeling big tough teeth biting into my ankle through the white socks. Don't you cry, I thought, You have weathered through much worse scenarios!  Well, that was the internet and this is real life. Betsy's teeth dig deeper into my flesh through the bone.

"Kill me already!" I shout, in pain.

She chomps down my left foot then tosses me into the forest where I landed uncomfortably beside  a bush and a deserted nest that has crunched egg shells.  Peckable timing I had made. Enough time for the kids and the two guys to hopefully escape on foot. The soil touching my skin feels wet and mushy as it would be on a rainy day during a tropical storm. I force myself up withering in pain to see the silhouette of  Betsy turning away. Her tail brushes against the large tree-stars making the ground tremble beneath her long claws. I watch Betsy, in the midst of my pain, return the direction she came from with a mighty roar.

I fell back on the ground.

Damn it, so much for trying to help!

Not good things happen to a wanna be hero; that is for sure.

My world entered darkness.

I am so doomed.

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