In Jurassic World

I am watching Jurassic World, the fourth movie to the Jurassic Park franchise. It has finally came out of development hell in what seems to be a decade. The Jurassic Park franchise is about regenerated dinosaurs on a island called Island Nublar and a second Island called Island Sorna thanks to John Hammond. One thing is for sure; dinosaurs are awesome. Fandom: Jurassic Park (That has a unknown fandom name, possibly...Jurassicies?) Started: 6.15.2015.


10. Be by Mary's side

"Velociraptors should be destroyed," Came a familiar voice that belongs to the man Robert Muldoon.

I look over my shoulder towards Muldoon.

"No," I said. "They should not be eliminated. They are people like you."

"Why do you care about this Velociraptor?" Muldoon asks.

"Her name is Mary," I said.

"I will ask again," Muldoon said. "Why do you care about this 'Mary'?"

"You won't understand," I said.

Muldoon went down to my level.

"Try me," Muldoon said.

I clear my throat taking a glance towards Mary and then back towards Muldoon.

"I can hear her speak," I said, in a low voice.

Muldoon looks over toward Mary.

"Dinosaurs cannot communicate with humans," Muldoon said.

Mary's eyes lowly open.

"Mmmh..." Mary groans.

I start to get up but Muldoon puts his hand in my way.

"Do not approach," Muldoon said. "Velociraptors are not to be trusted."

"Look, she is my friend," I said. "And my thoughts were like yours once upon a time."

Muldoon lowers his hand.

"Only because you are behind a glass wall with a door does not mean you are safe in the presence of a Velociraptor," Muldoon said.

"But there isn't a door and a glass wall," I said.

Muldoon frowns.

"I was being figurative," Muldoon said.

I notice Muldoon has a gun strapped alongside his shoulder.

"OOoohh," I said, nodding my head. "I get it."

Mary lifts her head up.

"Ivy..." Mary said, blinking her eyes twice. "What happened?"

"I dunno," I said. "But apparently we are in Jurassic Park."

Mary gasps, scared and startled but overall confused.

"But we just got back from there," Mary said. She narrows her eyes towards Muldoon probably  not trust him. Mary snaps at Muldoon. "A hunter!"

"He is nothing like the hunters you  have come across!" I said, shaking my hands. I get up off the chair feeling one of those determined concerned moods coming on. "Don't you dare think about getting up!" I point down towards the floor deepening my voice. "With your side still recovering from the feathered Velociraptor's attack!"

Mary grunts.

"Oi, you are not my mother!" Mary said, rolling her eye.

"Well Mary," I said. "I am definitely like a motherly figure to my numerous friends and I don't see how I am but I am, regardless."

"That is not a valid argument," Mary said.

"I am arguing with a Velociraptor, young lady," I said. "You are a carnivore," I point towards Mary.  "This!" I shake my  right hand both ways. "This is nothing close to being logical as the sun setting over the moon..." Mary stares at me for a great while. Muldoon is not moving a budge to me approaching Mary.  "Cut out the sun setting over the moon...I was too full of myself right then."

"Perhaps Blue can set this right," Mary said.

My face falters.

"No, Mary," I said. "Your mate is not alive at this moment."

"Blue?" Mary asks, in a low voice reminding me of how Sarabi reacted when Simba appeared to her as a fully grown lion. "Is he...Is he...Is he dead?"

I have a kind smile.

"Not yet," I said, patting on her not-so-much-injured side. "I mean to say Blue has not been born yet."

Mary lowers her head on the pillow.

"Blue must be worried," Mary said.

"Technically we are not  missing since when we return not a minute will have passed," I said.

"Are you a raptor whisperer,Ivy?" Muldoon asks.

I turn my head towards Muldoon hesitating a little.

"...Yes," I said.

Muldoon has a intrigued look on his face.

"Can I borrow you for a little bit?" Muldoon asks.

"Long as I don't get killed, sure," I said.

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