The Fantasy of Reality : The Flight Of The Silver Wings

What if you chose a path that suddenly appeared in your life and you had to do it for the sake of the world?

Well, that is the question of the four teenagers, Alonzo, Jason, Mike and Micha. Their ordinary and normal life in their school just became a massive once-in-a-lifetime adventure in their life because they have discovered their secret abilities that was stayed hidden for about years.They are called The Gifted Ones. They have also one quest, Retrieve the ancient artifact called Silver Wings that either saves or destroys the world.

But if their enemies are trying to catch for the Silver Wings, would they still have a chance to retrieve the ancient artifact or witness the world getting tore up into pieces?

The Prevarication is the Truth, This is the Fantasy of Reality.

An Entry for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Competition Writing, hope you like it!


2. Chapter 2: Micha

I was dreaming, this wasn’t the reality, I slept last night so I knew that this was supposed to be a dream.

I was in a forest, a strange and dark forest, to be exact, the place was like those in the 90’s television, it was so old it was black and white, everything was black and white and I knew it. After a few minutes of walking, my body got tired, I sat on one of the trees there, I hold onto the branch in order to support myself but it only surprises me.

When I held into the branch, it gave off colors, the black and white color of the branch became brown, the color of the stem, the color also reaches into the leaves, the black and white leaves turned into green like in the plains, the colors spreads like virus, it was spreading all over the entire forest making the whole forest the most colorful forest I have ever seen, there were two rainbows in the sky, the other one was faded but the other one is very colorful, I scanned the area, I even saw a nearby sea or ocean, the colors were spreading there and the sea or ocean turned blue.

I was enjoying this moment I have, the rainbows, the forest and the sea/ocean, it was too beautiful for me.

iBut then suddenly, a fog came and ravished the whole place, making the rainbows and the body of water near and the trees, difficult to see, I can’t even saw my own surroundings, it looks like that I was inside of a tornado and I was on the center, leaving out the strong winds, but this was more strange, this fog blocks all of the things I see. A few minutes of walking into this non-sense fog, it disappears.

But it was changed into a new area, I think my dream shifted from one to another, I was in a garden now, some kind of garden filled with flowers. There were many flowers within the area, the most common there are the tulips, which is colored in white.

But then, when I was about to get a piece of flower from the garden, a nearby explosion happened, it was far away from me but it got closer and closer to me so I ran, I dropped my picked white tulip flower but for the sake of my life I had to run. I don’t know where the heck does it came from or anything but at soon as my fatigue strikes, I got slower and slower until I was eaten by the explosion.

I was expecting that this was supposed to be finished but no, it isn’t.

I was now in a snow, I don’t know if it is in a place around the globe that snows or I was in the Artic or Antarctic. I was walking around the place, but minutes or hours passed, I reached a cliff, I was about to turn around when my feet got stuck into the snow, I can’t remove it by any means but I had to get out of my dream, but then, something happened, someone pushed me hard off my back, it was so hard that my feet that got stuck from the snow was just removed by a single push, but I wasn’t expecting that someone was going to push me and I fell off the cliff, but before I fell, I got a chance to see the person and he or she was wearing a black hood with red on its hood and black with red combination on the some kind of robe-like uniform but as I fell into that deep abyss, that figure left me, leaving myself falling.

Then, I woke up, I was in my room, filled with my school things and walls that have posters and the color of the wall is pink which make me so, so happy. I knew that I was going to school again.

I am tired of waking up every day with some weird dreams but I knew it was indicating something, all dreams have interpretation, I don’t why but I am tired of that, to know what was the meaning of the dream.

Whatever may dream was, I wish that it won’t affect my things in school or something like that.

My name is Micha Ramos.

Yeah very common name but somebody was asking my name if it is wrong because the right spelling should be Micah and not Micha. Eh, I just told them that shut their mouths and zip it because I told them a million times. Anyways, life is pretty good, my dream is neither good nor bad. Those colors represent the greatness of my Art. I was in an art club, I was the one who facilitates in the art room and held an art contest there always.

Anways, school is great. Good teachers, friends and janitors (seriously, the janitor is great). But all in all, one that makes me happy is to be with a best friend Mike. Mikey is great, he has a great reputation towards the school. He was an infamous one because of his kind of bad boy instincts.  Anyway, I need to prepare for school, I don't want to be late (But sometimes, I am always late) and I am eager to get into the school bus, I went downstairs for breakfast while watching TV.

It was a daily cartoon show, It was only in this time so I watch it with my little cousin who was living on our house, I was eating breakfast on that time but then the honk of a car was the one that I heard, the school bus, I went into the sofa and got my bag and getting the heck out of my house.

Before going inside of the school bus, I saw our mailbox that was open and has a letter on it with my name on it so I thought it was love letter so I hid it in my bag and walked into a seat.

I saw Mike, he was listening into an Ipod and looking something underneath, I went to his vacant seat beside him he was a little surprised when he saw me but he didn’t react.

"Hey."  He said with a little wave.

"Hey, ow my head." I told to him but my head just got suddenly jerked off and it was filled with pain.

"You'll be fine, I don’t know how though, of course, everyone experience pain right? Let pain be your guide!" He laughed a bit and He tapped me on the back.

"Same here, just… don’t notice me, this headache nearly kills off my hopes and dreams. Anyways, how's life?" I asked him dumbly, but his kind off laugh a bit but he stopped as soon as I looked at him seriously.

"Still the same, Infamous because of my daily activities." He laughed and I had to laugh with that.

"You don’t say? You are nearly a gangster Mike, please-"

“Oh, don’t you call me gangsta baby.” We both laughed, it got really awkward because some of the students was looking at us but we didn’t met their eyes.

"Ah, silly me, anyway, Music is my life, I should get my Ipod also." I fetched my Ipod on my bag and listen to something fun or something that will wake me up.

But then, when I was listening, I think I dozed off, but as soon as I dozed off, Mike hit me on the head.

We argued a bit he always wins and I don’t know why.

But then, I fetched my bag under my seat and I followed Mike in walking through our school, Silverton University. I hate it when Mike pushes me around to walk me around the campus faster.

We walked into our own lockers but eventually, we always go into the class together and brought some books.

We went into our room, for our 1st subject.

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